STARLUX A350-900 Cabin Class Reveal Setting New Standards for Airlines Cabin

STARLUX Airlines, which took delivery of its A350-900 in late October, has now unveiled the aircraft’s interior design.

STARLUX says it is the first airline in Taiwan to offer First Class in addition to Business and Economy Class cabins. The carrier’s A350-900 integrates the most recent innovations in cabin design. As an example, the aircraft has electrical dimmable windows that block 99.99% of visible light and switch twice the speed of the previous generation.

STARLUX once again engaged innovative design firm BMW Designworks to design the A350’s cabin interior. The A350’s theme — “Glisten” — is a variation on the original STARLUX theme “Pure Tea”, and to enhance the theme, STARLUX says it is the first airline to install secant luminous welcome panels on the new A350, putting passengers at ease as they board the aircraft.

First class comfort

According to the airline, the aircraft’s First Class cabin is constructed behind a 60-inch high partition. In front of each seat, a personal wardrobe is provided to store luggage and personal items, with seats converting to fully lie-flat beds, allowing passengers to rest in their own private space.

To provide even more comfort, STARLUX has revealed that it also offers an innovative feature based on NASA’s neutral body posture specifications, where the seats can be placed in a “Zero G” mode to alleviate fatigue from sitting through a long-haul flight, and four-way adjustable armrests provide extra space for passengers to place their arms when the seat is in a fully flat position.

The Business Class cabin is constructed with a 48.5-inch partition and the lamps besides the seats are carefully designed to make the space look cozy. The seats are also wider than normal according to the carrier and provide more legroom. Business Class seats also offer the “Zero G” feature, which helps relieve pressure.

Premium Economy Class and Economy Class have a “Relaxed Elegance” theme to provide a relaxed atmosphere where passengers can recline in their seats and enjoy the premium service provided by STARLUX Airlines.

Premium Economy seating pitch is 40 inches with more legroom, and the seats are also specially designed with a leg rest and footrest bar, allowing passengers to causally stretch their legs without a problem.

In Economy Class, STARLUX has reduced the thickness of each seat and configured each seat into an S-shape that provides extra legroom.

The aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system in First Class seats is equipped with a 32-inch 4K screen, while Business Class can enjoy our 4K resolution with a 24-inch screen. Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers can also enjoy 4K resolution on a 15.6-inch screen or a 13-inch screen respectively.  Bluetooth connectivity is available in all classes.

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