KLM has commenced work on completely renewing the cabins of 14 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, for both Business Class and Economy Class.

KLM renews entire cabin interior of 14 Boeing 737-800s

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KLM has commenced work on completely renewing the cabins of 14 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, for both Business Class and Economy Class.

KLM has commenced work on completely renewing the cabins of 14 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, for both Business Class and Economy Class.

The first refurbished aircraft, which are mainly used for European flights, has already gone into service. In March 2022, the interior of the last in this series of 737-800s will be completely transformed. All activities are carried out by KLM’s Engineering and Maintenance division.

Business Class and Economy Class are equipped with new Recaro SL3710 seats offering more comfort and extra legroom. The upholstery is made of mostly recycled leather. The seats, which have no recline, are 20% lighter on average, reducing the total cabin weight by 700 kg.

All refurbished Boeing 737-800s are equipped with Wi Fi, which can be accessed viap purchased vouchers on KLM’s free in-flight portal. Passengers always get 30 minutes of free messaging.

Each seat has its own USB port for charging devices during the flight, while larger overhead bins provide more storage space on board. LED mood lighting creates a fresh or soothing atmosphere – depending on the time of day.

“KLM wants to offer its passengers even more comfort and style on European flights, while reducing the CO2 emissions of flights. That is why KLM continues to invest in its on-board product and sustainability, so we can continue to meet our customers’ expectations and emerge stronger from the crisis,” stated Boet Kreiken, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, KLM.

KLM Wi-Fi portal supported by Viasat

KLM introduces in-flight Wi-Fi on European flights

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KLM Wi-Fi portal supported by Viasat

Viasat is to install connectivity onboard 18 KLM Boeing 737-800 aircraft and 21 of its Embraer E195 aircraft.

The 737-800’s are expected to be outfitted by the end of 2021, and in service by early 2022s. Specifics for the Embraer E195 fleet will be announced at a later time. Both fleets will operate European flight routes only.

Viasat’s IFC equipment is currently installed on two KLM narrow-body Boeing aircraft. During the first week of service, currently ongoing, KLM will encourage passengers to trial the service free-of-charge and provide insights to further optimise the onboard Wi-Fi experience.

Boet Kreiken, EVP Customer Experience stated: “KLM continues to invest in the on-board product, so that we can continue to meet our customers’ expectations and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. On-board Wi-Fi is an important service that customers want to enjoy for the entire duration of their journey. KLM’s internet service is already being used extensively on our intercontinental flights. Through this partnership with Viasat, we are ensuring that our customers can be online on European flights as well.”

KLM will initially offer three in-flight connectivity packages—Messaging, Surf, and Stream—on all Viasat-equipped aircraft. The Messaging option will give all passengers 30-minutes of free text messaging via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, among other messaging apps. The Surf and Stream options, which can be purchased in-flight, will give passengers the ability to do more on board, with options to surf the internet/email as well as enjoy full video and audio streaming.

KLM already offers Wi-Fi on board the Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 fleets and is currently installing it on the Boeing 777 aircraft. As it stands now, 81% of the intercontinental fleet is equipped with an Internet connection. Passengers are expected to have Internet access on board all intercontinental aircraft by the first quarter of 2022.

Recaro seating

Recaro enters regional market with KLM Cityhopper contract

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Recaro seating

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) will be the launch customer Recaro’s SL3710 economy class seat.

The Dutch national carrier has ordered more than 5,500 seat pax of the SL3710 and nearly 2,000 seat pax of the BL3710 which are slated for delivering starting in February 2021. The Recaro seats will be retrofitted on several Embraer E190 and Boeing 737-800 and will be linefitted on the Embraer E195

Said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO at Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Not only is this our first step into the regional aviation sector, but it’s also the first time Recaro has outfitted Embraer aircraft. This is not an opportunity we take lightly, and we look forward to continue pursuing our vision of ‘driving comfort in the sky’.”

The SL3710 weighs in at 8 kgs and can potentially save an aircraft up to several thousand euros in fuel costs per year. The BL3710 is a lightweight seat designed for short and medium-haul flights and offers a six-way adjustable headrest and additional back support. The modular seat design also ensures a streamlined cabin layout and minimal maintenance.

“This is a tremendous honour to be named the launch customer for such a high-quality and comfortable, yet lightweight seat as the SL3710,” said Boet Kreiken, Executive Vice President Customer Experience of KLM. “When we introduced our ‘Fly Responsibly’ sustainable travel campaign, we sought out partners who shared this vision. Recaro seats keep us ahead of the curve, as we are continuously improving the passenger journey and are leading the industry in delivering the economic and social value of network aviation in a sustainable way, by making our products and processes even more sustainable.”

KML Cargo in Cabin Boeing 747 Combi

KLM celebrates landmark Cargo-in-Cabin flight

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KML Cargo in Cabin Boeing 747 Combi

KLM has flown its 100th Cargo-in-Cabin flight between Shanghai and the Netherlands.

Since their inception, the three Boeing 747 Combi aircraft have carried more than 85 million face masks in the fight against COVID-19.

What now fits into the cabin corresponds roughly with six large pallets – roughly 40% of the aircraft’s total cargo capacity. The extra space is being used to carry additional medical supplies to the Netherlands.

Each week, some seven Cargo-in-Cabin flights depart for Shanghai. More than 90% of the aircraft’s load consists of face masks. Additionally, other medical supplies including surgical gloves and gowns are carried back.

A pool of 60 Cargo colleagues have been trained to work on these flights. They carry out these tasks voluntarily in combination with their other duties and responsibilities.

KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers stated: “The crisis impacting us, and the aviation sector is unparalleled, and KLM is facing enormous challenges. In my opinion, the Cargo-in-Cabin concept symbolises the resilience, creativity and flexibility of our employees, who work day-in, day-out to keep our business running. When we had dozens of aircraft parked for weeks on end and less capacity as a result, our cargo division pulled out all the stops to meet the rapidly growing demand for medical supplies. Tens of millions of products have been transported safely and efficiently on passenger seats in recent months. I would like to thank all the KLM employees who worked so hard to make this possible!”

Mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch Jack Mikkers receives the 101st KLM miniature house from KLM president & CEO Pieter Elbers

KLM releases 101st house

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Mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch Jack Mikkers receives the 101st KLM miniature house from KLM president & CEO Pieter Elbers

KLM has marked its anniversary on 7 October with a new Delftware miniature house.

The 101st KLM miniature house is a replica of the 800-year-old building “Die Mariaen” (now known as “De Moriaan”) in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the southern province of Brabant in the Netherlands.

“It is important that we hold on to our KLM traditions in times of crisis. For our loyal customers, our miniature houses symbolise their ties with KLM, which we want to cherish and preserve. This is why we didn’t hesitate to produce house number 101. “Die Mariaen” symbolises the importance of international entrepeneurship for the Netherlands, especially in times of economic adversity. KLM’s job is to ensure that people can come together through our extensive route network. We will continue to fulfil this role,” commented KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers.

Since the 1950s, KLM has presented KLM Delftware miniature houses containing Bols Genever to World Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights. The houses are replicas of monumental buildings throughout the Netherlands and are eagerly collected. The number of houses in the collection has kept pace with KLM’s anniversary since 1994, with new miniatures being added to the collection on or around KLM’s anniversary on 7 October.

Air France and KLM latest to make masks compulsory onboard

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Air France and KLM are to make the wearing of face masks compulsory on board and during boarding from 11 May. Passengers are responsible for providing their own face masks.

Passengers will be notified of this via all communication channels (e-mail, SMS, websites) prior to their departure and will be asked to ensure they possess one or more masks for their trip

All crew members and agents in contact with customers are already compelled to wear masks.

On most flights, the current low load factors make it possible to separate customers as required. In cases where this is not possible, requiring all passengers and crew to wear masks ensures adequate health protection.

Jamco’s Venture premium class seat takes flight

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JAMCO Venture seat

Jamco America has confirmed that its Venture premium class seat entered into service on the KLM 787-10 and Air Europa 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft last year. Additional airlines are expected to be announced soon.

Designed in collaboration with Boeing and Teague, the Venture reverse herring-bone business class seat is currently designed for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777 airplane, and is made with recycled materials making it lighter than its predecessors (approximately 85 kg per passenger), easier to install and requiring less overall maintenance.

“During the design process of the Venture seat, our main goal was to maximise the passenger experience while minimising the operational costs for airlines,” says Jeremy Hunter, Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager. “What we’ve created is a product that is lightweight, efficient and made with fewer parts, without compromising the integrity of the seat. We’re proud to offer a quality product that caters to the needs of both the airline and its passengers.”

All Venture seats are configured to give every passenger direct aisle access and are fully lie-flat seats. Additional features include a capacitive touch PCU with customisable LED colours and button icons, customisable mood lighting, leather upholstery, adjustable meal tray, and an 18.5-inch entertainment screen.