American Airlines new Flagship Suite® premium seating

American Airlines to introduce new premium seating

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American Airlines new Flagship Suite® premium seating

American Airlines has unveiled the reimagined interior design on board its long-haul fleet.

The design includes new Flagship Suite® premium seating, with the airline saying premium seating on its long-haul fleet will grow more than 45% by 2026. American Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 aircraft will have 51 Flagship Suite seats and 32 Premium Economy seats on board, while the carrier’s A321XLR aircraft will feature 20 Flagship Suite seats and 12 Premium Economy seats. The deliveries of the carrier’s new Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9 aircraft are beginning in 2024.

The new suite seats will offer customers a private premium experience with a privacy door, a chaise lounge seating option and more personal storage space. “We are enhancing the customer experience across their entire journey with American,” American’s Vice President of Customer Experience Julie Rath said. “The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the customised seat design of the Flagship Suite® seats will offer customers a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet.”

Retrofitting the Boeing 777-300ER fleet

American says it will also be retrofitting its 20 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to include the new seats from late 2024. The aircraft will feature 70 Flagship Suite seats and 44 Premium Economy seats. The carrier will also retrofit its Airbus A321T fleet to align those aircraft with the rest of its A321 fleet.

American Airlines was the first carrier in the United States to debut long-haul Premium Economy seats back in 2016.


Unum Aircraft Seating to expand engineering team

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Business class seating manufacturer Unum Aircraft Seating is growing its team. The company is seeking individuals that have finished university and are passionate about engineering to support the ongoing development and certification of its launch product, Unum One.

The company says various positions are available for engineers who thrive working in an agile and dynamic environment.

Chris Brady, Executive Chairman and CEO, Unum commented: “Since February 2020, we have been honing our capabilities, people and first business class seat. Now that we’ve successfully launched Unum One, we are eagerly beginning the next stage in our journey and require additional support in the form of graduate engineers.

“We’re passionate about giving our engineers the right tools and space to flourish at Unum. We ensure that they manage each project from start to finish, including the design, testing and building of their component – we call this Renaissance Engineering. This method provides the team with unmatched experience and allows them to develop a variety of skills. Engineers have access to mentors, work with some of the very best people in the industry and have regular communication with leading suppliers in business class seating.”

Lachlan Brennan, Design Engineer, Unum noted: “I was initially drawn to Unum’s culture and the chance to own your projects from beginning to end. Seeing your design go from concept to final manufacture is extremely rewarding. At Unum, you’re also surrounded by a great team who are passionate about their work, as well as having open communication, which is refreshing. The team is so supportive and always happy to help me to develop my skills set or listen to my ideas.”

Prospective graduates require a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent. Candidates should also have strong capabilities in aerospace CAD design, material choice and hands-on product assembly.

You can learn more about the current graduate job openings at Unum here.

Recaro to supply BL3510 spare pax for Philippine Airlines’ A320 retrofit

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Recaro Aircraft Seating’s BL3510 economy class seat has been selected by Philippine Airlines for a retrofit of a number of Airbus A320 aircraft.

According to Recaro, delivery of the spare pax seats began this month. As a part of the Philippine-based airline’s fleet modification strategy, the overhaul involves the installation of a 180-seat cabin configuration on each of the 11 A320 aircraft that are destined for short-haul high-traffic domestic routes to be operated by the airline’s PAL express subsidiary.

The selected A320 aircraft were originally equipped with a mixed 156-seat configuration for Asian regional flights of the mainline carrier PAL, which now deploys larger Airbus A321 aircraft with business, premium and economy class seating on said regional routes.

Recaro says its BL3510 economy class seat is a reliable product designed for short-haul flights, and provides passengers with ideal ergonomic positioning for greater comfort.

Recaro at aix 2022

Recaro announces deal with KLM, Transavia Airlines and Transavia France

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Recaro at aix 2022

Recaro Aircraft Seating has announced it will be outfitting KLM, Transavia France and Transavia Airlines’ Airbus aircraft with economy class seats.

Deliveries of the seats, BL3710 and SL3710 on the 100 A320 and A321 aircraft, begins in summer 2023.

According to Recaro, the KLM aircraft will be configured in a hybrid layout, with the BL3710 being installed at the front of the cabin and followed by the SL3710. Transavia Airlines and Transavia France will be equipped with SL3710 seats.

The seats will be customised with additional features, including a BYOD holder for KLM, and a high-power USB-C outlet into the backrest. Redesigned backrests on both the SL3710 and BL3710 will further enhance passenger comfort and reduce weight.

“Our flexible and dynamic customer team, in tandem with our aligned goals on sustainability, has resulted in a strong partnership with KLM, Transavia Airlines and Transavia France,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro Holding. “I am confident that our seats will serve their passengers well for many years to come.”

airBaltic A220 seats

airBaltic increases seat count to 149 in its Airbus A220-300

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airBaltic A220 seats

Latvian airline airBaltic has revealed its Airbus A220-300 fleet is undergoing a gradual change in cabin configuration to 149 seats, unblocking additional seating that couldn’t previously be used.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic, said: “In late February we received our first airBaltic Airbus A220-300 aircraft, which is certified to operate up to 149 seats. Until now we could use 145 seats on the aircraft. However, going forward also, our existing fleet will be adjusted to use the additional capacity, which will further drive efficiency of our operations.”

As of 5 April, the carrier has changed the cabin configuration for the first five of airBaltic’s 33 Airbus A220-300 aircraft and plans to unblock the additional seats on its entire fleet by summer 2023.

The first 20 aircraft will have 148 seats and the next 12 will have 149. All aircraft to be delivered between 2022 and early 2024 are planned to have 148 seats.

airBaltic has been operating all its flights with a single aircraft type, the Airbus A220-300, since May 2020. The carrier says this minimises complexity and provides additional efficiency and its Airbus A220-300 has performed beyond the company’s expectations, delivering better overall performance, fuel efficiency and convenience for both passengers and staff.

The A220-300 has an air filtering system equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that provides the best level of filtration currently available for recirculated cabin air.

The new aircraft is also considerably quieter, with a four times smaller noise footprint and, according to airBaltic, is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world and the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20% and 50% respectively.