Dr Tammy McKnight, WestJet Chief Medical Officer

WestJet hires Dr. Tammy McKnight as first Chief Medical Officer

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Dr Tammy McKnight, WestJet Chief Medical Officer

WestJet has announced the appointment of a Chief Medical Officer (CMEDO).

Dr. Tammy McKnight will be responsible for assisting WestJet in developing and implementing initiatives relating to the health and well-being of WestJetters and guests. This will include furthering the airline’s commitment to mental health, advising on risk mitigation efforts, and making health recommendations to meet or exceed regulations and in line with the varying guidelines in which a global airline operates. This work was previously spread among multiple service providers and internal roles at WestJet. The position of CMEDO reports to Mark Porter, WestJet Executive Vice-President People and Culture.

“WestJet has always valued physical and mental health as core to our caring for our people and our guests, and 2020 only made the importance more evident, so much so that hiring a dedicated CMEDO to bring everything together and inhouse made a lot of sense,” said Mark Porter.

Most recently Dr. McKnight served as the Medical Director for AirSprint, an aviation company, where she guided AirSprint’s executive leadership team and provided medical insights that enabled the company to evolve in its growth strategy.