Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Cobalt Aerospace in double honour

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Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

The Queens Awards for Enterprise celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses that are leading the way with pioneering products and services. This year, 205 business were recognised nationally for their contributions to ‘International Trade’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainable Development’, and ‘Promoting Opportunity (through Social Mobility)’.

The ‘Innovation’ category win recognises the company’s flagship product, Cobalt Spectrum, a drop-in LED mood lighting system for aircraft cabins. Boasting high reliability and one of the most comprehensive feature sets on the market, Cobalt Spectrum lighting units are currently flying with many flag carrier airlines and operators worldwide.

Director and co-founder Dan Rust commented: “We were bowled over to learn that we had won, not one, but two awards. I’m incredibly proud of the whole team – each of whom have contributed to our success with their hard work and dedication over the last eight years. To be recognised in this way is huge cause for celebration, and excellent motivation to achieve even more over the next eight!”

Boeing Dreamliner cabin

Diehl extends Dreamliner interior lighting contract

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Boeing Dreamliner cabin

Diehl Aerospace has secured a contract extension from Boeing for the delivery of the interior lighting system for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The initial contract for the development and serial production of LED interior lighting for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner had been agreed in 2005.

The cabin lighting system for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was the first all-LED mood-lighting system for the civil aviation market, and was designed and developed by Diehl, approximately 20 years ago.

The current contract will expire by end of 2022. The two companies have agreed to extend the contract into the next decade.

Wash basin surface cleaned via Vyz LED lighting

Vyv antimicrobial LED lighting comes onboard Delta

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Wash basin surface cleaned via Vyz LED lighting

Delta is to begin installation of Vyv (pronounced “VIVE” – formerly known as Vital Vio) antimicrobial LED lighting above onboard the high-touch areas of lavatory sinks and countertops, on its Boeing 757-200 fleet.

After installation on this initial fleet, Delta plans to conduct further tests in 2021 with the hope of expanding installation in the future.

These antimicrobial LED lights, when combined with electrostatic spraying and frequent cleaning, help to improve cleanliness and eliminate germs in lavatories. In-flight crews also use kits that include disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves to ensure the thorough sanitisation completed before boarding stays fresh throughout the flight.

“Innovation is central to everything we do at Delta. Our partnership with Vyv shows how we are adapting the vision we showcased at CES to double-down on our commitment to customer health and safety,” said Bill Lentsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer. “This technology will provide another of the many layers we’ve put in place that, when working together, keep customers safe. For Delta, there’s no more important goal for applied innovation.”

Vyv is a visible spectrum LED light (non-UV) that provides high-quality illumination that is deadly to bacteria, while being ideal for continuous use around people and animals.

Customers will know their flight is equipped with Vyv thanks to newly installed messaging placards in outfitted lavatories. These placards feature a link customers can visit to learn more about Delta’s layers of protection and how the company is harnessing innovative collaboration to keep customers safe.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our nimble teams from Delta Flight Products and TechOps have worked in partnership with our Innovation team to deliver cleanliness solutions for customers,” said Don Mitacek, SVP – Technical Operations. “This is another example of how Delta and our startup partners have worked together to create a safer travel experience.”

Nolinor selects liTeMood passenger centric lighting

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Canadian charter flight specialist, Nolinor Aviation, has selected liTeMood LED lighting across its Boeing fleet.

The move comes as the airline looks to harmonise their cabin interiors with the latest LED installed aircraft.

Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation said: “Nolinor is passionate about service excellence and providing an exceptional experience for our passengers. STG Aerospace is the leader in LED lighting, and their liTeMood system is the perfect lighting product to refresh our cabin ambience and harmonise the cabins across our existing fleet.”

AIX, WTCE and PEC pushed backed until April 2021

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Reed Exhibitions has confirmed there will be no Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) and the Passenger Experience Conference (PEC) this year, with the next edition now taking place from 12-15 April 2021.

According to Katie Murphy, Portfolio Director at Reed Exhibitions: “Our thoughts are with all those affected by this crisis.  After closely monitoring the evolving situation and having listened to our customers and carefully considered the options available to us, we are postponing AIX, WTCE and PEC to April 2021.

“We are in unprecedented times and we’re witnessing first-hand the challenging impact of COVID-19 on airlines and the wider industry, from both a professional and personal perspective. Initially, we were optimistic that our events would run later this year, however, in light of the ongoing uncertainty in the industry and the immense pressure our customers are experiencing, we have concluded that the best option is to postpone AIX, WTCE and PEC until 2021.

We understand how important it is for the industry to stay connected during this time. While we are disappointed we can’t meet face-to-face this year, we are working with our partners to keep the AIX, WTCE and PEC community connected over the coming months. Details will be announced shortly.

“We once again thank all of our exhibitors, visitors and partners for their patience and support, and we look forward to returning to Hamburg next year.”

Jetlite flies on Vistara Dreamliner

jetlite brings light relief to Vistara’s Dreamliner fleet

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Jetlite flies on Vistara Dreamliner

jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting is flying on Vistara’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet in order to enhance passenger well-being and reduce the effects of jet lag. The customised lighting scenes have been jointly developed by Vistara and jetlite together with Boeing in Everett.

Vistara is Asia’s first airline with jetlite on board.

“Vistara´s lighting scenes by jetlite are based on the findings of Human Centric Lighting and chronobiology, backed by extensive research studies and real test flights. Apart from that, jetlite customises Human Centric Lighting solutions individually for each airline, taking factors such as corporate design, the effect on CMF (colours, material and finishing) and cultural background into consideration.”, said Dr. Achim Leder, Co-Founder and Managing Director at jetlite. The optimal lighting scenes customised for Vistara have been jointly developed by Vistara and jetlite with the support of Boeing in Everett.

“Since inception, Vistara has focused on delivering an exceptional inflight experience that enhances our customers’ wellness. Cabin lighting is one of the elements that makes this possible and we are delighted to partner with jetlite for their cutting-edge Human Centric lighting. This will help us to take the Vistara flying experience to the next level for travellers,” said Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara.

STG Aerospace launches latest floor path marking

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STG Aerospace has launched the next generation of its saf-Tglo photoluminescent system.

SSUL-X is the world’s first photoluminescent emergency floor path system that has edge to edge colour, and is also the first photoluminescent system to be available in red.

Dr Sean O’Kell, STG Aerospace business unit director, says: “We’re really excited to be launching the world’s first edge to edge red floor marking option. We are already talking to many major carriers about the extensive capability offering of saf-Tglo SSUL-X, looking at everything from seat markings to branding and PatternMatch.”

O’Kell continues: “With SSUL-X, we have listened to customer feedback and sought insight from a variety of key stakeholders, to design a new saf-Tglo product that is more customisable to each customer’s unique requirements.”

SSUL-X features edge to edge colour to eliminate unsightly borders, comes in a choice of a matt or gloss finish and can be installed in under one hour (B737-7800).

PEW 2019: Turkish Airlines selects liTeMood for 737-800 retrofits

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Turkish Airlines has commenced a retrofit programme installing STG Aerospace liTeMood LED lighting across its Boeing 737-800 fleet.

The airline is completing the retrofit as it looks to harmonise its cabin interiors with the latest LED-installed aircraft being delivered by Boeing.

“With its quick and simple installation process of under eight hours, liTeMood is an easy and affordable way for Turkish Airlines to replace fluorescent lighting with the latest LED technology,” commented Marcus Williams, STG’s director of global sales. “liTeMood will narrow the gap in cabin appearance between their legacy aircraft and those installed with the latest Boeing Sky Interior.”

liTeMood is available, certified and flying on Boeing 737NG, 737 Classic and 757 aircraft and on Airbus A320 Family, A330 and A340 aircraft.

PEW 2019: STG Aerospace turns signage blu

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STG Aerospace has launched what is claimed to be the world’s first and only blue-glowing flexible photoluminescent aircraft signage.

Ideal for emergency, informational and custom signs, the unique and patented saf-Tsign blu design combines top-class cabin aesthetics with an absolute focus on clarity and safety.

Further benefits include minimal maintenance and operational costs. Dr Sean O’Kell, STG Aerospace Business Unit director, said: “We’re really excited to be launching the world’s first flexible blue-glowing aircraft signage and cabin marking option. It’s not something you can announce every day. We are already talking to many major carriers about the extensive capability offering of saf-Tsign blu, looking at everything from seat markings and row numbers to galley and washroom signs.”

O’Kell continued: “With the new saf-Tsign blu, we’re expanding our portfolio, building on our traditional green-glowing signage to add a cool and soothing blue look. Blue signage will also be more ‘on-brand’ than green signage for many airlines and can be easily tailored to match airlines’ CMF palettes.

“Photoluminescent signs – in simple terms, ‘glow-in-the-dark’ signs – are 100% fail-safe with no running costs, which makes them perfect for commercial and military aerospace use. saf-Tsign blu signs, for example, are fully charged by cabin lighting in minutes. The look and operation of this new product line beautifully combines our design and engineering expertise. “Blue is a very calming and aesthetically pleasing colour,” added O’Kell.

“It’s relaxing and refreshing, with an output that won’t disrupt passengers in a darkened cabin. Naturally, therefore, it’s a colour we love and we already offer a blue setting for our liTeMood cabin lighting system and saf-Tglo blu FPM systems. This way we can offer a cohesive cabin aesthetic to customers.”

PEW 2019: TAP Air Portugal selects STG’s liTeMood

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TAP Air Portugahas chosen to retrofit STG Aerospace’s LED lighting system liTeMood across its fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft.

Marcus Williams, global sales director, STG Aerospace said: “Undoubtedly, TAP’s decision to install our liTeMood LED lighting system will help the company’s ongoing modernisation strategy. liTeMood is already delivering significant cabin transformations for many airlines in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

Joel Fragata, head of In-Flight & On-Ground Product at TAP Portugal added: “Not only does the STG Aerospace liTeMood system enhance and brighten the interior of our Airbus A330 fleet, it has been the perfect lighting product to harmonise our existing cabins with our new A330neo aircraft. We’ve been delighted with the way liTeMood easily and efficiently replaces our conventional cabin lighting. We love the high colour rendering and the superior colour accuracy which helps us emphasise our brand identity across our fleet – it showcases our signature colour palette better than some other systems we’ve explored, giving us beautifully balanced, precise lighting for increased passenger comfort.”