Celebrate the 51st UAE National Day with Emirates

Emirates celebrates 51st UAE National Day on board

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Celebrate the 51st UAE National Day with Emirates

Emirates is marking the 51st UAE National Day with a range of exciting activities that include new design motifs and lighting schemes in its aircraft cabins, traditional Arabic sweets served on board and an exclusive UAE commemoration watch for sale on EmiratesRED in the Emirates Lounges in Dubai.

UAE National Day marks the union of the seven emirates and is celebrated on 2 December. Joining the celebrations, Emirates gives passengers in all classes departing Dubai an Emirati-inspired sweet treat, Qahwa or coffee-flavoured milk chocolate in a giftbox adorned with Arabic calligraphy. Passengers visiting Emirates Lounges in Dubai can enjoy miniature date tarts laced with Arabic coffee cream, or a delicately whipped and creamy date mousse.

As passengers board aircraft in Dubai and disembark at their destination, colourful mood lighting representing the UAE flag illuminates the aircraft interior and in another subtle touch, Emirates’ multi-award-winning ice inflight entertainment system will bear the iconic Ghaf tree, a historic and cultural symbol of stability and peace in the UAE’s desert environment. The motif is also used as a design highlight throughout Emirates’ newest Boeing 777 and A380 aircraft interiors.

Emirates’ in-flight entertainment library offers content about the history and future of the UAE, highlights of food and drink beloved in the region, UAE arts and culture including many movies, podcasts and songs by Emirati artists, as well as travel guides exploring UAE attractions and hidden gems.

Passengers can also purchase a limited edition Zinvo Air Blade 50 years Anniversary Edition Automatic Watch on board all Emirates flights.

IFPL reading light

IFPL unveils innovative overhead reading lamp design

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IFPL reading light

IFPL has unveiled a new concept product: an LED reading lamp that offers passengers not just light but also USB power. The cost-effective solution empowers operators to supply in-seat power to every passenger on board.

IFPL says airlines can now enjoy an easy, economical way of providing passengers with a personal light and USB charger, all in one accessible overhead module.

Swapping the existing reading light with the new product takes just minutes according to the company, and no additional wire looms are needed. This module also requires no additional power from the aircraft, instead using the power savings created by replacing an incandescent bulb with an LED.

IFPL Group has merged the IFEC capabilities of IFPL with Cobalt Aerospace’s lighting skills and experience and honed on their award-winning drop-in LED solution, Cobalt Spectrum. Though this patent-pending concept is designed as a retrofit solution for Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, IFPL Group says it is keen to adapt the product for other aircraft types.

IFPL Group’s Commercial Director, Gary Girard, said: “As a group, we are keen to utilise the skills and experience of both companies to create products that benefit both passenger and operator. Combining Cobalt Aerospace’s knowledge of LED lighting with the power prowess of the IFPL team has been key to developing this concept. We’re excited to see what visitors to stand 4B20 think!”

Vision Systems' new ambiance management system.

Vision Systems unveils new shading solutions

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Vision Systems' new ambiance management system.

Vision Systems has presented its latest innovations dedicated to first- and business-class passengers.

The company has showcased SPD dimmable windows with distinctive characteristics adapted to each class. These solutions eliminate shades that block the view and require regular maintenance while protecting passengers from unwanted daylight or glare, and include innovative features such as complete privacy, multi-zoning, mood-lighting, transparent touch control and integrated information display.

A premium shade with a motorised triple window shade was also shown as well as a smart glass partition showing videos such as traveling information or advertising. When nothing is displayed, this divider can remain transparent, or opaque to offer privacy between classes.

Vision Systems also unveiled a concept of ambiance management system.

Depending on the chosen ambiance or specific moment of the journey, Vision Systems’ ambiance management system generates the right atmosphere to offer each passenger a unique experience. Through a tablet or control panel, the traveller can select a “mood”, such as reading, sleeping or waking up, leading to the automatic synchronisation of the shade, the dimmable windows and the lighting to create the perfect adequacy between the selected mood and the lighting atmosphere.

Each of Vision Systems’ shading systems can be controlled individually directly at the window with a transparent touch panel or simultaneously through the ambiance management system.

Developed in-house based on Vision Systems cabin management systems, other elements of the cabin could be managed by the application (temperature, image, sound) with individual or crew control.

SCHOTT's new portrait version of its JADE reading light

SCHOTT enhances Jade lighting options

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SCHOTT's new portrait version of its JADE reading light

SCHOTT has introduced a new product variety of its Jade Reading Light.

The light is now  available in  portrait format in addition to landscape format, offering designers and seat manufacturers increased flexibility in integrating the light into a premium economy, business or first-class seat design.

Created in partnership with PriestmanGoode, Jade offers a functional, classical reading light that is combined with an integrated ambient light to create a special atmosphere within a business or first-class seat.

The light beam and intensity can be directed via touch technology – by swiping as on a smartphone. The light beam was narrowed down to the perfect angle precisely directed it to the area needing illuminating, for example a book for reading.

Jade interlinks with cabin and seat scenarios, so that for example, when the passenger adjusts the position of their seat, the light beam automatically follows.

The flexible SCHOTT HelioCurve LED strip for mood lighting creates individual illumination effects and/ or follow general ambient lighting cabin scenarios. It is available in white or full colour/RGBW varieties. It only requires a very small space envelope to work and create a wash light effect in numerous areas within the cabin environment. The strips are bendable, have a control header that provides robust LED protection, and they are controllable via PWM or bus-control using a Multi Light Controller box, which can create lighting scenarios, provide status management, power levelling and other key information.

Collins Aerospace unveils Lilac-UV

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Collins Aerospace has unveiled an ultraviolet (UV) lighting solution to sanitise aircraft interiors almost anywhere a light is installed inside an aircraft.

Lilac-UV uses technology developed by Boeing as part of a licensing agreement granting Collins the ability to build on Boeing’s UV technology for in-flight operation.

The new Collins-developed sanitising lighting system operates with an intelligent dosage controller – for scheduled cleanings and manual treatments – and an occupancy detector for enclosed spaces, like an airplane lavatory.

Lilac-UV emits a slight violet light that, claims Collins, disinfects surfaces in seconds to minutes, depending on lamp configuration and specific pathogen. Lilac-UV can be applied in lavatories, galleys, flight decks, cargo bays and throughout the cabin, and can be set for scheduled cleanings or manual applications during or between flights.

“At the heart of this project is the desire to continue to build the public’s trust and confidence in air travel as passengers return to the skies,” said Cynthia Muklevicz, Vice President of Business Development for Collins Aerospace. “Collins and Boeing share the common goal to redefine air travel, a commitment to collaboration and the technical research and development expertise to bring this game-changing, hygienic technology to market for the benefit of air-travellers around the world.”

“Our design allows for installation anywhere in the cabin with minimal or no hardware design changes, enabling users to switch to a higher power lamp or change the number of lamps based on application,” said Bridget Sheriff, vice president of engineering at Collins Aerospace. “The intelligent controller automatically adjusts to manage power consumption and offers scientifically proven disinfection of spaces during and between flights.”

Lilac-UV sanitising system will be available for new cabins or retrofittable to existing interior spaces.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is partnering with US-based Vyv, to bring antimicrobial LED technology that inactivates and kills viruses on surfaces to the UK.

Partnership targets UK aviation industry with antimicrobial LED technology

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon is partnering with US-based Vyv, to bring antimicrobial LED technology that inactivates and kills viruses on surfaces to the UK.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is partnering with US-based Vyv, to bring antimicrobial LED technology that inactivates and kills viruses on surfaces to the UK.

Tests conducted by independent laboratories have reportedly shown that Vyv’s 405nm UV free light LEDs are effective against viruses as well as bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast on surfaces.

Vyv’s visible light technology, which meets international standards for continuous and unrestricted use 24/7 around people, animals and plants, recently verified, through an independent third-party lab study, that Vyv’s antimicrobial LED products are effective against non-enveloped viruses, which are the most difficult class of virus to kill.

Vyv’s patented technology utilises light in the 405nm wavelength (outside the UV spectrum) that is proven through numerous studies to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, and yeast.

A further independent pre-publication study into 405 nm visible light demonstrated compelling results destroying SARS-CoV-2 at light levels that could be expected in an overhead lighting situation. This second study demonstrates efficacy results using ranges of light in the 400-420nm range on inactivating enveloped viruses.

Whilst UV-C solutions provide antimicrobial germicidal disinfection using light, Vyv provides uninterrupted preventative protection against microorganisms through its patented biotechnology delivered through continuous high quality visible light. The Vyv solution is unique in its ability to provide continuous use while providing protection in occupied spaces.

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon said: “We are both proud and excited to be introducing this groundbreaking light technology to the UK, with its tested efficacy in killing* viruses. The overhead LED products can be used in the widest range of environments, where people gather, work and study.”

Colleen Costello, Vyv CEO and co-founder said: “The implications of this are vast because unlike harmful UV-C light, Vyv’s patented technology can be used continuously and without restriction 24/7 around people, animals and plants. The recent findings of enhanced efficacy against viruses greatly expands the antimicrobial impact delivered to spaces currently protected with Vyv technology, as well as in new spaces. With our overhead LED products, Vyv is already lighting offices, schools and school buses, athletic centres, factories, and hospitals. We’re also embedding the same technology in many challenging spaces, including behind elevator buttons, inside consumer products such as humidifiers and bathroom fans, and in airplanes, trains and public buses.”

Martin Gaffney - Commercial Director STG

STG Aerospace appoints new Commercial Director

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Martin Gaffney - Commercial Director STG

STG Aerospace has appointed Martin Gaffney to head up its commercial division and lead the company’s expansion over the next five years.

Gaffney’s appointment is part of an expansion programme that will provide all-round service to airlines, OEMs and aerospace interior designers, and bring skilled job opportunities to the local economy.

Upon his appointment, Gaffney said: “The objective is to drive double digit growth for the business in the next five years, expanding into new aviation markets and broadening the product range we offer.

“But it’s also incredibly important to me that all our employees join us on the journey, and what really struck me about STG was the passion, knowledge and commitment to aerospace safety of everyone I met at the company.

“Our aircraft emergency exit marking systems are safety critical products and that means our products are contributing to saving lives, which is meaningful for me personally. That, and joining a technical, exciting and entrepreneurial organisation.”

Grant Bennett, CEO at STG Aerospace added: “The last 16 months have had a significant impact on the aviation industry, for obvious reasons.

“As a business we were able to react, adapt and respond to the changes that were taking place. The focus now is very much on enhancing our position and capability within the market and driving growth.

“We are delighted and excited to welcome Martin to the team. He joins us at a pivotal time for the business and the industry as a whole, and we’re extremely confident that the ambitious goals set are more than achievable with Martin on board.”

Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Cobalt Aerospace in double honour

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Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Norfolk-based Cobalt Aerospace has been recognised for its excellence in the fields of ‘Innovation’ and ‘International Trade’ as part of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

The Queens Awards for Enterprise celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses that are leading the way with pioneering products and services. This year, 205 business were recognised nationally for their contributions to ‘International Trade’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainable Development’, and ‘Promoting Opportunity (through Social Mobility)’.

The ‘Innovation’ category win recognises the company’s flagship product, Cobalt Spectrum, a drop-in LED mood lighting system for aircraft cabins. Boasting high reliability and one of the most comprehensive feature sets on the market, Cobalt Spectrum lighting units are currently flying with many flag carrier airlines and operators worldwide.

Director and co-founder Dan Rust commented: “We were bowled over to learn that we had won, not one, but two awards. I’m incredibly proud of the whole team – each of whom have contributed to our success with their hard work and dedication over the last eight years. To be recognised in this way is huge cause for celebration, and excellent motivation to achieve even more over the next eight!”

Boeing Dreamliner cabin

Diehl extends Dreamliner interior lighting contract

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Boeing Dreamliner cabin

Diehl Aerospace has secured a contract extension from Boeing for the delivery of the interior lighting system for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The initial contract for the development and serial production of LED interior lighting for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner had been agreed in 2005.

The cabin lighting system for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was the first all-LED mood-lighting system for the civil aviation market, and was designed and developed by Diehl, approximately 20 years ago.

The current contract will expire by end of 2022. The two companies have agreed to extend the contract into the next decade.

Wash basin surface cleaned via Vyz LED lighting

Vyv antimicrobial LED lighting comes onboard Delta

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Wash basin surface cleaned via Vyz LED lighting

Delta is to begin installation of Vyv (pronounced “VIVE” – formerly known as Vital Vio) antimicrobial LED lighting above onboard the high-touch areas of lavatory sinks and countertops, on its Boeing 757-200 fleet.

After installation on this initial fleet, Delta plans to conduct further tests in 2021 with the hope of expanding installation in the future.

These antimicrobial LED lights, when combined with electrostatic spraying and frequent cleaning, help to improve cleanliness and eliminate germs in lavatories. In-flight crews also use kits that include disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves to ensure the thorough sanitisation completed before boarding stays fresh throughout the flight.

“Innovation is central to everything we do at Delta. Our partnership with Vyv shows how we are adapting the vision we showcased at CES to double-down on our commitment to customer health and safety,” said Bill Lentsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer. “This technology will provide another of the many layers we’ve put in place that, when working together, keep customers safe. For Delta, there’s no more important goal for applied innovation.”

Vyv is a visible spectrum LED light (non-UV) that provides high-quality illumination that is deadly to bacteria, while being ideal for continuous use around people and animals.

Customers will know their flight is equipped with Vyv thanks to newly installed messaging placards in outfitted lavatories. These placards feature a link customers can visit to learn more about Delta’s layers of protection and how the company is harnessing innovative collaboration to keep customers safe.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our nimble teams from Delta Flight Products and TechOps have worked in partnership with our Innovation team to deliver cleanliness solutions for customers,” said Don Mitacek, SVP – Technical Operations. “This is another example of how Delta and our startup partners have worked together to create a safer travel experience.”