PXCom's PX2GO solution provides an uninterrupted experience throughout the different stages of the journey

PXCom launches PX2GO

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PXCom's PX2GO solution provides an uninterrupted experience throughout the different stages of the journey

PXCom has officially launched PX2GO, a platform bringing together communication, services and entertainment for an uninterrupted experience throughout the different stages of the journey, from the moment they book their ticket until reaching final destination.

The portfolio of services and contents is automatically adapted to the stage of the journey, to provide the most relevant experience in the right context.

Passengers can access all the relevant information related to health and safety rules before, during, and upon arrival of the flight, useful flight and destination-related information and services, Duty-Free services, airport, transport, and catering offers. Passengers will also have seamless and uninterrupted access to entertainment, from the lounges & boarding gates, during the flight, as well as the luggage belt.

According to PXComs’ Cyril Jean, PX2GO can be white labelled and integrated both into the airline existing app and wireless IFE. Discussions are on the go with seatback screen manufacturers to extend the feature to long haul flights.

PX2GO has been designed to accept third-party apps & services, including solutions such as Digital Health Passport, geo navigation in the airport, private transfer offerings and more. The platform is configured to support IoT-based experience such as beacons in the airports and NFC transactions.

PX2GO can be used as a whole, as well as unitary components, to avoid multiple apps download.

airasia Health app promo

airasia.com introduces new digital medical platform services

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airasia Health app promo

airasia.com has introduced end-to-end medical services with the launch of new digital platform, airasia Health.

airasia Health partners with medical providers and hospitals, including Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Centre and Sunway Medical Centre to offer a complete range of services. This includes professional consultations, booking treatments such as health screenings, aesthetics, wellness and fertility sessions, to on-ground logistics services including flights, accommodation, support services such as medical visa and medical companion, all through a single platform.

Karen Chan, CEO of airasia.com said: “Healthcare is essential, and its affordability and accessibility should be a right for everyone. We want to help facilitate that. From the initial consultation to post-treatment services, we aim to make it as seamless as possible for everyone through the airasia Health online platform. Furthermore, airasia Health is where healthcare meets travel, complemented by the strength of airasia.com’s ecosystem encompassing travel logistics such as flights, accommodation and mobility options, enhancing the convenience factor for any medical traveller’s end-to-end journey.”

Emirates has reinstated its iconic Onboard Lounge on its A380s

Emirates revamps premium onboard experience

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Emirates has reinstated its iconic Onboard Lounge on its A380s

Following a thorough health and safety review Emirates has resumed the operations of its A380 Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa.

The A380 Onboard Lounge, which serves First and Business Class customers, will transform into a take-away bar with limited seating capacity and social distancing protocols in place. The bar continues to serve wines, spirits, soft drinks and pre-packaged lounge bites for customers to take and enjoy in the comfort of their own seats. Customers can also make their orders from their seats if they prefer. The social areas in Business Class on select Boeing 777 aircraft and in First Class also re-opened with pre-packed snacks for customers to grab and go.

First Class customers can once again have a shower at 40,000 feet. Luxury spa products will be provided in individual amenity bags to each customer. The sets include pamper essentials from award-winning, organic and sustainable Irish brand VOYA, a disposable bath towel and a menu to choose additional amenities.

From 1 November, Emirates’ onboard dining experience will return while observing strict hygiene protocols. Customers in all classes will enjoy multi-course meals and choose from a complimentary selection of beverages including wine and beer, as well as juices and soft drinks. Cocktails will also be served in premium classes. In Economy Class, customers can choose from two wines; in Business Class, customers can choose from six wines including port and champagne, while in First Class, customers will have a selection of 11 wines including a dessert wine, port and Dom Perignon champagne.

The Emirates app has also been enhanced to allow customers on board to browse the menus on their personal devices both online and offline with the latest app update.

Emirates will soon launch a welcome drink in premium classes called Vitality Boost in First and Business Class. The airline’s chefs and nutritionists have created a refreshing blend of apple, ginger and hibiscus to give customers a health kick on their journey. The vegan, nutrient-rich drink is packed with antioxidants, and free from gluten and added sugar. The health drink will be a staple on board and continually refreshed to offer different flavours. Customers can also choose from a range of welcome drinks including champagne and other juices.

JustEat delivers to Transavia aircraft

Transavia and Just Eat Takeaway.com launch ‘in-flight delivery’

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JustEat delivers to Transavia aircraft

Dutch low-fare airline Transavia has partnered with Just Eat Takeaway.com allowing passengers to order a meal of their choice for their flight.

Transavia and Just Eat Takeaway.com developed the pilot programme in cooperation with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Dutch caterer iFleat.

As of the end of September, meals can be ordered through Just Eat Takeaway.com up to one hour before the flight, from ten different meals at the Transavia Restaurant.

The meal is freshly prepared by iFleat, which is responsible for logistics and culinary interpretation and delivered directly on board.

The selection includes vegan salads, fresh sushi and authentic Indonesian rendang, amongst others. The meals are freshly prepared and directly delivered on board by Just Eat Takeaway.com, after which the cabin crew serves the meals to the passengers.

The partners expect this cooperation to minimise food waste. With in-flight delivery, payment is settled up front, and Transavia knows which passengers pre-ordered a meal. This lowers the number of meals that are prepared and brought on board but not consumed.

Marcel de Nooijer, CEO of Transavia, said: “It is important to keep innovating and further improving service for our customers, especially in these unprecedented times. We’re starting modestly by offering this meal service on four flights. However, we have confidence in this great concept and hope to expand it further as opportunities allow.”

Silvie Cremers, Global Sales Director at Just Eat Takeaway.com, added: “This special cooperation, which makes it possible to serve fresh meals on a plane, is a great step forward. We are very proud to be the first to offer this service and are confidently looking forward to the further roll-out of in-flight delivery.”

The first-of-its-kind service is currently available on four flights from Amsterdam to destinations in Greece, Portugal and Italy. The programme is expected to extend to more flights and airports where Transavia operates, such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

Inflight Dublin Everhub screenshots

Inflight Dublin upgrades web app

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Inflight Dublin Everhub screenshots

Inflight Dublin’s wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, Everhub, has been upgraded with new features to minimise physical touchpoints and increase ancillary revenue opportunities. The upgraded web app is available as part of Inflight Dublin’s recently announced six-month free trial of the Everhub wireless IFE solution.

The web app has a new design with switchable light and dark themes and new Material User Interface (Material UI) and Progressive Web App (PWA) features that allow the web-based interface to appear as a native application without the need for any app/SDK installations on the end-users device.

Everhub supports banner ads, pre-roll video ads, and interstitial ads which can appear on a timed basis or popup when navigating through the system. With the growing need for contactless and paper-free initiatives, health and safety information and onboard protocols can be fully digitised, reducing risks by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints onboard.

The web app is integrated with Everhub’s cloud-hosted Control Centre which provides back-office capabilities at no additional cost to the airline. The upgraded web app also includes Inflight Dublin’s data analytics platform, IFD Insights. This offers airlines access to content usage trends, advertising reports, and survey feedback, providing constant updates on the performance of their IFE offering onboard.

“The upgraded passenger web application enhances our established Everhub product which combines a flexible hardware platform with software, content, and revenue-generating services. This provides airlines with a one-stop-shop solution which can be deployed onboard in a matter of weeks. The upgraded web app comes just in time to complement our 6-month wireless free trial offering and will be a core part of our wireless solution going forward,” stated David Miller, Inflight Dublin’s CTO.

Etihad 787-9 aircraft

Etihad enhances mobile app

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Etihad 787-9 aircraft

Etihad Airways has updated its mobile app to improve the passenger experience.

The refreshed mobile app is simple to use and allows guests to manage their details, book flights with voice search and enrol into the airline’s loyalty programme, Etihad Guest. Uber and Google Maps are now also integrated into the app to direct travellers to and around the airport. If the status of a flight should change, an update is automatically pushed to guests through the app

New key features allow guests to purchase upgrades or other extras, use Etihad Guest Miles as a form of payment or choose from 10 other payment options, including Travel Bank, which have been added to the booking flow.

Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer, Etihad Airways said: “To increase flexibility during the coronavirus pandemic, we established Travel Bank, an account which guests can use for future redemption on flights. With the new app, guests are now able to book their next flight with travel credits they have saved while being unable to fly due to travel restrictions. As we strive to make travel as convenient as possible, this is a step forward in our innovation strategy.”

Passenger wearing a mask

Alaska Airlines introduces touch-free travel

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Passenger wearing a mask

Alaska Airlines is introducing new touch-free options for passengers and employees over the coming weeks.

These include the ability to:

  • To pre-order meals and purchase food and beverages on board using a stored credit card (pending return of food and beverage for purchase in main cabin).
  • To print bag tags without having to touch check-in kiosks.
  • For agents to scan boarding passes up to six feet away while boarding.
  • To receive a text message instead of a printed boarding pass if guests don’t already have the Alaska Airlines mobile app.
  • To get an emailed receipt for baggage instead of printed receipt.

“These advancements help make the travel experience easy and almost entirely touch-free for our guests and are just part of the many ways we’re keeping our guests and employees safe during this time,” said Charu Jain, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Innovation.

Screenshots of TravelWell mobile app

Partners launch TravelWell mobile app

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Screenshots of TravelWell mobile app

FlyWell and PXCom have launched the health & wellbeing lifestyle mobile app, TravelWell.

TravelWell can either be accessed as a white label standalone mobile app or as an add-on integrated into an airline’s own mobile app.

The app provides health and wellbeing content for the entire passenger journey including on-the-ground experiences (pre and post flight) and during the flight via an IFE platform.

The content menu offers a variety of categories:

The ‘comfort zone’ offers instant relaxation. The ‘breathing bay’ offers instruction on deep inhalation and exhalation. The ‘wellness lounge’ is a place to restore and renew the body, while the ‘meditation space’ offers enchanting lights. The digestive system is aided via the ‘nutrition hub’.

According to the app partners the platform has been engineered to interact with social networks, enabling the generation of target interactions through likes, comments and shares.

An in-app store can also be integrated into the TravelWell mobile app, enabling an airline’s passengers to buy additional content, goods, services. Airlines can also choose to integrate native advertising (sponsored brand content), or legacy advertising (banners, popups etc).

FlightPath3D has won the 'Preferred App' award and was joint winner of the 'Best Innovation' award at Airbus’s First Online Hackathon.

FlightPath3D wins at Airbus Hackathon 2020

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FlightPath3D has won the 'Preferred App' award and was joint winner of the 'Best Innovation' award at Airbus’s First Online Hackathon.

FlightPath3D has won the ‘Preferred App’ award and was joint winner of the ‘Best Innovation’ award at Airbus’s First Online Hackathon.

The Hackathon, held from 7-9 July, is part of Airbus‘ #KeepTrustInAirTravel initiative and is designed to develop OnBoard Digital Solutions on an Airbus Open Software Platform to support better operations in a post-COVID world.

FlightPath3D CEO Boris Veksler said: “We leveraged our HTML/WebGL streaming 3D map and via our Open API platform integrated 3rd party content into our map, and vice versa provided map features into 3rd party apps. The innovation we achieved is linked to the openness of the Airbus platform, and to the eco-system of App developers that are compatible with the platform.”

FlightPath3D President Duncan Jackson added: “We integrated duty-free merchandising, advertising, and the ability to buy with a payment solution into our map. 3rd party apps used our destination content, street maps, and flight tracker to augment their already highlyfunctional apps.”

SIA AppChallenge logo

Singapore Airlines launches latest App Challenge

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SIA AppChallenge logo

Singapore Airlines has launched its 2020 app challenge, seeking digital solutions to address real business challenges.

This year, the app challenge sees Singapore Airlines in search of startups with the most innovative solutions to 10 Problem Statements across six Challenge Themes. Startups can be teams or individuals from anywhere around the world, from any industry and submissions can be made to address one or multiple challenge statements across the six themes.

There are four stages to the challenge, with the first being the submission round. Submissions must be made via https://appchallenge.singaporeair.com/startup and the closing date is 2359 (GMT +8) on 12 July 2020. Shortlisted teams will be announced on 20 July to progress to the next stage, which is selection, followed by prototyping and the grand finale, due to take place on 2 October.

Challenge Themes and Problem Statements

Theme 1: Seamless Travel Experience

  • How can we automate the process of identifying damaged baggage?
  • How can we manage in-cabin baggage to ensure a smooth boarding experience?
  • How can we re-imagine a customer’s life onboard Vistara flights?
  • How can we use technology to reduce catering waste and automate the in-flight delivery of pre-ordered meals?

Theme 2: People and Operations

  • How can we use gamification to assess the suitability of candidates for Cabin Crew roles?
  • How can we leverage intuitive digital tools to assist engineers in pre-departure activities?

Theme 3: Beyond Travel

  • How can we enable new shopping experiences at physical touchpoints through personal mobile devices?

Theme 4: Travelling in the New Norm

  • How can we build robust capabilities that address customers’ concerns on their health and safety across their travel journey, both on ground and in flight?

Theme 5: New Business Opportunities

  • How can we leverage SIA’s assets and global brand to launch new products, services and businesses that are adjacent to and complement our core business?

Theme 6: Sustainability

  • How can we develop new approaches to broaden our sustainability initiatives?

Finalists will be invited to pitch to Singapore Airlines’ senior management and top executives. Solutions with business potential will be fast-tracked into the SIA Accelerator Programme, where startups will build a Proof-of-Concept of their solution with the Airline.

For further details and to apply, visit https://appchallenge.singaporeair.com/startup