Technology Integration Services Inc. has shared the benefits and availability of its travel app featuring intuitive 3D airline SeatMaps for iPhone and iPad.

‘FlightStickies’ is a travel app that enables annotatable and shareable Airport Maps, 3D SeatMaps and 3D Aircraft.

The 3D SeatMaps feature in the app offers an immersive 3D view of the cabin to help passengers familiarise themselves with the location of their seat, as well as exit doors and restrooms.

Meanwhile, the QuickLook Airport Maps in FlightStickies allows travellers to look up the food and shopping options at the airport before a flight or while transiting through a hub.

“Our highly skilled team of graphic designers and software specialists ensures that all 3D SeatMaps provides an immersive 3D experience in a virtual environment that simulates real life,” explained said Asha Punnoose, COO, TIS Inc. “Users can look up seating configuration by flight number or by route and easily locate seats and check cabin and seat amenities. Seats can be personalised by adding notes, colour and confetti. Another unique and compelling feature is the ability to share the 3D Seat Map with family, friends or clients. Recipients enjoy the same immersive 3D experience by simply tapping on the shared message in Messages.”

The FlightStickies app has a user-friendly design and uses simple gestures such as swipe left/right and zoom to browse QuickLook Airport Terminal maps. Maps can be personalised with notes, meetup points and preferred food and shopping locations. Maps can also be shared.

3D SeatMaps are available for American Airlines, United, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, Hawaiian, Spirit, Frontier, Air Canada, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore, Emirates, Qatar, KLM, Korean, JAL, ANA, Virgin Atlantic, Porter and Qantas.

Shareable and annotatable aircraft models from Airbus A319, A320, A321 A330, A350, A38-, Boeing 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, Embraer, and Canadair Regional jets are also available.

Airport Maps are also available for most major US airports including: ATL, ORD, DFW, LAX, LAS, MSP, MCO, MIA, BOS, SFO, JFK, DCA, IAD, EWR, DEN, BWI and more.

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