Japanese audio manufacturer, TEAC Corporation, has unveiled a portable server, the PS-V50, for airlines to deliver in-flight entertainment to passenger’s own smart devices.

The PS-V50 is a small, lightweight and battery-driven streaming server designed for airline use, with wireless LAN access point, LTE router and server.

The server delivers content wirelessly to passenger’s Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and supports up to 50 PEDs simultaneously, so customers can enjoy in-flight entertainment such as video, audio, moving maps, games and eBooks from their own device.

In a statement, the company said: “With conventional equipment, it takes a lot of time and cost to acquire certification for installing aircraft, providing in-flight entertainment service.

“It was a burden to the airline company to serve. However, ‘PS-V50’ can be brought into the cabin as baggage, since it does not require connection to each equipment installed, expensive aircraft refurbishment and installation certification are unnecessary.”

The company said it is easy to manage server content by the TEAC Cloud Synchronisation System.

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