nflight Dublin's wireless IFE solution Everhub

Inflight Dublin offering limited free trial of Everhub

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nflight Dublin's wireless IFE solution Everhub

Inflight Dublin is giving a helping hand to airlines who need some assistance in getting IFE back up and running now that flights are resuming.

Inflight Dublin is offering its wireless IFE solution Everhub on a six-month trial basis to assist airlines in pausing content and integration costs, whilst providing a high quality and user-friendly IFE experience to passengers.

The Everhub portable wireless server is DO-160G certified and minimises operational costs through its hot-swappable battery configuration and remote loading of content.

“Wireless IFE is continuing to grow in popularity as it minimises touchpoints for passengers and is an affordable option for airlines that want to deliver high-quality content to their passengers. Many airlines are already experiencing the benefits of Everhub, with our innovation programme ensuring that our solutions meet the changing needs of the market,”  commented John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.

Burrana RISE IFE platform - seatback and overhead HD screens

Burrana RISEs to IFE challenges

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Burrana RISE IFE platform - seatback and overhead HD screens

Burrana has unveiled its RISE IFE platform, which the company claim approaches traditional IFE challenges in a different way.

“RISE was created to solve airlines’ most challenging issues regarding in-flight entertainment, while providing passengers with an experience unlike any other,” commented David Pook, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Support at Burrana.

The RISE platform is modular and scalable and hardware, software, apps, and services which can be added or removed depending on aircraft type and business need. It is also a natural upgrade to the PAVES system inherited by Burrana following its acquisition of Rockwell Collins’ embedded IFE systems.

“We’ve been really clever about how we’ve architected our software, apps and services”, said Pook. “RISE has completely eliminated the need for time-consuming and expensive change requests, ATPs, and FSATs. Airlines will be able to add or remove apps from aircraft via a simple, web-based tool and make changes to their GUI by themselves, without the need for formal acceptance testing,” said Pook.

RISE sits on a shared hardware and a common 48VDC power backbone and can be configured to include seatback, wireless, or overhead entertainment, as well as in-seat power, or any combination of these.

All displays are 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution and feature High Dynamic Range (HDR), more local storage, and robust processing power, packaged in a very thin (10 mm) and modern design. Each seatback display also supports integrated single-pin audio, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and the airline’s choice between USB-C or USB-A offering.

The new GUI has been designed to offer a Netflix-like experience using crowd-sourced data, such as social content ratings  and intelligent algorithms (including real-time recommendations and contextual feedback) that adapts to the passenger as they use it.

Another new feature includes the ability to easily create advertising campaigns, with targeted adverts placed in proximity to high value hotspots.

As Pook explained in a virtual demonstration to media, RISE has been built to solve, and thus offers numerous ultra-high-speed content loading options, easier maintenance, and is claimed to be 30% lighter than competitive solutions.

Originally to be launched at this Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), the availability of RISE has been shifted due to the current pandemic and airlines delaying new deliveries. Both RISE Power and RISE 4K overhead are available to offer now, with retrofit on single and twin aisle aircraft starting Q1 2021 and available for linefit installations shortly thereafter. RISE Wireless for Seatback will be market ready in 2021, with retrofit and linefit options from 2022 and 2023 respectively.