SpiceScreen, a wireless IFE platform was developed in-house by SpiceJet with local partners

SpiceJet has become the first airline to informally adopt blockchain technology through its selection of a blockchain-based media platform for its in-flight entertainment, SpiceScreen.

SpiceJet has partnered with blockchain-based video streaming application provider Mzaalo and Mojo Boxx (formerly VuLiv) for the service, which allows SpiceJet passengers to access over 50,000 hours of Bollywood entertainment from Mzaalo on SpiceScreen, which is powered by just a pair of Mojo Boxx’s special Smartphone IFE Box.

Mzaalo’s content includes the best of Bollywood movies, regional cinema, original series, music videos and more.

Debojo Maharshi, Chief Marketing Officer, SpiceJet said: “Consumption of compelling content has become a way of life and this partnership enables us to bring the best of entertainment and experiences to our customers. As majority of Indian travellers prefer watching Bollywood, Regional movies, original shows, Mzaalo’s robust content library adds to the entertainment quotient on SpiceScreen.”

The complimentary in-flight entertainment system, SpiceScreen was introduced last August.

The wireless IFE platform streams direct to a passenger’s PED over the on-board wireless network.

Launching the service, Ajay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, SpiceJet commented: “Innovation and SpiceJet go hand-in-hand. While we are extremely happy to launch our revamped in-flight entertainment system offering our passengers the latest and the best blockbuster content, what makes me specially happy and proud is that most of the technology used in SpiceScreen is ‘Made in India’ – developed indigenously by our team along with a local startup. Using Android  phones, weighing around 200 grams each, to perform the dual role of Wi-Fi servers and content hub is a remarkable achievement and costs us barely 1% of the cost that we were paying previously to foreign service providers!”

“Going forward, we will use the local Wi-Fi for providing additional on-board services to our customers. This is yet another step in our journey towards a stronger and a more Aatma Nirbhar airline.”

In a statement, SpiceJet explained it had developed SpiceScreen as a “higher quality, low-cost indigenous solution for in-flight entertainment”. The technology enables the carrier to use off-the-shelf, cost effective android mobile phones as the Wi-Fi server and router as well as the content hub and server. The mobile phones are loaded with specialised software and do not require SIM cards and each mobile phone can serve about 40 simultaneous connections.

As part of it ‘Made in India’ mantra, its unique Wi-Fi server on-board allows the airline to quickly “innovate in other areas too by developing software for other customer needs without having to depend on a foreign provider.”

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