New Geven logo - the blue V

Geven ushers in a new era with rebrand

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New Geven logo - the blue V

Geven has launched a new brand identity to better reflect the strength and vitality of its evolution and growth.

Geven believes the introduction of ‘the blue V’ “reinforces who we are today and embodies our dynamic approach to the future of aviation interiors.”

“This new, young, vibrant look is part of the company’s strategy which will support us when communicating our significant evolution as we reach out and engage much more actively with the airline companies and OEM’s,” commented Daniela Spinelli, Marketing and Communication Manager at Geven.

“We trust that our new payoff “Fly around the world, tailor-made in Italy”, will provide us with a more consistent and far-reaching brand identity which will contribute to determine a new way of customer engagement with us in the future,” added Spinelli.

“We are a famous global brand with a lot to say to the world. Our Blue, Vibrant V, will represent our Iconic way of doing it,” stated Alberto Veneruso, Managing Director at Geven.

“We will challenge conventions. We will understand our client’s needs. We will walk alongside them while we co-create high quality, innovative, Italian design aircraft interior solutions that will stand the test of time,” he added.

Geven has unveiled its latest Economy Class seat designed for narrowbody, high-density cabins.

Geven launches new Economy Class seat

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Geven has unveiled its latest Economy Class seat designed for narrowbody, high-density cabins.

Geven has unveiled its latest Economy Class seat designed for narrowbody, high-density cabins.

The SuperEco weighs 7.9 kg per pax and offers ‘an unparalled shin and knee clearance’, with armrests which can be folded up and laid flush with the backrest.

Pitched at 28 inches, the seat offers generous legroom thanks to the redesigned supporting structure. SuperEco also offers a range of optional features in order to fit the needs of different airlines. Among a variety of connectivity options and Power /USB integration, customisation options for dress covers, armrests and endbays are available.

“We are proud of our teamwork,” said Alberto Veneruso, Managing Director at Geven. “SuperEco’s impressive shin and knee clearance paired with its low weight and excellent reliability, sets an unparalleled benchmark in the aircraft seating industry. With SuperEco, airlines will be able to offer maximum comfort and living space to passengers while contributing to green-sustainability efforts via reduced fuel consumption,” added Veneruso.

An announcement regarding the next generation models for economy, premium economy and business categories designed in partnership with PriestmanGoode will be made soon.

Geven's Premium Economy Comoda seating for Uganda Airlines A330-800neo

Uganda Airlines takes off with Geven seating

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Geven's Premium Economy Comoda seating for Uganda Airlines A330-800neo

Geven has outfitted the first A330-800neo of Uganda Airlines with Piuma AQ Economy and Comoda AQ Premium Economy Class sustainable seats.

“The enthusiasm and outstanding integration of Uganda, Airbus and Geven teams have played a significant role in this successful delivery. We have worked closely with a cooperative approach from the early stages of this 9 months process. Grateful for Uganda Airlines’ trust, we look forward to continue and strengthen our collaboration in the future” said Alberto Veneruso Managing Director of Geven.

“We are proud of our beautifully equipped plane which features a three-class layout, including a fully lie-flat business class” said Cornwell Muleya, CEO of Uganda Airlines.

“Outfitting the Economy Class of the A330-800neo with 210 Piuma AQ in a 2-4-2 layout, brings total seat number installed of this model up to 80,000 units,” said Giovanni Vitiello, Program Manager (PMP) at Geven. “This ergonomic shaped-seat has a reclining backrest up to 6”. Piuma AQ has been providing comfort on board aircrafts representing the choice that delivers remarkable passenger experience and cost efficiency,” continued Vitiello.

With a full integrated IFE by SPI with 10.1-inch video, the light weight Piuma AQ (Italian for feather) also features a headrest, generous in-arm table, and charging points. There is also a coat hook, literature and amenity pocket. The orange and bronze leather seat covers, and headrests are branded for the airline.

Installed in a 2-3-2 configuration, the premium economy Comoda AQ (Italian for comfortable) is a passenger-centric comfort seat with large and reclining 8-inch backrest.

A leather central console design features a soft touch 4.5-inch armcap and an integrated PED holder.

The adjustable four-way headrest has differential friction on headrest lobes for easy adjustment and proper head support.

Comoda AQ also features a soft touch 2-inch armrest for passengers with disabilities.

Each seat features a fully integrated 11.6-inch IFE screen from SPI, while each seat also offers a rigid bottle holder device, separate coat hook, power supply for electronic charge, lower literature and amenity back mounted pocket.

The in-arm table is in a single leaf configuration. The colours of Africa inspire the customised design cushions. Horizontal striped fabric with black fine stitching and Harvest-Gold Leather Cover for headrests.

Geven Priestmangoode partnership tease promo

Geven and PriestmanGoode enter into seating partnership

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Geven Priestmangoode partnership tease promo

Geven is working with UK design agency PriestmanGoode on a new family of next-generation aircraft seats.

The project includes a complete overhaul of Geven’s catalogue products and aims to provide the manufacturer with a distinct design language driven by key attributes: functional, timeless, clean and sculptural.

The project includes developing a new family of seats. Economy, Premium Economy, Premium Economy + and Business Class seats.

The new seats will provide Geven with a versatile offer that will enhance the passenger experience, is easily configurable for different aircraft platforms and allows for airline customisation.

“We have invested in Research & Development. We have identified the next-generation aircraft seats,” said Alberto Veneruso , Managing Director at Geven. “PriestmanGoode has precisely and skillfully designed Geven’s response to forward thinking customer needs. Our new family line products, which embody the partnership between Geven and PriestmanGoode will certainly stand out as a made in Italy concept with innovative features.”

“PriestmanGoode was the right choice,” said Pasquale Rapullini R&D Manager at Geven. “Their remarkable proactivity, collaborative approach and full availability represent the successful key factors of our partnership. Although travel restrictions related to the actual pandemic scenario brought this first ambitious collaboration project on a totally virtual management level, the results are absolutely remarkable.”