Passenger interacting with a touchscreen seatback IFE screen

Moment rounds off year of impressive growth

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Passenger interacting with a touchscreen seatback IFE screen

Moment, the French-based entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services provider formerly known as Interactive Display, registered a five-fold increase in the use of its solutions, reaching a 120 million passenger user-base during 2020.

To manage the pandemic, Moment implemented a business solidarity plan, taking the decision not to charge its clients for projects that were put on hold due to the pandemic. “A struggle for our clients means a struggle for us, so we supported them through this difficult time by sharing their difficulties,” said Tanguy Morel, CEO of Moment.

The company secured three new unnamed commercial aviation clients across three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

To sustain its growth and bring a new dimension to passenger experience, Moment will launch an ambitious research program in 2021 with key developments including cloud-computing, analytics, and AI experimentation. This program will lead to the development of four new patents.

“For many companies, 2020 was a transformational year and Moment is no exception. We are coming out of this crisis stronger as a company and as individuals. We still have a long way to go, but we are already grateful for the fabulous team that helped us to adapt and strive, and for our amazing clients who trusted us and whom we commit to serve in the best possible way, looking at a better 2021,” added Tanguy Morel.

HeadZone by factorydesign

HeadZone heads towards commercial availability

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HeadZone by factorydesign

Factorydesign has partnered with Global Aviation to produce and distribute HeadZone, following ‘significant’ interest from airlines.

HeadZone is a passenger-focused solution, which can either be distributed by the airline as a complementary item or sold for revenue gain. Primarily designed for short-haul airline routes for seats without IFE, it allows any passenger to simply and immediately create this important space with a product made from recycled material, that is a simple to manufacture, portable and both user and environmentally friendly.

HeadZone has now been developed to fit a range of different short – and long-haul airline seating options including those with headrests.

HeadZone can be customised at the request of the customer and, being manufactured from cardboard, is fully recyclable.  Foldable and easy to package, HeadZone represents a reusable low-cost solution without the use of myriad plastics.

HeadZone is available in a range of different options which can be printed on all its surfaces to incorporate and support client branding.  This offers the opportunity for advertising and can provide an additional revenue stream for the airline.  Antibacterial coating can also be included at an additional cost.

QuiverTree Media launches

QuiverTree Media launches to disrupt in-flight media

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QuiverTree Media launches

Specialist aviation media business QuiverTree Media has officially launched.

Created by investors with backgrounds in IFEC, Software and Media, QuiverTree Media has been established to help airlines extract maximum value from content services provision (CSP) with media convergence.

“The convergence of communication technologies with onboard digital networks is helping us supercharge Aviation Media,” said Chris Bouwer, QuiverTree Media ’s Chairman.

He added: “By integrating content, advertising and OTT services, QuiverTree Media unlocks the in-flight medium’s full potential. We create new benefits and efficiencies across the entire CSP value chain previously unavailable to airlines.”

Since its pre-launch phase as a spin-off of Immfly’s content and advertising divisions, QuiverTree Media has been working with airlines, advertisers and content providers to “redefine in-flight entertainment content and advertising propositions with disruptive integrations and partnerships.”

QuiverTree Media ’s content services include programming from Hollywood studios and independent distributors for global releases, as well as a large variety of OTT platforms.

The company also provides 360, end-to-end post- production technical services with editing, encoding and transcoding, subtitling, dubbing, metadata processing and special ad hoc integrations to streamline the content cycle process.

Bluebox WOW wireless-IFE server

Bluebox and dnata catering to develop joint product and service offerings across Pacific

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Bluebox WOW wireless-IFE server

Bluebox Aviation Systems and dnata catering Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and market offerings based on the deployment of Bluebox wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions across Australia, New Zealand and a number of other Pacific Ocean territories.

“COVID-19 has changed the landscape for in-flight catering and logistics, and by partnering with Bluebox we’ll be able to help our customers mitigate some of the restrictions required in this new touch-free world. This means allowing airlines to minimise contact and dialogue between passengers and cabin crew but still delivering an excellent service and a full range of food, drinks and retail goods that are such an essential part of the ancillary revenue income for many airlines,” said Duncan Greeney, General Manager Retail, dnata catering. “Aiming to appear seamless to passengers, integrating complex systems – in this case an IFE platform and catering logistics – can actually be quite complex technically, and in the present climate our customers need solutions that are simple and quick to deploy.”

“IFE as we knew it was already evolving to deliver so much more than in-flight entertainment, and COVID-19 expedited our delivery of touch-free payments for on-board retail and the digitisation of materials that support ancillary revenue generation, such as digital menus and magazines which provide significant advertising revenue for airlines,” said David Brown, Business Development Director, Bluebox.

“Now, though we have the expertise in the passenger interface, content integration, secure payments and the wireless technology to deliver it all, by partnering with dnata catering we can expand the platform further into the on-board logistics systems, integrating the catering and retail elements they provide. So, we’re really delivering an in-flight engagement platform for enhancing the passenger experience on board – still ‘IFE’, but well beyond entertainment.”

Inflight Dublin Everhub screenshots

Inflight Dublin upgrades web app

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Inflight Dublin Everhub screenshots

Inflight Dublin’s wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, Everhub, has been upgraded with new features to minimise physical touchpoints and increase ancillary revenue opportunities. The upgraded web app is available as part of Inflight Dublin’s recently announced six-month free trial of the Everhub wireless IFE solution.

The web app has a new design with switchable light and dark themes and new Material User Interface (Material UI) and Progressive Web App (PWA) features that allow the web-based interface to appear as a native application without the need for any app/SDK installations on the end-users device.

Everhub supports banner ads, pre-roll video ads, and interstitial ads which can appear on a timed basis or popup when navigating through the system. With the growing need for contactless and paper-free initiatives, health and safety information and onboard protocols can be fully digitised, reducing risks by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints onboard.

The web app is integrated with Everhub’s cloud-hosted Control Centre which provides back-office capabilities at no additional cost to the airline. The upgraded web app also includes Inflight Dublin’s data analytics platform, IFD Insights. This offers airlines access to content usage trends, advertising reports, and survey feedback, providing constant updates on the performance of their IFE offering onboard.

“The upgraded passenger web application enhances our established Everhub product which combines a flexible hardware platform with software, content, and revenue-generating services. This provides airlines with a one-stop-shop solution which can be deployed onboard in a matter of weeks. The upgraded web app comes just in time to complement our 6-month wireless free trial offering and will be a core part of our wireless solution going forward,” stated David Miller, Inflight Dublin’s CTO.

Accelya completes Farelogix acquisition

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Accelya has completed its acquisition of Farelogix, enabling it to provide a next-generation, end-to-end, Offer-to-Settlement airline commerce platform, including a full suite of innovative retailing, distribution, and fulfillment solutions.

To accelerate the delivery of Accelya’s next generation platform, the Accelya and Farelogix management teams will be fully integrated, with Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson being appointed Chief Product Officer of the newly expanded Accelya Group.

“With the acquisition of Farelogix complete, we can now focus our efforts on delivering an integrated Offer-to-Settlement platform that drives revenue, increases brand loyalty, and reduces costs for airlines worldwide,” said John Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of Accelya.

Davidson commented: “There has never been a greater need in our industry for creativity, rapid innovation, and new technology choices for airlines as they work through this time of COVID-19, recovery, and the future of airline retailing. We have had tremendous interest and support from across the industry and with the completion of the acquisition by Accelya, we can execute our vision to deliver these essential, pro-airline solutions needed by our current and future airline customers.”

Retail inMotion and Bluebox join forces

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Retail inMotion is partnering with Bluebox Aviation Systems, to offer an enhanced touch-free retail proposition for airlines post-COVID-19.

“Airlines today face an increasingly challenging and evolving environment in meeting the levels of service passengers have come to expect over the last number of years,” said John Vaughan, Head of Product Management at Retail inMotion. “By combining the expertise of Retail inMotion and Bluebox, we can help airlines address these challenges both now and in the future while increasing ancillary revenues.”

“Airlines wish to get back to delivering in-flight experiences that delight passengers without compromising the safety protocols that are being implemented to protect both passengers and cabin crew,” states David Brown, Director of Business Development at Bluebox. “In partnership with Retail inMotion we’re offering a touch-less shopping experience for food, beverages and other goods on our battery or aircraft-powered wireless IFE platform, Bluebox Wow. Virtualising the trolley and facilitating touch-less payments, we’re enabling passengers and crew to maintain as much social distance as possible, while keeping open an important revenue stream for the airline.”

“Bluebox Wow already supports the hygienic provision of seatback information such as in-flight magazines and safety cards. However, the current environment expedited the need to deliver a touch-less payment option that integrated smoothly with the inventory management systems on board,” added Brown. “Working with Retail inMotion, we’re now able to bring that virtual trolley experience to market.”

SimpliFlying launches new initiative to kickstart travel

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Aviation consultancy SimpliFlying has launched an accelerator designed explicitly for post-COVID-19 travel.

The SimpliFlying Launchpad curates market-ready technologies and matches them with airports and airlines looking for urgent solutions on everything from sanitisation to contact tracing.

The launch of the SimpliFlying Launchpad comes after SimpliFlying’s April report, The Rise of Sanitised Travel, identified over 70 different passenger touchpoints that will change as a result of the need to reassure both passengers as well as industry regulators, that air travel won’t be a spreader of the pandemic.

Over the next two months, the SimpliFlying Launchpad is inviting applications in four different areas that have been shortlisted after consultation with the industry partners. They include sanitisation, touchless travel, contact tracing and ancillary revenues.

All applicants are invited to join SimpliFlying Marketplace, which is a private platform for airlines and airports to find the best solutions, without having to conduct rigorous research on their own.

In just a couple of weeks, the SimpliFlying team curates the most promising solutions and invites them to work with industry mentors. Finally, a virtual demo day showcases all finalists to pilot partners,aviation executives and even investors. Startups exit the programme and are ready to go live, with the SimpliFlying team having developed their launch trajectory in aviation.

SimpliFlying’s CEO Shashank Nigam said, “To deal with the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, the aviation industry urgently needs transformative innovations to help rebuild passenger trust in travel. We aim to curate ready-to-deploy solutions for aviation partners who are willing to pilot them. We’ll also ensure that the aviation industry can successfully and quickly meet the challenges of the COVID-19 era of travel and beyond, with tried and tested and ready to go solutions.”