SWISS tailfin

SWISS presents the fourth Flying Film Festival

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SWISS tailfin

SWISS has added the latest edition of the Flying Film Festival to its in-flight entertainment programme.

From December to January, passengers on all SWISS long-haul services and in all three seating classes, can view a selection of 13 documentary films by international filmmakers.

The Flying Film Festival was jointly inaugurated by SWISS and filmmakers Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa in 2015 and has since been held every two years aboard SWISS’s long-haul flights. The aim of the festival, which is centred on short documentary films and animated documentaries is to support young and talented directors from all over the globe and present their works to a broader audience.

This fourth edition of the Flying Film Festival showcases a varied selection of 13 short films from Argentina, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US. Detailed information (including trailers) on the films and their makers will be found at swiss-inflightentertainment or flyingfilmfestival.

SWISS and Too Good to Go will sell unused food as part of a trial to reduce food waste.

SWISS trials food waste reduction concept

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SWISS and Too Good to Go will sell unused food as part of a trial to reduce food waste.

SWISS is trialling a new concept that aims to reduce the volumes of fresh food items which remain unsold on its flights and must therefore be thrown away.

The airline already uses historical sales data for each flight to tailor its fresh product uplifts as closely as possible to likely passenger demand. As part of an existing collaboration, SWISS and partner “Too Good To Go” will offer at reduced prices any fresh food items which remain unsold. To test customer acceptance, a trial of the new approach is being conducted in August and September on the last flights of the day from Geneva on SWISS’s European network.

The new concept consists in offering any fresh food items that remain unsold on certain services at the end of the flight concerned. These items’ availability is communicated via an inflight announcement, and interested passengers are offered a bag containing one, two or three such fresh food items at one third of their usual price. The bag’s contents are not revealed in advance and remain a surprise for the purchaser.

“Managing waste on board is an important part of our commitment to greater sustainability,” said SWISS CCO Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “We hope to significantly reduce unused food on board our aircrafts by introducing this service. Thinking about sustainability in all our products, services and processes is part of our SWISS DNA.”

“The first results from these trials have been promising,” added SWISS’s Head of Western Switzerland Romain Vetter. “The new approach has been well received by our passengers on the flights concerned. We’re now awaiting a final analysis of the trials’ findings to decide if we should extend it to further routes.”

SWISS Best of Taste of Switzerland catering

SWISS launches ‘Best of SWISS Taste of Switzerland’

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SWISS Best of Taste of Switzerland catering

For six months from September, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) are offering Business and First Class travellers on its long-haul services from Switzerland selected creations from top Swiss-based chefs who have participated in the airline’s ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ in-flight culinary programme over the past few years.

The dishes, which are accompanied as usual by Swiss regional wines and speciality cheeses, reflect the broad variety of Switzerland’s cuisine. Of the 70 guest chefs drawn from all the country’s cantons who have been spotlighted on board since the award-winning programme began back in 2002, Silvia Manser, Silvio Germann, Jean-Marc Soldati, Mike Wehrle, Thomas Amstutz, Hans-Jörg and Anja Zingg, Franck Reynaud, Christian Kuchler, Lorenzo Albrici and Rolf Hiltl are currently featured aloft.

SWISS First travellers can look forward to two dishes from Mike Wehrle of Bürgenstock Hotels & Resorts: a starter of marinated lobster with pecorino cheese and cauliflower panna cotta, followed by veal tenderloin with black truffle sauce. The choice of main courses further includes sautéed cod with seafood nage and potato and fennel brandade, the creation of Silvio Germann of IGNIV by Andreas Caminada in Bad Ragaz. The SWISS First menu is rounded off by a choice of two desserts which includes a blueberry slice with chocolate crumble and Appenzeller beer ice cream by Silvia Manser of Restaurant Truube in Gais.

First Class guests are further treated to a selection of speciality Swiss cheeses that include an Aletsch Grand Cru from Canton Valais and a Swiss Style 10, which is Switzerland’s homage to Britain’s Stilton cheese. The choice of Swiss wines on offer extends to a Chasselas Clos du Boux 2020 Grand Cru Epesses from Luc Massy of Canton Vaud and a Ligornetto 2018 DOC Ticino red from Luigi Zanini of Canton Ticino.

For SWISS Business travellers, the choice of SWISS Taste of Switzerland starters newly extends to a vegetarian option: a beetroot tabbouleh with green pea guacamole from Zurich’s Hiltl vegetarian restaurant, which is offered alongside a Balik salmon sashimi with avocado, cucumber and wasabi vinaigrette by Christian Kuchler of the Taverne zum Schäfli in Wigoltingen. Business Class guests have a choice of main courses, too, which includes a ‘Meat Love’ meatloaf with morel sauce created by Anja and Hans-Jörg Zingg of the el paradiso Mountain Club in St. Moritz. The menu concludes with the sweet delight of a cheesecake with chocolate sponge and citrus fruits by Franck Reynaud of the Hostellerie du Pas de l’Ours in Crans-Montana.

The speciality cheeses on offer to SWISS Business guests include a Passo dello Spluga from the Splügen Alpine Dairy and a Fette Berta by Ueli Moser from the Seeland region. The choice of Swiss wines extends to a Château de Châtagneréaz 2019 Chasselas from Canton Vaud and a Syrah Classique AOC 2019 from the Domaine Jean-René Germanier in Canton Valais.

At the same time, SWISS is introducing a new Business Class service concept for all its long-haul flights that enables travellers to bring greater individuality to their air travel experience and decide for themselves when they want to eat during their flight.

SWISS now also offers its Business Class travellers a new and more individualised service concept on all long-haul flights. In addition to the traditional ‘restaurant’ service in which the meals are served one course at a time, guests can now take advantage of a new ‘casual dining’ option in which they receive their starter, main course and dessert together and at a time of their choosing. The new service options enable the guest to tailor their in-flight experience even more closely to their specific wishes and needs.

In a further innovation, the additional service shortly before landing has been replaced by a new ‘SWISS Bistro’ concept. This consists of a new bistro menu inviting guests to choose from a range of hot items (such as a Swiss prime beef burger with coleslaw salad), cold items and snacks according to their individual tastes and hunger at any time after the main service until shortly prior to landing.

SWISS has unveiled its new Premium Economy Class,

SWISS reveals new Premium Economy Class

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SWISS has unveiled its new Premium Economy Class,

SWISS has unveiled its new Premium Economy Class, as it seeks to strengthen its premium positioning in the growing leisure travel segment.

Premium Economy Class supplements its existing Economy, Business and First classes of travel from the fourth quarter of this year. SWISS Premium Economy Class travellers will enjoy greater privacy and enhanced in-flight comfort, a major contributor to which will be the newly developed fixed-backshell seat. Premium Economy customers will also be offered a wide range of in-flight cuisine, along with double the Economy Class registered baggage allowance and priority boarding. The new Premium Economy Class cabin will gradually be installed aboard all 12 of SWISS’s long-haul Boeing 777-300ERs from the fourth quarter of this year. The entire SWISS Boeing 777-300ER fleet will feature the new Premium Economy Class cabin by the start of the 2022 summer schedules.

“We are delighted that, in introducing our new Premium Economy Class, we are meeting our customers’ growing demand for more privacy, more comfort and more individuality,” said SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx.

Each SWISS Boeing 777-300ER will be equipped with 24 latest-generation Premium Economy Class seats from seat manufacturer ZIM. The seat is simple to recline and integrated into a fixed backshell to ensure zero intrusion into the personal space of the passenger behind. The new seat is wider than an Economy Class seat: between 46 and 48 cm, compared to 43.4. Seat pitch has been extended from the 78.7 cm of Economy Class to 99 cm, which translates into substantially more legroom. The new Premium Economy Class seat further features a greater recline and is additionally equipped with a fold-out leg rest. The seat’s covers have been produced by Lantal of Bern, Switzerland.

SWISS Premium Economy travellers will be issued with a complimentary amenity kit that is specifically manufactured using sustainable materials. They will also receive their own high-quality noise-reducing headphones to complement the seat’s 15.6-inch in-flight entertainment monitor. Personal reading lamps will provide suitable lighting on night-flight services; and electronic devices can be charged using the seat’s in-built USB-A socket.

SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour states: “Our new Premium Economy Class is tailor-made for our previous Economy Class customers who are looking to enhance their air travel experience and enjoy the benefits associated with higher travel classes. In international comparison terms, our SWISS Premium Economy Class is very clearly positioned as a top travel product.”

SWISS’s in-flight cuisine has also been specially tailored to the new class of travel. Premium Economy travellers will be offered an elderberry welcome drink, and will be able to choose from three hot meals all served on china tableware. The selection includes a dish from the award-winning ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ in-flight culinary programme, together with a vegetarian option supplied by Hiltl. “Our Premium Economy guests will be able to choose their in-flight meal according to their personal wishes and tastes,” CCO Goudarzi Pour explained. “And we’ll also be able to count on our long-standing partnership with Hiltl for our vegetarian offerings, for which we’re seeing an ever-growing demand.”

SWISS Premium Economy customers will be able to download two publications from the extensive eJournals portal onto their digital device free of charge ahead of their flight.

The new SWISS Premium Economy Class can also be experienced live and full-size in a 3D augmented reality model.

SWISS Taste of Switzerland - SWISS is offering long-haul premium customers specialities from Canton Ticino

SWISS brings Ticino food delights onboard

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SWISS Taste of Switzerland - SWISS is offering long-haul premium customers specialities from Canton Ticino

Under its award-winning ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ in-flight culinary concept, SWISS has been inviting a new top chef from a selected Swiss canton aboard every three months since 2002 to present and share Switzerland’s gastronomic diversity aloft.

For the latest chapter, SWISS is offering long-haul premium customers specialities from Canton Ticino for the next three months. SWISS has teamed up with the Ristorante Vicania and its associated Castello di Morcote wine estate to present a multi-course range of dishes that are all accompanied by selected local cheeses and wines.

From 2 June until the end of August, SWISS will be offering Business and First Class guests on its long-haul services from Zurich a selection of special dishes concocted by Francesco Sangalli, the creative young chef de cuisine at the Ristorante Vicania above the Ticino village of Morcote. The renowned restaurant stands on the Castello di Morcote wine estate, whose fine wines SWISS is also presenting on board.

Francesco Sangalli’s culinary creations for SWISS’s First Class guests include a starter of a Swiss prawn cocktail with Merlot jelly and tomato cream. For their main course, SWISS First travellers can choose between pikeperch with white polenta and toasted Valle Maggia bread and a veal fillet with herb demi-glace accompanied by potato purée with tonka bean. The Ticino-inspired selection is rounded off with a chocolate slice with cream cheese and blueberries.

For SWISS’s Business Class guests Francesco Sangalli offers a first course of vitello tonnato with lovage oil, anchovy crumble and celery salad. The choice of main courses comprises sea bass with almond sauce or corn-fed chicken breast with herb demi-glace accompanied by polenta bramata with Gottardo cheese. The special SWISS Business menu concludes with a dessert of elderflower panna cotta with salted walnuts and chocolate crumble.

To provide SWISS’s premium travellers with an even finer experience of Canton Ticino’s wide culinary variety, the special ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ dishes in both seating classes are accompanied by a selection of regional cheeses such as Formagella and Gottardo from the Caseificio del Gottardo along with Brioso, Canaria and Val Blenio.

In addition, thanks to its partnership with the Ristorante Vicania and its associated Castello di Morcote estate, SWISS can offer its guests both food and wines from the same single provider for the first time ever in the history of the ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ programme. In First Class Francesco Sangalli’s creations can be accompanied by a Favola Bianco Ticinese DOC 2019 white or a Castello di Morcote DOC Merlot 2019 red, while the SWISS Business wine selection includes an Il Moro Merlot IGT 2018 red and a Bianca Maria IGT 2019 white.

SWISS takes off with Confiserie Sprüngli

gategroup partners with SWISS

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SWISS takes off with Confiserie Sprüngli

Following the news that SWISS is working exclusively with Confiserie Sprüngli on its new SWISS Saveurs menu, gategroup has confirmed it is providing the culinary and flight optimisation services for the extended economy class service.

As part of the collaboration with SWISS, gategroup will be following Confiserie Sprüngli recipes to produce a wide range of fresh items that will be offered on a daily basis in the new SWISS Saveurs menu as of 30 March.

“Collaborations between popular local brands and airlines have become increasingly trendy in the past few years,” said Federico Germani, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer at gategroup. “They bring brand recognition and satisfaction to passengers who might otherwise be feeling isolated from their familiar comforts.”

Preparing food for flight is an involved process that requires specialised knowledge and equipment. As leaders in the field, gategroup’s experts optimise the food production, including the weight and shape of its packaging, and ensure it is produced and delivered to SWISS’ exacting standards.

“At gategroup, we use our expertise in aviation food service and menu optimisation to ensure that the products are packaged, stored and delivered correctly and that each passenger receives the gastronomic experience that they expect – regardless of the altitude,” emphasises Federico Germani.

“We are very grateful that we can rely on the expertise and experience of our trusted long-term partner gategroup when launching our new SWISS Saveurs culinary menu with the Confiserie Sprüngli,” says Caroline Drischel, Head of SWISS Brand Experience. “Thanks to the collaboration with gategroup and Confiserie Sprüngli we will be able to offer our Economy Class customers on European flights an entire new level of culinary excellency with fresh and top quality meals and snacks.”

The new Sprüngli products will be available on short- and medium-haul services from and to Zurich from 30 March and on services from and to Geneva from 28 April. SWISS Saveurs will be offered on flights of 50 minutes or more duration.

SWISS takes off with Confiserie Sprüngli

SWISS puts focus on Made in Switzerland

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SWISS takes off with Confiserie Sprüngli

SWISS is continuing to emphasis a wider selection of items, freshness and quality, regional accents and on sustainable packaging with its new food and beverage concept.

The carrier is extending its ‘SWISS Saveurs’ concept for Economy Class travellers to its short- and medium-haul services from and to Zurich from the end of March.

In doing so, SWISS will be working exclusively with Confiserie Sprüngli, the long-established and internationally renowned Swiss family firm, whose recipes will be used for all the fresh items on the SWISS Saveurs menu.

In this unique collaboration, all the fresh items on the new SWISS Saveurs menu such as muesli, salads, sandwiches and sweet pastries will be prepared using recipes of this Zurich-based traditional Swiss company.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with such an internationally renowned yet locally based partner with such a long tradition and such a focus on culinary excellence for this collaboration, which will enable us to offer a wide range of fresh top-quality snacks to our Economy Class customers, too,” says SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “We’ll be breaking new ground here with our packaging as well, where we’ll be using sustainable materials wherever we possibly can.”

The new Sprüngli products will be available on short- and medium-haul services from and to Zurich from 30 March and on services from and to Geneva from 28 April. SWISS Saveurs will be offered on flights of 50 minutes or more duration. The new menu extends to Bircher muesli, a pretzel with air-dried beef, a vegetable brioche and Sprüngli’s famous Luxemburgerli mini-macaroons. The product range will be updated every three to six months. SWISS’s tried-and-trusted Business Class concept for its short- and medium-haul services remains unchanged.

Sustainability is a further key consideration with the new fresh products. Most SWISS Saveurs items will be packaged in PaperWise material, which is made from agricultural waste using only renewable energy and is entirely carbon neutral. Those items that cannot yet be offered in PaperWise packaging will be packed in FSC-certificated cardboard or kraft paper. Production of the new fresh items will also be more closely tailored to customer demand, which will help to minimise food waste.

SWISS will be supplementing its new exclusive fresh Sprüngli products with further Swiss classics such as Ragusa, Kägi Fret, Zweifel chips and Caotina hot chocolate. Smaller Swiss producers are also represented: the coffee will come from the small Zurich-based miró manufactura de café roastery, which sources all its beans solely from fair-trade suppliers; and the beverages range will include a gin from Turicum of Zurich and WhiteFrontier craft beer from Martigny in Canton Valais.

SWISS is also launching a new mineral water together with its water supplier RAMSEIER Suisse AG that is produced exclusively for the airline in Switzerland’s Glarus Alps: ‘SWISS Altitude 1150’ will be served only on SWISS flights and will be distributed to all passengers free of charge in a recyclable bottle in an unmistakable SWISS design. In a first step, SWISS Altitude 1150 will be provided on SWISS’s short- and medium-haul services, with the offer then gradually extended throughout the SWISS long-haul network.

Swiss-TasteofSwitzerland_Rindsentrecôte-Tataki mit Senf-Chutney_Business Class

SWISS introduces Canton Fribourg cuisine onboard

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Swiss-TasteofSwitzerland_Rindsentrecôte-Tataki mit Senf-Chutney_Business Class

SWISS is introducing the latest creation under its SWISS Taste of Switzerland in-flight culinary programme.

From 2 December until the end of May 2021, the first and business class guests on long-haul services from Switzerland will be to enjoy typical cantonal specialities accompanied by selected regional cheeses.

The meals have been concocted by Alexandra Müller, head chef at the Romantik Hôtel L’Etoile in Charmey, Canton Fribourg.

For SWISS’s First Class customers Müller has created a selection of starters and main courses that include leek with egg yolk cream and truffle vinaigrette followed by venison with a Cuchaule crust and Botzi pear, a well-known Canton Fribourg delicacy. And for dessert SWISS First travellers can choose from a white and dark chocolate Toblerone mousse with Breton biscuit crumble or meringues from local bakery Angélo Rime with double cream and a Mirabelle plum compote. SWISS will also be offering its passengers further popular specialities from the Fribourg region in the form of saucisson du Vully and moitié-moitié fondue.

Long-haul business class travellers from Switzerland will be offered a starter of beef entrecôte tataki with a beetroot-pear salad and Gruyère blue cheese. Alexandra Müller’s main-course creation is a braised beef brisket with demi-glace and sweet potato purée. Business dessert is a yuzu lemon meringue pie with Canton Fribourg’s famous Gruyère double cream.

Both SWISS first and SWISS business travellers can sample a 15-month-matured Gruyère Vieux AOP, a Vacherin Fribourgeois Vieux AOP or a Bleu de la Gruyère, all produced by small local cheesemakers.

SWISS’s “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” concept, which has been running since 2002, invites a different Swiss-based chef every three months to help showcase Switzerland’s culinary variety by devising locally-inspired in-flight meal creations. In a first for the programme, Alexandra Müller’s Canton Fribourg concoctions will be featured on board for a six-month period, until the end of May 2021.

SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines tail fines

Lufthansa Group to introduce new onboard catering retail service

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SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines tail fines

From 2021, economy class passengers on short and medium-haul routes from Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines will be offered a new range of food and beverages for purchase.

“Our current snack offer in economy class does not always meet the expectations of our guests,” explained Christina Foerster, Member of the Executive Board Lufthansa Group responsible for Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility. “The new offer was developed on the basis of feedback from our customers. With the high-quality offer available for purchase, our passengers will be able to decide what they want to eat and drink on their journey.”

Based on their respective brand identity, Retail inMotion designed individual product concepts together with the airlines. The common denominator will be the emphasis on fresh, regional highlights, as well as a carefully selected and curated assortment of snacks and drinks.

The new offer will be introduced in phases as of Spring 2021: Austrian Airlines will launch first, followed by SWISS and Lufthansa and the new products will be revealed by individual airlines over the coming months.

According to the Group, the new range not only implements the highest quality standards, from preparation to presentation, but also showcases the airline’s continuous investment in sustainability practices through environmentally friendly products and packaging. This in turn will reduce food waste through customised production.

Through the new collaboration, RiM will contribute to the Lufthansa Group’s goal of offering passengers a larger selection of products onboard and boosting passenger satisfaction while always remaining focused on sustainability and process innovation.

“Our customers want more choice and quality,” said Heike Birlenbach, Chief Commercial Officer at Lufthansa Airlines. “With RiM as a retail and IT partner, we can optimally implement the new concept and offer our customers a broader, high-quality selection of food and beverages onboard in the future.”

Austrian crew member wearing a mask

Lufthansa Group permits passengers with health conditions to fly mask free

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Austrian crew member wearing a mask

From 1 September, the Lufthansa Group airlines (Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, SWISS)  is allowing those with health conditions to fly mask-free upon presentation of a medical certificate. Passengers will be able to download the document from the retrospective airlines’ websites. In addition, passengers must also present a negative COVID-19 test, taken no longer than 48 hours prior to departure. This ensures maximum safety for the passengers travelling with them.

Children under the age of six continue to be exempt from the wearing a face mask.

Lufthansa Group’s General Conditions of Carriage (GTC) will in future stipulate that anyone with a known or positive COVID-19 infection are not permitted to board the aircraft.

“We have always emphasised that safety is our top priority, especially in the age of COVID-19, and a mask is the simplest and most effective protection against transmission,” commented Austrian Airlines COO Jens Ritter. “The majority of our passengers comply with the rules in an exemplary manner. With the current change, we are taking an additional step towards greater health protection on the aircraft.”