COMAC ARJ21 in flight

Chinese first for Expliseat and COMAC

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COMAC ARJ21 in flight

Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has selected French aircraft seat manufacturer Expliseat to develop a family of lightweight economy seats to be installed on its new ARJ21 aircraft.

This is the first contract in China for Expliseat.

The new seat is based on the latest TiSeat E2 seat platform in carbon fiber composite and titanium made by Expliseat and has been adjusted to the ARJ21 dimensions. Fresh innovations include a new recline mechanism that will make the TiSeat E2 40% lighter than the best equivalent competitor’s certified seats.

“It is an honour to be selected by COMAC. They will benefit from all the advantages offered by our cutting-edge technology. It will help ARJ21 customers to maximise profits and revenues leveraging carbon footprint reduction due to fuel bill or maintenance cost drop and increased life cycle. Passengers will also benefit from the most advanced comfort feature in terms of recline and ergonomics. We look forward to a bright future in China with COMAC,” said Benjamin Saada, CEO Expliseat.