Business class seating manufacturer Unum Aircraft Seating is growing its team. The company is seeking individuals that have finished university and are passionate about engineering to support the ongoing development and certification of its launch product, Unum One.

The company says various positions are available for engineers who thrive working in an agile and dynamic environment.

Chris Brady, Executive Chairman and CEO, Unum commented: “Since February 2020, we have been honing our capabilities, people and first business class seat. Now that we’ve successfully launched Unum One, we are eagerly beginning the next stage in our journey and require additional support in the form of graduate engineers.

“We’re passionate about giving our engineers the right tools and space to flourish at Unum. We ensure that they manage each project from start to finish, including the design, testing and building of their component – we call this Renaissance Engineering. This method provides the team with unmatched experience and allows them to develop a variety of skills. Engineers have access to mentors, work with some of the very best people in the industry and have regular communication with leading suppliers in business class seating.”

Lachlan Brennan, Design Engineer, Unum noted: “I was initially drawn to Unum’s culture and the chance to own your projects from beginning to end. Seeing your design go from concept to final manufacture is extremely rewarding. At Unum, you’re also surrounded by a great team who are passionate about their work, as well as having open communication, which is refreshing. The team is so supportive and always happy to help me to develop my skills set or listen to my ideas.”

Prospective graduates require a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent. Candidates should also have strong capabilities in aerospace CAD design, material choice and hands-on product assembly.

You can learn more about the current graduate job openings at Unum here.

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