Flair's new cabin crew uniforms have been designed with input from the entire Flight Attendants team.

Flair Airlines revitalises brand with new crew uniform

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Canadian tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard

Canadian tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard and Flair Airlines’ CEO Stephen Jones have hosted media and passengers on a celebratory flight from Toronto to Montréal to unveil new Flair Airline uniforms.

The uniforms were designed by the entire Flair Flight Attendant team.

“Flair is moving forward, as a brand and as a company,” said Cody Klassen, Flight Attendant “That means bringing the uniforms forward as well. We wanted to be more inclusive with our style, so everything is gender fluid. Our crew can choose whichever pieces they feel most comfortable putting on their body.”

“The refreshed look and exciting build to the reveal aligns with Flair Airlines’ mission of bringing style, flair, and choice back to the airline industry,” added Flight Attendant, Shannon Towler. “Our new uniforms reflect the brand: plain and simple, but a little bit edgy and out of the box—now that’s exciting. Not stuffy, no nylons, just super fresh.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of an event that involves a true-to-themselves brand that walks the walk and cares about Canadians,” said Bouchard. “The company and crew are great people and allowing fans to be part of this special surprise makes it even better!”

The special flight event and uniform reveal is not only solidifying Flair Airlines’ new brand, but also hinting at the future. “We’re going to continue to deliver affordable fares and great service,” said Jones. “Our growth is going to make that available to more people across more of Canada, and also into the US and other markets.”

easyJet will roll-out new uniform for cabin crew and pilots, each made from approximately 45 recycled plastic bottles

easyJet’s new crew uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles

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easyJet will roll-out new uniform for cabin crew and pilots, each made from approximately 45 recycled plastic bottles

easyJet will roll-out new uniform for cabin crew and pilots, each made from approximately 45 recycled plastic bottles with a potential of half a million bottles to be reused annually as part of the airline’s commitment to address impacts beyond carbon and reduce waste.

Over the course of the five-year uniform contract with Northern-Ireland based Tailored Image easyJet will be responsible for preventing 2,700,000 plastic bottles from ending up in land fill or in oceans.

The new fabric, adapted to the airline’s current style, was first trialled last year for suitability in the cabin and flight deck environments. Compared to the non-recycled alternative, it is more abrasion-resistant. It also provides even more elasticity, a four-way stretch, improving fit and freedom of movement for enhanced comfort and durability. This development can lead to it being long-lasting for the wearer, reducing the need for more uniform items to be produced in the long term.

Beyond the new fabric, plastic has also been replaced in all clothing-related packaging in favour of recyclable and biodegradable materials: replacing plastic collar strays with recyclable cardboard ones, plastic shirt clips with metal shirt clips, non-recyclable white coated card with recyclable cardboard card and polypropylene outer shirt covers with biodegradable shirt covers.

Tina Milton, Director of Cabin Services at easyJet, said: “Climate change is an issue for all of us, and at easyJet, we are looking at all parts of our operation to see where we can reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste.

“We are excited to be debuting this new pilot and cabin crew uniform made from recycled plastic bottles and to introduce it for our pilots and cabin crew colleagues. We know that sustainability is an important issue for them and also for our customers.”

Bernard Birt, Managing Director of Tailored Image, added: “Our role as a bespoke uniform and corporate wear provider is to deliver innovative solutions for our clients, built around comfort and practicality for their wearers. The additional challenge with the easyjet project was to meet their exceptionally high standards in reducing environmental impact.

“By combining the expertise of our design and garment technology teams, we developed a collaborative approach with a mill that is leading the way in the development of sustainable fabrics.

“We were excited from the outset to be involved in this project and are delighted that the success of the new EasyJet wardrobe demonstrates the result of our award-winning customer-focused approach and our ability to meet even the most exacting briefs.”

From autumn 2021, SkyUp will introduce its SkyUp Champions uniform for flight attendants

Ukrainian low-cost carrier SkyUp unveils new uniforms

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From autumn 2021, SkyUp will introduce its SkyUp Champions uniform for flight attendants

From autumn 2021, SkyUp will introduce its SkyUp Champions uniform for flight attendants.

“Before creating the new concept in collaboration with Frame Fashion Consultancy, we delved into history and analysed the global evolution of the uniform of flight attendants from the early 1930s. It changed depending on the role that the crew performed in flight,” commented Marianna Grigorash, Head of SkyUp Airlines Marketing Department. “Times have changed, women have changed, so in contrast to the conservative classics, heels, red lipstick and a bun, a new, more modern and comfortable image of a “champion” has appeared. Freedom, natural beauty, individuality, no patterns and sneakers in which everyone “would like to fly”.”

Olga Tsaregradskaya, curator of the project added: “The study and interviews with flight attendants became the starting point for working on a new image — a modern girl with an active life position — a champion who works for team result and shows respect for herself and her health. So, we decided to replace the shoes with sneakers. We also invited Ukrainian fashion designers to create the uniforms — the GUDU brand to develop a suit and the Gunia Project brand of exceptional things to find perfect print for the silk scarf. Each of our collaborators is the best in the field: a real champion.”

The SkyUp Champions uniform includes:

Trouser suits with soft tailoring aesthetics and trench coats made of Italian eco-leather, created together with the Ukrainian fashion brand GUDU.

Nike Air Max 720, comfortable, ergonomic sneakers made as part of the company’s initiative to reduce waste and environmental impact. 75% of this model consists of recycled materials. The key feature of these sneakers is the record high air cushion along the entire length of the sole. This gives the Air Max 720 incredible cushioning and resilience for maximum comfort all day long.

The main accent of the image is a sky-blue silk scarf, which is attached to the epaulettes of the jacket and coat. The scarf, a symbolic feature of the airline’s uniform, was created together with the Ukrainian brand Gunia Project.

Makeup is inspired by the colours of the sky, which can be seen from the cockpit. Backstage beauty and refresh professionals developed a subtle gradient with sunset-like soft orange and blue, as during sunrises. At the same time, the makeup is natural with an emphasis on the eyes. The new look presupposes a variety of hairstyles: different weaves, replacing the classic flight attendant bun.

Complementing the look is a bright orange suitcase by Have A Rest from their limited collection.

AA Uniforms from Land's End

American Airlines debuts new uniforms

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AA Uniforms from Land's End

After more than three years of collaboration with frontline team members and union representatives, more than 50,000 American Airlines team members have debuted a new uniform collection manufactured by Lands’ End.

“When we set out to create our new uniform collection, the clear goal was to deliver an industry-leading program with the highest levels of safety, input and choice,” said Brady Byrnes, American’s Managing Director of Flight Service Base Operations. “Today’s launch is the culmination of years’ worth of input from team members, wear testing in the operation and the highest levels of garment certification. None of this would be possible without the partnership of our union representatives, and, most importantly, the thousands of team members who provided input and feedback along the way. This isn’t just a uniform for our team members, it’s one that was created by them, and we are excited to turn the page.”

Through this partnership with Lands’ End, American has delivered a refreshed collection with new suiting colour, Aviation Blue, and shirting and accessories that are unique to each workgroup.

“We’re proud to partner with the world’s largest airline to deliver an innovative and first-of-its-kind uniform collection,” said Joe Ferreri, Senior Vice President of Lands’ End Business Outfitters. “The team members at American have played a pivotal role in the creation of this collection, and it’s been an exciting journey to get us to today.”

According to American it is the first and only airline to ensure STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification on every garment across all of its uniform collections. The STANDARD 100 certification is an independent testing and certification system for clothing, accessories and any product made with fabric. All parts of the garment, including sewing threads, buttons and zippers, are tested for hazardous chemicals.

To help create the new uniform collection, American formed a Frontline Uniform Advisory Team, who made key decisions such as fabric colour and collection design. The company also enlisted more than 1,000 frontline team members to field test the collection for six months before going to production. Team members were asked to vote on select design decisions along the way, as well as surveyed to provide feedback.

For the first time, American is offering a choice of suiting fabric to its team members. All team members in the new Lands’ End collection were able to select their choice of either a wool-blend or synthetic suiting fabrication, both STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX, to ensure they felt comfortable in the new uniform.