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China Cargo Airlines extends Lufthansa Technik component support contract

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China Cargo Airlines has extended its contract with Lufthansa Technik that covers component support for the airline’s Boeing freighter aircraft.

Under the 15-year contract, over ten Boeing 777-200 freighters are covered with fully customised and extensive component services. Lufthansa Technik says it will support China Cargo Airlines’ main base in Shanghai with its component service offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hamburg to coordinate customer support and ensure 24/7 worldwide AOG services at different locations which are vital for flight operations.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul services will be performed at Lufthansa Technik’s component centres in Hamburg, Germany and Shenzhen, China.

Mr. Liu Gang, Vice President of China Cargo Airlines, highly commended Lufthansa Technik’s service performance level for their existing 747-400F fleet during the past few years: “Our long-term cooperation with Lufthansa Technik started already in 2000 and we have been great partners on the aviation journey for more than two decades. By given fully customised component service scope, we are very confident to continuously rely on Lufthansa Technik in servicing our new 777-200 freighters. ”

“This long-term agreement enhances Lufthansa Technik’s position as a key MRO provider on the Boeing 777 freighter components,” said Dr. Georg Fanta, Head of Commercial Aircraft Component Services, Lufthansa Technik. “We also bring a breadth of engineering expertise and extensive experience alongside with our global logistics network to provide seamless support to our customers. ”

ST Engineering announces deal for Nok Air Boeing 737-800 Component MRO

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ST Engineering’s Aerospace arm has secured a five-year component maintenance-by-the-hour contract to service Nok Air’s Boeing 737-800 fleet.

Under the multi-year contract, a renewal of the partnership in component MRO between Nok Air and ST Engineering, ST Engineering will provide a full suite of component support solutions covering component repair management, pool support and dedicated consignment stock in Bangkok for the Thai budget airline’s fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Wutthiphum Jurangkool, Chief Executive Officer of Nok Air commented: “We are happy to renew our partnership with ST Engineering and look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship. Our decision was based on the good reputation and quality services of ST Engineering.”

Jeffrey Lam, President of Commercial Aerospace at ST Engineering, said: “As flying volume steadily returns, we are working closely with our customers to ensure that quality maintenance services can keep pace with their recovery and growth. The renewal of this partnership with Nok Air reaffirms our commitment to be a long-term partner to the airline, and to continue supporting them with reliable and high-quality services.”

ST Engineering supports more than 1000 aircraft and provides integrated component solutions for over 23,500 unique aircraft parts.

Avianca has introduced three new seats as part of a cabin refiguration on its

Avianca begins A320 fleet reconfiguration process

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Avianca has introduced three new seats as part of a cabin refiguration on its

Avianca has unveiled its three new seats: Premium, Plus and Economy, all designed by Recaro Aircraft Seating and which will be installed on the airline’s reconfigured fleet in the coming days.

The seats will be available on Avianca’s short and medium-haul flights.

According to the airline, more than 100 Avianca experts have been working for over one year in the redesign project, with the participation of great strategic partners. Among these partners are Recaro, who is manufacturing all of the new seats, one of them exclusively for Avianca, and Airbus, with whom the airline is taking better advantage of the rear of the aircraft thanks to SpaceFlex and who have accompanied the reconfiguration process directly.

The seat design defined by Recaro reduces the weight per passenger by over 30% on each aircraft in addition to decreasing CO2 emissions per transported passenger by an average of 13%, becoming friendlier to the environment.

Premium has been developed exclusively by Recaro for Avianca and will be available on the first three rows of the aircraft. The reclining seat will be the widest available for passengers and will feature a central console with individual compartments, a power plug, USB port. It will be available from the first half of the next year.

Available between rows 4 and 14, the Plus seat’s design is light and comfortable, featuring an independent headrest with six positions, an independent stand for personal electronic devices, USB ports.

Economy is located between rows 15 and 32. This pre-reclined seat has a stand for personal electronic devices integrated into the table and USB ports.

The new interior design of the aircraft also includes Airbus’ SpaceFlex, a module that optimises the rear of the aircraft, combining the galleys and lavatories, allowing Avianca to increase its seat capacity.

“The installation of more than 14,000 seats and the new lavatory space in all of our A320 aircraft will be completed by the end of 2022. Until that date and pending the full transition of the fleet, our clients will find aircraft that will look different inside and will not have the final configuration; they will soon fly in aircraft with a renewed interior on which they will continue to travel comfortably, safely and pleasantly,” said Albert Perez, Vice President of Engineering and Maintenance for Avianca.

The airline estimates that the first fully redesigned aircraft will be ready by the second quarter of 2022 and the full and final configuration of the A320 fleet will be completed by the end of 2022. It also confirmed that the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, currently used for long-haul flights in America and Europe, will preserve the traditional business class cabin and the rest of the aircraft will be redesigned adding state-of-the-art seats and, considering this is a time of transition, clients will find aircraft with different-looking interiors.

Air Dolomiti, the Italian Airline of Lufthansa Group, has selected Geven's Essenza seat model for Dolomiti’s retrofit program on 15 Embraer aircraft.

Air Dolomiti renews fleet interior

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Air Dolomiti, the Italian Airline of Lufthansa Group, has selected Geven's Essenza seat model for Dolomiti’s retrofit program on 15 Embraer aircraft.

Air Dolomiti, the Italian Airline of Lufthansa Group, has selected Geven’s Essenza seat model for Dolomiti’s retrofit program on 15 Embraer aircraft.

The economy class seat will feature exclusive and dedicated trim and finish in accordance with the design scheme of Air Dolomiti.

Each seat features blue and turquoise eco leather dress covers, high literature pocket, a recline up to 3 inches and ergonomic seat cushion.

The Essenza RJ will be delivered in 15 ship-sets on Embraer 195 aircrafts, with installation starting December 2021 until March 2022. The first aircraft retrofitted is expected to return to service in January 2022.

“The new Essenza RJ, in addition to being more comfortable, are the result of innovative projects, have a design which will allow us to increase the number of seats of our aircraft while keeping unchanged passenger comfort and will give our cabin a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere thanks to the colours, materials and above all the high quality which is an essential feature for Air Dolomiti. In addition, the lower weight of Essenza RJ will allow to reduce fuel consumption with a benefit on costs and environmental impact. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teams who have carried out this project with determination and excellent integration with Geven’s team despite the difficult times,” said Marzio Caneva, Vice President Technical Operations of Air Dolomiti.

The primary structure design maximises shin and knee clearance and optimises weight (10.4 kg for a fully dressed seat) and generous arm-to-arm width greater than 18.0 inches. It also incorporates two remarkable innovations in its main structure on the backrest and the bottom cushion.

The backrest is made of a single piece carbon fibre with both structural and aesthetical functions. Thanks to this special design, no additional fairing or plastic shrouds are necessary and only the foam and the cover are added, resulting in a lower number of parts to be managed and reduced weight to be carried. The same philosophy has inspired the bottom cushion that is installed directly on the seat beams via velcro and performs both structural and comfort functions allowing easy inspection and maintenance activities.

Gotham Studios' Goji Geotainment system

GAT installs Goji Geotainment IFE System

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Gotham Studios' Goji Geotainment system

Global Aviation Technologies (GAT) has successfully installed the first Goji Geotainment system, a plug-and-play replacement for legacy Collins Airshow cabin entertainment systems ideal for business jets.

The system offers passengers a state-of-the-art 3D moving map and flight information, as well as high-quality video and audio “stories” of the cities and points of interest shown on the map.

Global Aviation Technologies owns the STC for the installation and is the leading supplier of the Goji Geotainment System, developed by Gotham Studios. Goji is a drop-in upgrade for Collins Aerospace Airshow 200, 400 and 4,000 systems popular in business aircraft around the world, and its database allows global operation in several languages.

“The installation couldn’t have been easier for our technicians here at GAT and the Goji system is operating as promised,” said Woody Cottner, Vice-President of Business Development at GAT. “The concept, the quality of the content and the ease of operation for the passenger will make Goji a game-changer for fleet and individual aircraft owners alike.”

“We are very excited to be launching our new in-flight experience and sharing all of our wonderful stories about the places we are flying over,” Gotham Studios’ Russ Johnson said. “The in-flight tour guide dynamically assembles the stories based on current location and destination so that no two flights are ever the same.”

In addition to the 4K 3D moving map and high-resolution satellite imagery available on cabin monitors as well as passengers’ personal devices, the Goji Geotainment offers a continuous series of geo-relevant visual and audio stories or a more interactive mode to more fully explore points of interest, listen to music or watch personal movies.

The system can be customised with company branding and aircraft livery and the database is updated automatically.

“This is going to be a cost-effective way for fractional owners, charter operators and individual owners to enhance the cabin experience for passengers and really set their in-flight entertainment system above those found in other aircraft,” said Cottner. “Goji has been designed for quick installation, so we can return the aircraft to service very quickly.”

Aeroflot has selected Panasonic Avionics to provide upgraded in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions for its entire fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft.

Aeroflot picks Panasonic for retrofit programme

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Aeroflot has selected Panasonic Avionics to provide upgraded in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions for its entire fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft.

Aeroflot has selected Panasonic Avionics to provide upgraded in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions for its entire fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft.

The agreement will see Aeroflot’s fleet of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft retrofitted with Panasonic Avionics’ eX3 IFE system and satellite-based IFC system, providing the same IFEC experience on Aeroflot’s A350-900 fleet.

Panasonic Avionics’ eX3 system features full 1080p HD monitors, in-seat power, and HD video handsets with capacitive touch. It can deliver more than 700 hours of on-demand entertainment, offering 1080p content with enhanced video colour support.

Aeroflot’s passengers and crew flying on its Boeing 777-300ERs will also be able to access connectivity from Panasonic Avionics’ global communications network of high-speed, high-bandwidth satellites.

The first of Aeroflot’s Boeing 777-300ERs to be retrofitted with Panasonic Avionics’ upgraded IFE and IFC systems flew in the middle of August.

FCC installs its first Ka-band system on Bombardier Challenger 604.

Flying Colours Corp set for its first Challenger 604 Ka-band install

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FCC installs its first Ka-band system on Bombardier Challenger 604.

Flying Colours has begun its first Ka-band installation on a super-mid-size, privately owned Bombardier Challenger 604.

As part of a wider 96-month heavy maintenance check the Flying Colours Corp. avionics team will equip the aircraft with a Honeywell JetWave Ka-band high-speed satcom system. Installation of a tail-mounted antenna, internal wiring, and fitting of a Satcom Direct Router (SDR) will optimise cabin connectivity and Wi-Fi access in-flight.

“The installation of Ka-band on larger jets is the norm, but this is the first Challenger 604 that we have upgraded to the high-speed offering. It highlights the growing importance of connectivity across the aviation spectrum,” said Executive VP, Flying Colours, Eric Gillespie. “Our customer recognised the many benefits of the higher frequency service and how it enhances the flight experience, especially on international flights. The upgrade was available through the Bombardier Service Bulletin and we’re excited to make the installation. Looking forward we anticipate we’ll be seeing more requests for faster connectivity solutions on a wider number of airframe sizes as connectivity becomes a lead priority for owners and operators.”

As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair

ABC International brands cabin of Corsair A330neo aircraft

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As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair

As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair.

This is the first collaboration between French airline and the Italian cabin branding specialist.

Olindo Spatola VP Engineering and HDO at ABC International said: “The airliner logo is shown throughout the whole aircraft cabin, thanks to the specific installation in three different locations. The first logo is installed facing the passengers onto the wall of the Front Row monument (G1A), the second one is installed on the wall of the Galley (G2A), just in front of the entry door, so that the passenger can almost immediately feel the new cabin environment and atmosphere and recognise the French airline brand.”

“The third logo may be clearly seen by the passenger while walking through the cabin and going towards aft direction, as it is installed on the wall of the Galley (G4F),” he adds.

“The main target of our designer was to give importance at a simple design by making it elegant and with a truly linear style,” declared. Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO, ABC international: “After achieving several goals and working with several companies all around the world, the choice of Corsair to partner up with ABC International makes us very proud and satisfied.”

ABC International successfully managed the program in the frame of two different installation scenarios, as well as different stakeholders: G2A was delivered by Safran, whilst the other ones were delivered by Stelia Aerospace.

In both cases, ABC worked closely with the OEMs of the affected monuments, being also responsible for the Service Bulletin release pertaining to the installation onto the G2A galley.

Pilatus PC-12 in snow

Western Aircraft brings AVANCE L3 onboard the Pilatus PC-12

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Pilatus PC-12 in snow

Western Aircraft has become the first to fully certify Gogo’s AVANCE L3 on the Pilatus PC-12.

AVANCE L3 from Gogo is tailor-made for turboprops and light jets, allowing users to browse secure connections such as corporate VPN access, email, social media, online search, and access online accounts on up to 25 devices at once. Gogo recently lowered the minimum altitude height for connectivity to 3,000 feet as opposed to the previous 10,000 feet above the ground, which benefits many PC-12 operators who don’t spend much time flying above 10,000 feet.

“We’re thrilled to offer our customers, especially Part 135 operators, the stability of an STC for a modification to their aircraft’s in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity system,” said Western Aircraft’s Avionics Sales Manager Beau Hawkins. “Our excellent relationship with Gogo Business Aviation, and our experience with PC-12 aircraft made this a perfect fit as it expands its service to Canada.”

Qatar Airways Boeing 777 aircraft

Qatar Airways begins IFE upgrade on Boeing 777 fleet

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Qatar Airways Boeing 777 aircraft

Qatar Airways has been confirmed as the launch customer for Panasonic’s new EcoFW 10” in-flight entertainment (IFE) upgrade program.

The seatback IFE monitors on the airline’s fleet of 37 Boeing 777 aircraft will be updated with Panasonic’s new EcoFW 10” monitor upgrade – creating a next-generation HD passenger experience while extending the life of the fleet’s IFE system, and reducing operational costs.

Panasonic’s IFE upgrade program, which can be achieved on an aircraft during routine overnight maintenance, includes the installation of a new passenger entertainment server.

This provides passengers with a wider range of content and helps to modernize the airline’s offering and keep up-to-date with the demands of changing consumer preferences. This also enables the airline to achieve faster media loading times – all without any increase in weight, and with dramatically improved reliability levels.

The first aircraft from Qatar Airways’ 777 fleet has completed its IFE upgrade this week.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications,  Salam Al Shawa, said: “With one of the youngest and most technologically-advanced fleet in the skies, Qatar Airways is known for its outstanding onboard experience, as well as a leader of innovation within the global aviation industry.”

“We are delighted to work with Panasonic to bring the next generation EcoFW HD screens to our award-winning Oryx One in-flight entertainment system, enabling our passengers to enjoy an enhanced journey on board our fleet as part of the airline’s exceptional five-star service.”