Iridium Certus satellite

Collins Aerospace achieves Iridium Certus milestone

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Iridium Certus satellite

Collins Aerospace has become one of the first Iridium Certus aviation partners to connect an aviation-grade antenna, in this case an Active Low-Gain Antenna (ALGA), to the Iridium constellation.

Iridium Certus is a multi-service communications platform that claims to offer the highest speed L-band connectivity and only truly global mobile satellite service on the market.

The service will enable a variety of capabilities for cockpit safety, graphical weather, electronic flight bags, enhanced aircraft reporting, and other operational aircraft services for airline and government customers. It will offer this through small form factor antennas currently in testing, and terminals that are ideal for operators of smaller aircraft requiring internet connectivity.

BizJetMobile's CREWX messaging platform

BizjetMobile launches CrewX

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BizJetMobile's CREWX messaging platform

BizjetMobile, a distributor for ASIP Tech, has begun shipments of the CrewX global messaging platform.

Evolved from ASIP Tech’s commercial airline product fflya, to provide core communications for aircraft crew, CrewX is the only global Bluetooth solution leveraging off the latest Iridium Next satellites.

BizjetMobile’s CEO, Adam Chapman, said: “BizjetMobile’s goal is to provide the most versatile and affordable connectivity solutions in the industry. No longer will pilots and owners be concerned about bill shock. With CrewX they can stay connected with unlimited messaging data for the entire flight for a low monthly rate of US$199. With the entire system only costing $2,490 there is no other comparable solution.

Providing the ability to stay in touch with friends and family via Text, conduct business communications via Email and improve flight operations with a simple app-based Messaging system CrewX is the core of any aircraft operations. All you need is our CrewX small light-weight router that is easy to install and a 3-inch patch Iridium antenna. Compatible with both IOS and Android devices.”

GDC Technics completes head-of-state B777-300ER modification

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GDC Technics has delivered a B777-300ER completed with exterior modifications and a fully customised interior cabin for a confidential head-of-state customer.

The wide-body aircraft was completed under the GDC cabin weight reduction initiative using innovative, lighter weight engineering solutions resulting in overall weight savings for the aircraft. In addition, GDC was able to achieve noise levels below 50 decibels in the VIP areas of the aircraft. Furthermore, the aircraft was customised with a GDC engineered and certified modular lower lobe crew rest compartment that comprises of six sleeping pods with full capabilities for the crew to utilise during longer flights.

The cabin also features in-flight data, connectivity, and passenger comfort capabilities for full range IFE functionality. The exterior modifications includes a full security system, forward- looking, quad, downward zoom, and tail fin cameras, and world-wide connectivity – including a duel satcom system, Ka-band antenna, Iridium system, and satellite TV antenna to provide live, 4K Television.

The aircraft was also equipped with lower lobe fly-away kits that contain all materials necessary for on-site repairs and/or interior improvements during travel. To comply with COVID-19 restrictions, the final certification and approval of the aircraft was facilitated via a live-stream video with the FAA to witness and complete its compliance inspection, resulting in the FAA Issuing an “Achievement Award” to the certification team.