Braised Beef Noodles Melt-in-your-mouth beef, red cooked, caramelised and doused in home-made sweet-savoury chee hou sauce

Singapore Airlines and Feast Box launch special recipe box

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Braised Beef Noodles Melt-in-your-mouth beef, red cooked, caramelised and doused in home-made sweet-savoury chee hou sauce

To mark 50 years since it launched commercial services between Singapore and the UK, Singapore Airlines and Feast Box have partnered to create specially curated dishes inspired by the airline and some of its most popular Southeast Asian destinations

Available until 4 July, each week customers can choose from 14 authentic dishes, including two which are newly created and limited-edition Singaporean specialities – Hainanese Chicken Rice and Braised Beef Noodles.

The cook-at-home kits are available to purchase via with delivery available across the UK and include a Singapore Airlines discount code of up to £100 to redeem on a future flight booking.

Mohamed Rafi MAR, General Manager UK & Ireland, Singapore Airlines, commented: “We are very happy and proud to celebrate 50 years of flight operations between the UK and Singapore. We hope to tantalise customers’ taste buds with our Feast Box partnership, celebrating some of our favourite destinations by showcasing their authentic cuisines”.

Jyoti Patel, CEO and Founder, Feast Box, commented: “Food is a wonderful way to explore the world and helps to shape our fondest memories. Offering people the chance to travel the world through food is at the core of everything we do, so working with Singapore Airlines on this wanderlust inducing menu has helped to bring Feast Box to life in a very special way.”

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched its new sonic signature, the Sound of Singapore Airlines. The sonic signature comprises a variety of instrumental tracks that will be played on board the aircraft during boarding and landing, in SilverKris lounges, and at other customer touchpoints

SIA releases sonic signature

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched its new sonic signature, the Sound of Singapore Airlines. The sonic signature comprises a variety of instrumental tracks that will be played on board the aircraft during boarding and landing, in SilverKris lounges, and at other customer touchpoints

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched its new sonic signature, the Sound of Singapore Airlines. The sonic signature comprises a variety of instrumental tracks that will be played on board the aircraft during boarding and landing, in SilverKris lounges, and at other customer touchpoints such as SIA service centres. It can be heard on SIA’s social media channels.

Composed by award winning composer Rohan De Livera, the main melody of the Sound of Singapore Airlines draws inspiration from the new SIA batik motif. De Livera and musician Dominic Murcott, along with members from the SIA cabin crew and ground staff, spent several weeks developing the colour frequencies of the flowers in the batik motif into 14 sets of melodic fragments. These were then used to compose the melodies. SIA’s iconic A Great Way to Fly jingle was also incorporated into each track.

Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial, Singapore Airlines stated: “The Sound of Singapore Airlines embodies both our heritage and a seamless flying experience, supported by new digital solutions, while reinforcing the world-class service standards that the Airline is known for. This is a melody that will resonate with our customers and will be easily associated with their travels on board Singapore Airlines.”

The new SIA batik motif was launched on 26 March 2021 via a two-minute film posted on SIA’s Facebook page. The motif has already been incorporated in merchandise sold on KrisShop and is an important element in the Airline’s branding. The design draws its inspiration from the original batik motif of the iconic SIA cabin crew sarong kebaya, as well as 10 flowers native to Singapore. It pays homage to both SIA’s world-famous brand heritage and Singapore’s status as a garden city. It also serves as an inspiration for the new Sound of Singapore Airlines. While it will not replace the original batik motif of its cabin crew’s iconic sarong kebaya uniforms, SIA will incorporate the new motif in upcoming marketing and branding assets.

Singapore Airlines has introduced new menus to economy class

Singapore Airlines introduces new short-haul economy class meals

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Singapore Airlines has introduced new menus to economy class

As part of its new economy class meal concept, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir are to introduce a wider range of main courses on flights under 3.5 hours from 1 December 2020.

More than 40 new dishes will be available on rotation on different flights, and will served in a new packaging solution, designed jointly by SIA and its Singapore-based catering partner SATS.

The leak-proof box and cup made of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, a dessert box and a cutlery pack made of bamboo with a paper wrap, replaces SIA’s plastic casserole service ware, allowing it to retain gravy and soupy dishes without any seepage. It is also oven-safe and resistant to overheating, ensuring that food quality is preserved even after reheating.

The new service ware reduces the amount of single-use plastics, including cups and polybags for cutlery, on the meal tray by 80% by weight. Leftovers on the tray, including the new service ware, will be brought back to Singapore, sent to an eco-digester at SATS, and converted into pellets that can be used as refuse-derived fuel. The onsite processing of waste reduces approximately 60% of catering waste and further reduces emissions from transportation to the incinerator. In addition, the use of lighter paperware helps to reduce fuel consumption on flights.

Cargo in main passenger deck of 777-300ER

JADE performs first conversion on behalf of Singapore Airlines

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Cargo in main passenger deck of 777-300ER

The first passenger to cargo cabin (P2C) conversion program on a Boeing 777-300ER undertaken by Jamco Aero Design and Engineering (JADE), a subsidiary of JAMCO Corporation (JAMCO) and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company (SIAEC), has been completed for launch customer Singapore Airlines (SIA).

JADE and SIAEC have developed a more optimal solution for SIA as part of a JAMCO “Project Blue Sky” Initiative involving the removal of passenger seats from two zones in the cabin to allow cargo to be secured on the passenger cabin floor. This approach maximises the cargo capacity in the passenger cabin and reduces the dead weight of the aircraft which in turn creates fuel savings for the airline.  What’s more, the removed seats can be safely stored, eliminating the risk of damage during cargo loading. The retrofitted aircraft can now carry up to 193,000 lbs of cargo, a 12% increase in cargo capacity from a standard 777-300ER.

JADE’s P2C conversion on the Boeing 777-300ER is the first solution to be awarded a Supplementary Type Certificate (STC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). This conversion also meets the set requirements for FAA and EASA STC approvals, making it a quick and compatible solution for any airline around the world.

SIA Academy offers in-person or virtual training programmes

Singapore Airlines Academy opens its doors

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SIA Academy offers in-person or virtual training programmes

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has established The Singapore Airlines Academy, a new division that will offer training programmes in the broad areas of service excellence, operational excellence, organisational innovation, and digital transformation to external businesses and organisations.

SIA began offering external courses in September 2020, when it collaborated on a customised training programme with Singapore-based Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) for its patient care officers. The three-day course includes topics such as effective interpersonal communication, customer handling, and learning how to exemplify values such as empathy, warmth and care.

Standard courses include Service Excellence and Leadership, Handling Challenging Customers, and Innovation Programme and Playbook. They will be conducted by SIA trainers, who are certified instructors and facilitators with practical front-line experience.

Ms Vanessa Ng, Singapore Airlines Senior Vice President, Human Resources, said: “SIA receives many requests from organisations wanting to know how we have attained our reputation for industry-leading service and operational excellence, and to better understand how we achieved our successful digital transformation.

“Our focus on people development and investment in training has been key to achieving these world-class standards. We are happy to share our competencies by offering specialised training programmes to external organisations. This would also allow us to contribute to Singapore’s national goal of reskilling and upskilling the country’s workforce.

“The Singapore Airlines Academy is also a strategic move for the SIA Group, and has the potential to add a new source of revenue in the coming years.”

Penhaligon's amenity kit

Penhaligon’s comes onboard with SIA business class

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Penhaligon's amenity kit

Singapore Airlines has partnered with renowned British perfumers Penhaligon’s for their business class amenity kits.

Buzz created the collaboration which sees the green Penahligon’s branded folio-style bag feature a signature perfume bottle stopper shaped zip pull. Inside the kit are three luxurious Penhaligon’s skin care products: Quercus Lip Balm, Quercus Hand Lotion and Quercus Facial Mist.

Quercus is “a modern and invigorating cologne with a joyful burst of citrus and basil, supported by jasmine, cardamom, lily and amber.”

The Penhaligon’s for Singapore Airlines program will be available via the SIA@home Business Class experience from 5 October and onboard in coming months.

Passengers can enjoy their favourite Singapore Airlines in-flight meals at home

SIA asks to Discover Your Singapore Airlines

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Passengers can enjoy their favourite Singapore Airlines in-flight meals at home

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched the Discover Your Singapore Airlines suite of experiences to engage with its customers during COVID-19.

The Discover Your Singapore Airlines experiences are the result of a market study and a comprehensive review, which also considered factors such as the attractiveness of the initiatives to SIA’s customers and members of the public, the environmental implications, and their financial viability. An idea for a one-off short tour flight, or a “flight to nowhere”, was also initially considered but not pursued after the review.

Restaurant A380 @Changi offers an exclusive dining experience an Airbus A380. Diners can choose from special menus for each cabin class. Options include the airline’s signature international cuisine, as well as the best dishes from a special Peranakan menu that has been designed by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. Limited slots for an exclusive pre-lunch tour of the A380 will also be available. All diners will receive KrisShop discounts, a limited edition goodie bag and additional gifts if they turn up in traditional heritage wear. Reservations start on 12 October 2020, and Restaurant A380 @Changi will operate on 24 and 25 October 2020.

Over two weekends in November during the school holidays, Inside Singapore Airlines will provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of our training facilities with a wide range of activities for the entire family. Visitors will be brought on a tour of more than 70 years of SIA’s history, get an opportunity to interact with pilots and cabin crew, and find out more about the intensive training that they undergo.

Children can enjoy craft activities such as balloon sculpting and making their own batik roses. They will also have the option to dress up and role play as cabin crew and take home their very own SIA sarong kebaya uniform. Adults can choose to operate a full flight simulator, taste some of our premium in-flight wine labels, and attend a grooming workshop. A selection of the most popular meals that are served on board SIA flights will also be on sale. Bookings open on 1 November 2020, and the tours will be held on 21, 22, 28 and 29 November 2020.

SIA@Home is for customers who are keen to enjoy the world-renowned SIA in-flight dining experience in the comfort of their own home. They can choose from 10 menus featuring exclusive First Class and Business Class meals, which will come complete with wine or champagne. Limited edition dining ware and amenities are also available depending on the package chosen. The special cabin crew concierge service for SIA@Home bookings opens on 5 October 2020.

SIA Chief Executive Officer Mr Goh Choon Phong commented: “There has been a lot of interest in our customer engagement initiatives over the last few weeks, and I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas and suggestions. We are very encouraged by and grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that we have seen. All of us are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to discover your Singapore Airlines.”

SIA AppChallenge logo

Singapore Airlines launches latest App Challenge

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SIA AppChallenge logo

Singapore Airlines has launched its 2020 app challenge, seeking digital solutions to address real business challenges.

This year, the app challenge sees Singapore Airlines in search of startups with the most innovative solutions to 10 Problem Statements across six Challenge Themes. Startups can be teams or individuals from anywhere around the world, from any industry and submissions can be made to address one or multiple challenge statements across the six themes.

There are four stages to the challenge, with the first being the submission round. Submissions must be made via and the closing date is 2359 (GMT +8) on 12 July 2020. Shortlisted teams will be announced on 20 July to progress to the next stage, which is selection, followed by prototyping and the grand finale, due to take place on 2 October.

Challenge Themes and Problem Statements

Theme 1: Seamless Travel Experience

  • How can we automate the process of identifying damaged baggage?
  • How can we manage in-cabin baggage to ensure a smooth boarding experience?
  • How can we re-imagine a customer’s life onboard Vistara flights?
  • How can we use technology to reduce catering waste and automate the in-flight delivery of pre-ordered meals?

Theme 2: People and Operations

  • How can we use gamification to assess the suitability of candidates for Cabin Crew roles?
  • How can we leverage intuitive digital tools to assist engineers in pre-departure activities?

Theme 3: Beyond Travel

  • How can we enable new shopping experiences at physical touchpoints through personal mobile devices?

Theme 4: Travelling in the New Norm

  • How can we build robust capabilities that address customers’ concerns on their health and safety across their travel journey, both on ground and in flight?

Theme 5: New Business Opportunities

  • How can we leverage SIA’s assets and global brand to launch new products, services and businesses that are adjacent to and complement our core business?

Theme 6: Sustainability

  • How can we develop new approaches to broaden our sustainability initiatives?

Finalists will be invited to pitch to Singapore Airlines’ senior management and top executives. Solutions with business potential will be fast-tracked into the SIA Accelerator Programme, where startups will build a Proof-of-Concept of their solution with the Airline.

For further details and to apply, visit




SIA introduces #SIAcares

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Based on the advice of medical experts, regulators and partners, as well as feedback from its customers, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has introduced a range of health and safety initiatives, and enhanced several existing measures, in recent weeks as part of a comprehensive review of the end-to-end customer journey.

Information on the health and safety measures during the pre-flight stage, at the airport, on board the aircraft, and upon arrival is available in a new online  e-brochure, which will be sent to all customers before their flights.

These measures are part of the Company’s new #SIAcares initiative, which includes corporate social responsibility projects that will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

SIA has stepped up the cleaning procedures at all premises, including its SilverKris Lounges. Customers can enjoy a la carte meals instead of a buffet service at our lounges, where SIA staff wear masks all the time and gloves when necessary.

Every SIA Group aircraft undergoes an enhanced cleaning process before a flight. This includes aircraft fogging procedures that follow regulatory requirements. Common surfaces and areas such as windows, tray tables, handsets, in-flight entertainment screens, lavatories and galleys are wiped down with an approved strong disinfectant. Headsets, headrest covers, pillow covers, bedsheets, and blankets are also washed and replaced after every flight.

Ceiling-to-floor air flow patterns within the cabin help to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. The air is also refreshed every two to three minutes. Every aircraft in the Group’s fleet is equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which remove more than 99.9% of particles including airborne viruses and bacteria.

Almost all lavatories in SIA aircraft feature contactless faucets and have anti-bacterial hand wash. SIA is also looking at a trial of an ultra-violet (UVC) light cleaning procedure on the ground for its lavatories before every flight.

From 8 June, all airlines in the SIA Group will provide their customers with a Care Kit that includes a surgical mask, anti-bacterial hand wipes and a hand sanitiser.

Crew will wear face masks throughout the flight, with the additions of eye goggles when interacting with customers and gloves during the meal service.

The airline has modified its in-flight food and beverage service to reduce the risk of contact for both our customers and crew members. Meals services have been suspended for flights within South East Asia and services to Mainland China due to regulatory reasons. Snack bags are provided to customers instead.

On long-haul flights, a single tray service has been introduced in First Class and Business Class in place of a table layout service. To boost the in-flight dining experience during this period, SIA is progressively reintroducing customer favourites such as the Airline’s signature satay and garlic bread from mid-June 2020. The airline says it will also discuss with the regulators how it can resume a course-by-course dining experience.

Digital food ordering services in the lounges and an in-flight e-menu will be introduced in the coming months.

The SingaporeAir mobile app is also being enhanced to provide customers with more information about the travel and health restrictions across its network. This will be personalised according to their booking.

The Company is working on a Print-n-Go solution, which would allow customers to print their boarding passes and baggage tags at airport self-service kiosks in a contactless way via the SingaporeAir Mobile App or a QR code.

Singapore Airlines opens e-Library to all customers

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Singapore Airlines has opened access to its e-Library to all customers via the SingaporeAir mobile app.

This initiative allows customers to download over 150 international newspapers, magazines and other reading materials for free to their mobile devices,

These titles were previously only available to customers 48 hours before and up to 30 days after their flight departure.

Customers can download unlimited publications in the e-Library for free until 30 June 2020, with the content regularly refreshed to ensure that the latest editions continue to be available. After 30 June 2020, users of the SingaporeAir mobile app can continue to enjoy any publications already downloaded.

Sheldon Hee, General Manager UK and Ireland, Singapore Airlines said: “The Covid-19 outbreak has caused unprecedented disruption across the globe and touched pretty much every aspect of people’s daily lives. We recognise that people are not currently able to travel with Singapore Airlines, so we wanted to gift a little bit of the Singapore Airlines onboard experience to people at home. We hope that the extra reading materials can help fill any spare hours in the time before we can welcome customers back to the skies once more”.