ZIM Aircraft Seating is to triple its activities at Immenstaad by expanding its new headquarters opened in March 2021.

ZIM Aircraft Seating expands Immenstaad HQ

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ZIM Aircraft Seating is to triple its activities at Immenstaad by expanding its new headquarters opened in March 2021.

ZIM Aircraft Seating is to triple its activities at Immenstaad by expanding its new headquarters opened in March 2021.

Additional office space has already been occupied, with a new model shop with a design department for the market-driven development of future products set to open by April 2022. In addition, the headquarters will be expanded to include an automated test centre and a new customer service area with modern repair and maintenance facilities.

The new headquarters on Lake Constance is part of ZIM’s decision after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to realign the corporate structure in order to be able to better serve future orders and to increase the efficiency of the processes within the company.

“The investment into our location expansion is a clear commitment to our employees and the region,” emphasised ZIM CEO Sven Achilles. “We have a social responsibility that is independent of time and which we also live up to by creating structures that will make us competitive in the future.”

Image: L-R: MP & Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman; CEO of Mirus, Ben McGuire.

Mirus breaks ground on new test facility

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Image: L-R: MP & Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman; CEO of Mirus, Ben McGuire.

Construction has begun for Mirus Aircraft Seating’s new dynamic test facility at its headquarters in Norfolk, UK.

Having received a £250,000 grant from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Growing Business Fund in July this year which will contribute toward the cost of the project, construction has now begun for the 407m² facility, which is due to be completed and opened in July 2022.

The facility will feature a state-of-the-art, dynamic test sled, which is a bespoke device used for destructive or non-destructive crash test replication. Designed for high-impact testing of automotive, aerospace, motorsport and rail vehicles, the 30m-long device is the most technologically advanced available.

Ben McGuire, CEO of Mirus, said: “As we start constructing the largest commercially available testing facility in the UK, we’re creating a hub for pioneering innovation in the seating industry. Rivalling some of the very best across Europe, our testing facility will not only allow us to develop new technologies at a much faster pace, but it will also be open to other businesses who require testing – improving testing processes across a variety of transportation sectors and attracting businesses internationally.”

McGuire continued: “As a result of this extension to our business, we are seeking talented people to come and join us in successfully running the facility. We have started a recruitment drive to hire for several technical, engineering and support roles, and we encourage anyone with passion and the right experience to apply.”

Mirus Aircraft Seating currently works with Airbus, TUI Group, and AirAsia, with seats flying since 2018 and over 100,000 of its flagship Hawk seats sold. The company is looking to expand its client base with the opening of the new facility.

Image: L-R: MP & Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman; CEO of Mirus, Ben McGuire.
Blue Sky Network AS9100 certification

AS9100 Certification awarded to Blue Sky Network’s Scottsdale, Arizona site

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Blue Sky Network AS9100 certification

Blue Sky Network, a provider of mission-critical fleet management, business continuity, and operational analytics solutions for commercial and government customers, has received AS9100 certification for its Scottsdale, Arizona facility.

The certification for its Aerospace Quality Management System, includes the design and manufacture of asset tracking, communications equipment and software.

“The AS9100 certification puts Blue Sky Network in a very select group of manufacturers” said Gregoire Demory, Blue Sky Network President. “It also reaffirms our dedication to delivering industry-leading quality and customer service.”

“We are extremely proud to have Blue Sky Network AS9100 certified,” stated Tucker Morrison, Blue Sky Network CEO. “After acquiring Applied Satellite Engineering in 2018, the certification of both our San Diego and Scottsdale locations secures our unwavering commitment to our customers as well as our continued drive to develop the most reliable and quality satellite connectivity solutions in the market.”

Integration testing of SD hardware into the SD ecosystem takes place at the Kanata North facility.

Satcom Direct continues infrastructure investment

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Integration testing of SD hardware into the SD ecosystem takes place at the Kanata North facility.

SatcomDirect (SD) has launched its latest investment in infrastructure with the addition of a new Canadian state-of-the-art production campus to its global footprint in Ottawa, Ontario. The new facility is also a response to the digitisation of aviation and the emergence of the connected aircraft.

The world-class engineering laboratories, thermal and electromagnetic chambers, and production workshops are also equipped to produce and repair in-service hardware, including the high-tech SDR Series of cabin routers. The expanded footprint supports SD’s continued strategy of originating products and services specifically designed and evolved for the business and government aviation sectors. “Our investment reflects SD’s commitment to supporting pioneering product development, technical expertise, and quality manufacturing processes,” said SD Ottawa General Manager Joanne Walker. To this end the new facility has already achieved AS9100 certification confirming the high-quality standards of its design, process and manufacturing capabilities.

The Ottawa-based SD team will be responsible for the ongoing development, and subsequent manufacturing of the SD Plane Simple antenna terminal systems, in partnership with Germany-based QEST, Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH.

The collaboration is bringing to market an antenna series including a Ku-band and Ka-band dual variant tail-mounted antenna, an electronically steered, fuselage mounted phased-array antenna and a Certus hardware solution to support the global Iridium NEXT network. The advanced range of antennas will provide a wider choice of flexible connectivity solutions for all sizes of aircraft from light to heavy jets.

Image: Integration testing of SD hardware into the SD ecosystem takes place at the Kanata North facility.
Artists impression of NAAI facility planned at the Global TransPark in Kinston, North Carolina, US.

North American Aerospace Industries announces expansion programme

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Artists impression of NAAI facility planned at the Global TransPark in Kinston, North Carolina, US.

Aircraft Solutions Middle East, an affiliate of North American Aerospace Industries (NAAI), has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Aircraft Support Industries to develop three new aircraft recycling facilities.

These include the facilities being constructed for Aircraft Solutions at Al Ain International Airport in Dhabi, UAE and Clark International Airport in the Philippines, in addition to the NAAI facility planned at the Global TransPark in Kinston, North Carolina, US.

Aircraft Support Industries will use a phased-in project development approach, with phrase one focusing on a custom-designed 323,000 square foot dismantling hangar that can accommodate three of the largest aircraft such as the A380. Aircraft Support Industries will apply its proprietary stressed arch building system along with a 81,000 square foot annex for the construction of the 1,076-foot span hangar. The annex will be used to house the engineering support workshops and materials warehousing for the NAAI facility in the US and Aircraft Solutions’ facilities in the Middle East and Asia.

“Our state-of-the-art facilities will enable our companies to provide comprehensive, sustainable aircraft recycling solutions for aircraft owners, operators, airport authorities, and military services with a zero-waste mission to recycle 100% of an aircraft,” said Sven Daniel Koechler, President and CEO of North American Aerospace Industries Corporation (NAAI).  “While the pandemic has introduced delays in our construction schedule, we are optimistic that we will be able to make up for lost time in that Aircraft Support Industries is a strong partner able to facilitate a construction project in the most efficient, timely manner.”

Satcom Direct's new upgraded NOC in Melbourne, Florida

SD unveils new NOC

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Satcom Direct's new upgraded NOC in Melbourne, Florida

Satcom Direct (SD) has completed upgrading its Network Operations Center (NOC) at its global headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

The facility includes a 72 x 10 ft digital wall displaying real time global customer connectivity activity, based on data aggregated from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The NOC optimises the enhanced visibility into the overall health of each individual aircraft and combines it with intelligent data analysis to identify any connectivity outage, degradation or systemic issues. This initiates the implementation of corrective action, often during flight. Predictive alerting is also triggered by the service intelligence platform enabling remedial action well ahead of potential issues.

Information collected from the SD Xperience nose-to-tail portfolio of hardware, software and infrastructure solutions ensures the NOC is fully aware of the network status of each customer’s aircraft globally.

Cybersecurity management has also been enhanced with abnormal patterns of data behavior highlighted to stimulate immediate mitigative action. In addition to technical corrective action, SD alerts crew to advise passengers of any necessary action needed to prevent potential cyber events.

The upgraded technology can identify systemic issues across the partner satellite networks to support implementation of remedial measures ensuring clients experience limited downtime if an issue occurs.

“Aircraft generate large volumes of multi-faceted data that provide clear insight into aircraft connectivity. If the data is behaving differently than expected we will often be aware of it before either our customer, the end user or our partners which means we can begin to fix issues more quickly,” said SD Founder & CEO Jim Jensen. “The investment we’ve made ensures we can extract meaningful information about usage and/or degradation, enabling us to be even more proactive in issue resolution. It puts our support team ahead of the aircraft for years to come.”

Stellar KL team photo

Stellar Kuala Lumpur celebrates birthday

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Stellar KL team photo

Stellar’s in-flight entertainment hub in Malaysia, Stellar Kuala Lumpur, is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

The content service provider’s site known as Stellar KL, is a state-of-the-art media hub. The facility offers a range of services including customised content curation and acquisition, screening, metadata management, and houses a production and technical department equipped with hi-tech recording studios, editing suites and media delivery labs.

The range of services even includes support for airlines using legacy systems such as VHS and Hi-8 systems.

“Stellar Malaysia is designed to offer clients a 360-degree scope of in-flight entertainment services including 24/7 support for urgent technical issues,” remarked Mervin Mathawan, Country Manager Malaysia and a big aviation and motoring enthusiast. “With 15 years under our belt, we have a solid track record of partnering with major airlines in the region who value our wide network and our cost management strategies.”

“Stellar Entertainment completely understands the importance of editorial requirements for an airline, especially for Asian and Middle Eastern carriers whose cultural sensitivities are understood inherently by our multi-cultural Malaysian team at Stellar KL,” Mathawan added. “The team has grown over the years and is now staffed by more than 25 people from various media, entertainment and technical backgrounds. An extraordinarily low staff turnover has resulted in an experienced, passionate, and dedicated team of IFE specialists who provide high client servicing standards, supported by the rest of the Stellar extended family worldwide.”

Production facilities at the hub have been upgraded, whilst a strong bandwidth connection supports airlines requiring screening facilities and Global Distribution Services (GDS), a digital method of media delivery

At Stellar KL, most operational processes are already automated and there is ongoing effort to achieve fully automated deliverables which would further expedite delivery while ensuring accuracy.