SmartSky Networks

Business aviation Air-to-Ground (ATG) connectivity provider SmartSky Networks and Honeywell Aerospace, SmartSky’s value-added-reseller for business aviation, are showcasing the reliability and value of SmartSky’s ATG connectivity across the US.

The team is visiting sites across the country to give customers a first-hand look at the SmartSky Networks’ service and Honeywell’s connected applications. According to SmartSky, the companies had a highly successful NBAA-BACE event in late October and flew prospects from Orlando to their choice of destination. One prospective customer flew a three-hour route from Orlando to Dallas with five passengers and crew utilising multiple devices and consuming multiple gigabytes of data during the continuously connected flight.

“Customers need a relatable measure to compare the value of inflight connectivity systems. Peak speeds don’t describe what you can actually do when connected, experiencing the service on a typical flight is the ultimate test,” says Adam Sheppard, Director of Aircraft Connectivity at Honeywell Aerospace. “When you know that everyone on board will be able to make full use of their devices and get done what they need to, it makes selecting SmartSky as a connectivity provider the smarter choice.”

From December, SmartSky and Honeywell team members will be stopping at locations such as California, Washington, Texas, and more, and demonstration flights will give qualified prospects and MRO partners the opportunity to experience SmartSky’s advanced ATG connectivity hardware and service for themselves.

Participants will see why the SmartSky installation process is fast and efficient, requires only one maintenance period and comes with world-class post-sale support.

“Our distribution partners and customers work together to select the systems that best meet their aircraft’s mission. Working collaboratively throughout the process ensures that the WiFi solution and experience meet everyone’s expectations,” said Ryan Stone, President of SmartSky. “That expectation includes one simple install and activation with a timely return to service. Of the next-gen broadband connectivity systems talked about in the market today, only SmartSky is available for installation and use now.” Operators and flight departments interested in a demonstration flight are invited to contact

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