Jamco unveils Project Blue Sky hands-free lavatory technologies

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Jamco Corporation has unveiled its new hands-free lavatory lock knob and door handle, which allows passengers to unlock and open the lavatory door without using their hands. The hands-free lock and handle system are designed to utilise passengers’ elbows and forearms to operate the familiar lock and handle system on the lavatory door.

The patent-pending hands-free lavatory door lock and handle are part of Jamco’s Project Blue Sky initiative, a global, collaborative effort of the company and its affiliates to develop and produce touchless, hygienic cabin interior products for the aerospace industry.

Jamco is also developing new hands-free and low-touch concepts for other areas within the lavatory such as the toilet seat/lid and waste flap to minimise contact in these high-touch areas, reducing the possible spread of germs, as well as reducing the need for disinfection.

WK Thomas steps up hygiene and personal protection offering

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With COVID-19 introducing a new dimension to both food and beverage services onboard the aircraft as well as facilities management, WK Thomas, (WKT) has unveiled its ‘Essentials Range’ offering increased hygiene and personal protection. The collection covers a core range of personal protective equipment (PPE), disposable food packaging and hygiene products.

“Hygiene and personal protection are now more important than ever and will remain so for the forseeable future,” said WK Thomas Head of Travel, David Simpson. “Alongside our popular packaging ranges from hot food boxes and containers, to plates, single wrapped cutler and sealed cutlery packs – as well as our new Quick Serve meal boxes – offering our Essentials Range timely and practical support for businesses now operating under different rules.”

Alongside its range of hygienic food packaging and wrapped cutlery WKT’s Essentials Range PPE products include face masks, powder-free vinyl gloves, aprons and hairnets. Anti-bacterial soaps, hand sanitisers, touchless hand sanitiser dispenser stations and signage illustrating social distancing guidelines are also on offer.

With more than 90 years experience in the travel and catering sector, David Simpson underlines that, “We not only have the product range but are actively working alongside businesses to ensure a safe return to normal with the appropriate practices and procedures in place.”

Aereos releases built-in antimicrobial high-touch parts for cabin interiors

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Aereos, a global aircraft solutions provider, has unveiled the first built-in antimicrobial high-touch parts for aircraft interior cabins and lavatories, and designed by Aereos Interior Solutions.

David Baker, Partner at Aereos, said, ” This antimicrobial layering technology is built-in throughout our high-touch cabin and lavatory antimicrobial parts such as tray tables and toilet seats. It only makes sense for airlines to replace older parts with ones that add layers of protection at no incremental cost (and significantly less than OEMs).”

William Montgomery, Partner at Aereos, added “In response to the current worldwide pandemic, we are also adding a line of antimicrobial coating solutions that prevent harmful microbes from propagating on high-touch surfaces like galley cart handles and  arm caps.”

Aereos and its divisions are composed of experienced engineers with over 100 years of combined industry experience solving problems and formulating innovative ideas continually resulting in new methods, advanced technologies and elevated capabilities on which airlines rely. “If we don’t have a solution for an airline,” said Montgomery, “then we’ll find one, as we have with our built-in antimicrobial technology.”

American first airline to use SurfaceWise2

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In the coming months, American will begin using SurfaceWise2 for electrostatic spraying on surfaces inside its aircraft with plans to use the product throughout its entire fleet, including those in its American Eagle regional partners.

The SurfaceWise2 solution from Allied BioScience is the first-ever long-lasting product to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus that is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“SurfaceWise2’s long-lasting defense provides a layer of protection against viruses not offered by any other solutions on the market,” said Maha El-Sayed, PhD, Allied BioScience Chief Science Officer.

“SurfaceWise2 creates an invisible barrier on surfaces, which physically breaks down and kills virus cells,” said Dr. Charles Gerba, a leading infectious disease expert. “This helps protect passengers and crew members against the transmission of coronavirus via surfaces, particularly on high-touch areas such as seats, armrests, tray tables and overhead bin doors.”

RedCabin hosts virtual working group

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RedCabin is to host its first virtual working group to examine if standards for cabin interior hygiene can be developed and how disinfectant technologies can be used most effectively onboard.

“Building passenger confidence with a clean cabin” will take place on 9 September at 5pm, led by Sean Stabler, Research and Innovation Manager at Sekisui Kydex.

The interactive working group will combine science, perception and collaboration to help industry executives understand how the use of disinfectant technologies can maximise the cleanliness of their aircraft cabins. The agenda includes discussions around new disinfection technologies such as UV disinfection, fogging, antimicrobial surfaces and disinfectant wipes; an overview of antimicrobials, microbes and disinfectants and their impact on aircraft interiors, and an outline of the main differences between surface protection and human contact protection.

Monica Wick, founder and CEO of RedCabin commented: “The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in an unprecedented shift within the aviation industry. Airlines are having to adapt to this dramatic change and, naturally, passengers are cautious about their safety.”

“Following the success of our previous webinar series, we are launching our virtual working groups to enable aviation leaders to come together and work collaboratively to develop new solutions which allow the industry to thrive post-Covid-19.”

Jamco announces Project Blue Sky initiative

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A global, collaborative clean cabin initiative has been announced between Jamco and its affiliates to develop and produce touchless, hygienic cabin interior products for the aerospace industry.

“Project Blue Sky” promotes greater cleanliness and lower passenger stress in commercial aircraft and includes the latest in hygienic and touchless air cabin technologies, across seats, cabin dividers (the Clean Cabin Divider), and lavatories (Hands-Free Toilet Seat/Lid, Hands-Free Waste Flap, and Touchless Faucet).

Jamco is also working to transform the process of aircraft disinfection through its UV disinfection concepts (pictured). The company is pursuing the development of UV disinfection technology; ultraviolet rays have been proven to destroy the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria, thus preventing the spread of diseases. Jamco’s UV disinfection concept includes installing new, human-safe UV technology in lavatories, galleys, and seating areas to enable disinfection and germ elimination during flight.

Delta teams up with Lysol to advance Delta CareStandard

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Delta has partnered with RB, the makers of Lysol to continue improving upon Delta CareStandard protocols launched during the COVID-19 pandemic across Delta airport locations and on board aircraft.

Delta and Lysol will work together to gather insights on consumers’ travel experiences to help inform the development of new, innovative disinfecting solutions for both the airport and onboard experience. The pair will also work together to identify and address ongoing germ-related travel concerns for customers. One of the first areas of focus will be developing breakthrough airplane lavatory solutions to help kill germs and protect customers and crew.

Microbiologists and germ-kill experts from Lysol will coordinate with Delta Global Cleanliness team to develop protocols for disinfection that will help protect customers against illness-causing bacteria and viruses in high-traffic areas where customers are most concerned about germs including departure gates, aircraft lavatories and Delta Sky Clubs. Delta will also deploy Delta Care Carts including EPA-approved disinfection products recommended by Lysol, making it easier to disinfect large seating areas and countertops more frequently.

Lysol will provide products to Delta, including Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, to be used with disinfecting protocols recommended by Lysol on high-touch germ hotspots across Delta areas from check-in to baggage claim.

“There’s no finish line for cleanliness – there’s always more we can do to innovate and elevate our already-high standards because that’s what our customers and employees expect and deserve,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. “The experts at Lysol share our drive for innovative, continuous improvement – they’re the best at their craft. That’s why we’re excited to get started on R&D to target germ ‘hot spots’ and cement the Delta CareStandard as the industry gold standard – so customers feel confident in choosing Delta as more people return to travel.”

Trio combine capabilities to tackle spread of COVID-19

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A new collaboration has been launched to address the long-term concerns that have developed as a result of the global pandemic, with the creation of an economy class passenger seat aimed at minimising the risk of infection from COVID-19 without impacting the commercial model that airlines fly with.

Tapis Corp from Armonk, New York, SIMONA Boltaron from Newcomerstown, Ohio and Molon Labe Seating from Denver, Colorado,  have joined forces on a design that utilises physical distancing, anti-microbial surfaces and respiratory protection, to minimise the spread of COVID-19 on aircraft.

Tapis is supplying the Ultrafabrics-manufactured anti-microbial technology, Promessa to cover the seat back, seat pan, armrests and headrest.

Matthew Nicholls from Tapis Corporation commented: “The Promessa product has anti-microbial silver ion technology built into the topskin of the product. It is inherent in the polymer to ensure maximum efficacy and prevent any leaching throughout the lifetime of the product”.

The Promessa material can also be cleaned with a wide range of EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants and is the reason why they are the market leader in the healthcare industry for surface materials

The headrest features a unique curved design that reduces contact with neighbouring passengers and creates a barrier to the transmission of corona virus particles.

The large, one-sided headrest can act as a physical barrier that be rotated 180 degrees to open up the seats between traveling friends and family, or used to act as a physical barrier between unknown passengers. It also offers a patented headrest vent which would distribute fresh cabin air directly in front of the passengers face rather than from an overhead vent. This fresh air vent would have volume and direction adjustments similar to current overhead cabin air vents.

New Boltaron’s new 9815N FAR-rated material has been specially engineered to withstand frequent cleaning with strong chemicals, in addition to UV-C disinfection and electrostatic fogging. 9815N is also offered as a standard with an anti-microbial treatment and can be customised in an unlimited range of textures and colours.

Molon Labe worked with SIMONA Boltaron’s scm360° prototyping and specialty design team to optimise the engineered design of the unique S2 seat shell design.

In addition to providing the materials, SIMONA Boltaron engineered the 3D tooling data, built the tool and thermoformed the prototype parts for the seat.

The three partners plan to complete the design by early 2021.

Barfield begins sales of On Target Spray Systems Electrostatic Cart

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Barfield, a subsidiary of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) in the Americas, is to distribute the Electrostatic Cart from On Target Spray Systems, as part of efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to On Target Spray Systems, the Electrostatic Cart 3D wraparound technology is three times faster than fogging and provide uniform coverage of all surfaces.

“We are very excited to partner with On Target Spray System as part of our strategy to create solutions for our customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life and the Electrostatic Sprayer is here to ensure peace of mind wherever we go,” says Hervé Page, Chief Executive Officer of Barfield.

The Electrostatic Cart features a roller cart and an On Target wrap around patented technology designed to be cost effective and time-saving. The Cart is built for heavy duty work and has robust air compressors designed to disinfect any aircraft cabin interior as well as exterior.

Adhetec launches cabin antimicrobial adhesive films

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Technical adhesive solution provider Adhetec has launched a range of adhesive films embedded with Pylote natural antimicrobial technology.

The Adhetec decorative and protective self-adhesive film range for the cabin (the customisable Adhecal and transparent film, Adhefilm) have effective microbiological properties during the entire period of use on the surfaces to which they are applied.

Activated by Pylote’s technology, Adhetec claims they have an immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination action (no loss of effectiveness over four years), particularly against viruses and bacteria.

Tested and certified by the Fonderephar laboratory, the new antimicrobial technical films are available to airlines for use in aircraft cabins. Adhetec is initially targeting aircraft tray tables, IFE screens, armrest, handles and seat shells.

Alexis Gabillon, Adhetec  CEO stated: “The passenger experience is at the heart of Adhetec’s developments, we already offer solutions to our customers that enable cabin personalisation and protection of the interior surfaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down and called into question our travel habits. The innovation that we are launching on the market today responds to this additional safety need in the cabin by adding an additional function to our products thanks to Pylote’s technology: the maintenance of microbiological hygiene.

“From now on, the main surfaces constituting the main points of contact (shelves, handles, IFE…) can be protected and become, on request, a communication support thanks to the printing possibilities offered by our products. Very soon, we will apply the technology to all our interior product range, particularly Adheskin, which will open the way to optimised cabins in terms of microbiological hygiene without any compromise on other elements like uniqueness and aesthetics aiming at an enhanced passenger experience.”