AERQ has joined the Video Streaming Alliance

AERQ joins Streaming Video Alliance

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AERQ has joined the Video Streaming Alliance

AERQ has confirmed its membership of the Streaming Video Alliance, a global technical association developing solutions to address critical technical challenges in delivering a high-quality video experience at scale.

AERQ joined the Alliance, which includes companies from across the streaming video ecosystem such as network operators, technology providers, service providers, and content owners, in Q3 2021, as a principal member that can lead working groups, projects, vote on documents, and be voted to the board.

“AERQ strives to be at the forefront of the industry at all times. By joining the Streaming Video Alliance, we join a group of industry leaders who are shaping the future of online video,” said Sang Soo Lee, Co-Managing Director at AERQ. “Engaging with the Alliances’ working groups allows AERQ to explore and develop ideas that benefit our industry while ensuring that AERQ is directly involved in shaping the future of video streaming.”

“We are happy AERQ has chosen to be part of the Streaming Video Alliance,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Streaming Video Alliance. “AERQ contributes to our efforts by providing knowledge and expertise about streaming video applications in the aviation industry, such as in-flight video entertainment, which contribute to improving the output of our working groups and, ultimately, making best practices, guidelines, and specifications more inclusive of all streaming use cases.”