Air China named as launch customer for Recaro’s CL6720 business class seat

Air China named as launch customer for Recaro’s CL6720 business class seat

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Air China named as launch customer for Recaro’s CL6720 business class seat

Air China will be the launch customer for the new CL6720 business class seat, which will equip the carrier’s new A350 fleet.

The order of ten shipsets marks the first time Air China has selected a Recaro staggered full-flat business class seat for their long-range aircraft.

The CL6720 is designed to enhance the travel experience with additional privacy features and increased living space. With the lightweight structure, combined with an efficient seat configuration, the CL6720 can save airlines thousands in fuel costs and help reduce their carbon footprint.

The exclusive CL6720 seat customised by Air China is designed from the perspective of passenger demand and experience.

In addition to the CL6720 business class, Air China also selected Recaro premium economy seat PL3530 and the economy class seat CL3710 for their new A350 fleet.

Leonardo helicopters flying throughout Italy will benefit from connectivity from Hughes and Telespazio

Telespazio picks Hughes HeloSat for Leonardo helicopter satellite communications

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Leonardo helicopters flying throughout Italy will benefit from connectivity from Hughes and Telespazio

Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo and Thales, has selected the Hughes HeloSat solution for satellite communications for Leonardo’s helicopters.

The solution combines the Hughes HM100 gateway and the HM400 modem for satcom on-the-move with technical support and systems integration. Once installed on Leonardo helicopters, HeloSat enables connectivity through-the-rotor using the Athena-Fidus Ka-band satellite capacity via the Telespazio ground station in Fucino, Italy.

“Building on a decades-long collaboration with Telespazio, last year we demonstrated our HeloSat technology with no packet loss through the blades of a Leonardo AW139 helicopter; now we are delivering a turnkey solution,” said Rick Lober, Vice President and General Manager, Hughes Defense. “With low size, weight and power, HeloSat is the only reliable, validated, wideband beyond-line-of-sight satcom capability for helicopters to transmit uninterrupted, full-motion video in real time.”

“For the fixed-wing and rotary-wing avionics market, Telespazio has chosen to create a technological team of companies with the best solutions on the market. The approach is to solve all the issues related to an avionic satellite solution by providing: teleport services, on-board technologies, ground technologies and space capacity on satellites most suited to the proposal.

“Our approach was to solve all problems connected with satellite avionics solutions by providing teleport services, on-board satellite antennas, baseband technology and space capacity on the satellites most suited to the proposal,” added Alessandro Caranci, Vice President and Head of Satcom Line of Business, Telespazio.  “When we searched for a technology that could ensure connectivity under the rotor of a helicopter we asked our strategic partner Hughes for a proof of concept; together with them we designed a solution that is currently unique in the market. Our partnership with Italiana Ponti Radio, on the other hand, has enabled us to offer an outstanding Italian solution for small Ka band and Ku band satellite antennas that meet all integration requirements – of fundamental importance on aerial platforms.”

In particular, Italiana Ponti Radio contributed a 31cm Ka band antenna to the project. This represents an important milestone for the company, which this year added to its certification for 37cm Ku band avionics antennas with the satellite operator Eutelsat.

“Italiana Ponti Radio has supplied Leonardo with communication technologies for many years, but the partnership proposed by Telespazio has enabled our company to come back to LHD with an integrated solution,” stated Antonio Salomone, President of IPR.

Jetstar Australia’s new A321neo aircraft, due to arrive from 2022 onwards, will be outfitted with Recaro’s BL3710 seating.

Jetstar to equip A321neo aircraft with Recaro’s BL3710 seats

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Jetstar Australia’s new A321neo aircraft, due to arrive from 2022 onwards, will be outfitted with Recaro’s BL3710 seating.

Jetstar Australia’s new A321neo aircraft, due to arrive from 2022 onwards, will be outfitted with Recaro’s BL3710 seating.

Jetstar will be one of the first airlines in the Asia-Pacific region to integrate the BL3710 into its fleet when it is introduced next year.

The aircraft will seat 232 passengers in a single-class cabin. Pitched at 29 inches, the BL3710 seats, the successor model of the BL3530, which has been successfully operating on Jetstar’s current A320 fleet, are 18 inches wide, and will have tapered arm rests to maximise personal space. The seat also features individual tablet holders and in-seat USB power.

Jetstar’s 18 planned A321neo’s will also feature extra-large overhead bins with 40%  more room to stow bags; digital streaming giving passengers the ability to access Jetstar’s in-flight entertainment featuring new release movies, TV shows and games on their personal devices; flip-down smartphone and tablet cradles and colour LED lighting that adjusts to the different stages of flight, supporting the transition through various stages of flight.

Jetstar’s 18 A321 LRs will be deployed on domestic routes and ultimately on some international routes like Sydney to Bali.

Inmarsat's new IFC OneFi portal

Inmarsat launches IFC monetisation platform OneFi

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Inmarsat's new IFC OneFi portal

Inmarsat has launched the OneFi customer experience platform (CXP) for airlines, designed to deliver a rich airline-branded digital platform to enhance the passenger experience onboard flights.

It allows passengers to order food and beverages, purchase seat upgrades, receive the latest flight and destination information, and sign-up to the airline’s frequent flyer programmes, all in real-time using their own personal devices.

OneFi’s sponsorship and advertising features will allow airlines to offer free in-flight broadband for passengers to browse the internet, stream videos and audio, shop online and receive other ecommerce offerings.

Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation, said: “For many years, Inmarsat has advocated the vast commercial opportunities of inflight connectivity. However, until now, airlines have struggled to realise the full potential of the business model. OneFi is a step change for those looking to monetise their Wi-Fi services and ensure they keep pace with evolving passenger needs. It will empower a digital transformation in the cabin, which is especially important at this critical time for the aviation industry.

“OneFi allows airlines to improve their brand experience and secure passenger loyalty, with the flexibility to incorporate their own services and use existing and new partners, such as content providers, advertisers and retailers. We are in advanced discussions with leading airlines about adopting this innovative new platform and expect to see a rollout with our first OneFi customer by the end of this year.”

OneFi offers an airline-branded Graphical User Interface (GUI). Media inventory and calls-to-action are available through flexible IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) ad placements with targeting, tracking and authorisation. These ensure that content is contextual and relevant to the individual passenger.

Data capture and the acceptance of multiple payment types with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant gateways enables partners to engage in more meaningful ways with passengers and boost sales lead generation rates.

In addition, OneFi is network agnostic and uses open architecture, meaning it can integrate with any technology infrastructure and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) used by airlines, ensuring a uniform experience across mixed aircraft fleets. The platform is also scalable, giving airline customers the flexibility to add new third-party services over time and helping to future proof their onboard offering.

Adient has partnered with JohnSatterfield on its Ascend seat

Satterfield takes Ascent with Adient

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Adient has partnered with JohnSatterfield on its Ascend seat

Satterfield Aerospace is providing meal trays for Adient Aerospace’s new business class seat, Ascent.

The company was selected in April 2019, with engineering finalisation occurring this year.

The seat, a recent winner of International Yacht & Aviation Awards for Cabin Design, debuted in June this year on Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

“We could not be more proud of our being selected by Adient to design, develop and build meal tables for the Ascent seat – which is truly an engineering marvel,” said John Satterfield, President and CEO of Satterfield Aerospace. “It is their desire to truly improve the passenger experience, streamline the build process and think outside of the box that has created an excitement in the industry.”

Satterfield meal tables provide the perfect complement to one of the most innovative seats to come along in some time. The meal tables protect surrounding furniture with interlocking mechanisms that are intuitive, discrete and provide many options for various carriers.

Several major airlines, including Hawaiian, have already selected the Adient Ascent seat for their twin‐aisle aircraft, which have displayed a 1‐2‐1 seating configuration, with the centre seats laying down to create a double bed. The seats also feature an optional sliding door, which turns them into a private, quiet suite.

“We began with the vision of bringing automotive DNA to the aerospace market, and our commitment to on‐time performance, quality and craftsmanship will be the standard for our customers around the world” said Bryan Dawson, acting CEO, Adient Aerospace.

Vision Systems' new ambiance management system.

Vision Systems unveils new shading solutions

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Vision Systems' new ambiance management system.

Vision Systems has presented its latest innovations dedicated to first- and business-class passengers.

The company has showcased SPD dimmable windows with distinctive characteristics adapted to each class. These solutions eliminate shades that block the view and require regular maintenance while protecting passengers from unwanted daylight or glare, and include innovative features such as complete privacy, multi-zoning, mood-lighting, transparent touch control and integrated information display.

A premium shade with a motorised triple window shade was also shown as well as a smart glass partition showing videos such as traveling information or advertising. When nothing is displayed, this divider can remain transparent, or opaque to offer privacy between classes.

Vision Systems also unveiled a concept of ambiance management system.

Depending on the chosen ambiance or specific moment of the journey, Vision Systems’ ambiance management system generates the right atmosphere to offer each passenger a unique experience. Through a tablet or control panel, the traveller can select a “mood”, such as reading, sleeping or waking up, leading to the automatic synchronisation of the shade, the dimmable windows and the lighting to create the perfect adequacy between the selected mood and the lighting atmosphere.

Each of Vision Systems’ shading systems can be controlled individually directly at the window with a transparent touch panel or simultaneously through the ambiance management system.

Developed in-house based on Vision Systems cabin management systems, other elements of the cabin could be managed by the application (temperature, image, sound) with individual or crew control.

SCHOTT's new portrait version of its JADE reading light

SCHOTT enhances Jade lighting options

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SCHOTT's new portrait version of its JADE reading light

SCHOTT has introduced a new product variety of its Jade Reading Light.

The light is now  available in  portrait format in addition to landscape format, offering designers and seat manufacturers increased flexibility in integrating the light into a premium economy, business or first-class seat design.

Created in partnership with PriestmanGoode, Jade offers a functional, classical reading light that is combined with an integrated ambient light to create a special atmosphere within a business or first-class seat.

The light beam and intensity can be directed via touch technology – by swiping as on a smartphone. The light beam was narrowed down to the perfect angle precisely directed it to the area needing illuminating, for example a book for reading.

Jade interlinks with cabin and seat scenarios, so that for example, when the passenger adjusts the position of their seat, the light beam automatically follows.

The flexible SCHOTT HelioCurve LED strip for mood lighting creates individual illumination effects and/ or follow general ambient lighting cabin scenarios. It is available in white or full colour/RGBW varieties. It only requires a very small space envelope to work and create a wash light effect in numerous areas within the cabin environment. The strips are bendable, have a control header that provides robust LED protection, and they are controllable via PWM or bus-control using a Multi Light Controller box, which can create lighting scenarios, provide status management, power levelling and other key information.

John Horsfall has acquired Orvec

John Horsfall acquires Orvec

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John Horsfall has acquired Orvec

John Horsfall has acquired fellow Hull-based designer, Orvec, a supplier and manufacture of woven and non-woven products to the airline.

The acquisition will allow John Horsfall to further diversify its product range.

Peter Horsfall Benson commented: “This is a fantastically positive acquisition for our business, with many synergies in terms of product area and customer base. John Horsfall will retain Orvec’s UK & China production facilities; with all sales enquiries, order processing and account management coming in-house at John Horsfall’s Huddersfield HQ.”

In addition to its Hull headquarters, Orvec has manufacturing facilities in Xiamen, China and Charlotte, North Carolina, US, from which it serves airline customers including Aer Lingus, Delta, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Montys Bakehouse Snack Pack chicken

Monty’s Bakehouse unveils new products

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Montys Bakehouse Snack Pack chicken

Monty’s Bakehouse has introduced the Snack Pack, a ‘freeze-thaw’ concept designed by its in-house chefs to “deliver fresh, great tasting, quality second serve meal solutions.”

Each Snack Pack contains Monty’s Bakehouse soft roll, which it says is co-extruded to completely envelop a generous portion of the sandwich filling. Such a design is claimed to prevent any leakage inside the box during transit or service. Also in the Pack is a moist sweet sponge.

The Snack Pack is hygienically sealed for passenger and crew reassurance, and freshly frozen in the kitchen to lock in freshness and provide a longer shelf life. The Snack Pack is thawed in the catering facility prior to being loaded on board the aircraft, ready to be served, reducing crew handling and preparation time in flight.

Each Snack Pack box is made using bio-degradable, compostable paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests, and features a new design to differentiate the product from the existing range to aid service on flight.

The Snack Pack is currently available in four recipes:

  • Farmhouse-style chicken, aromatic basil and ripe tomato in a freshly baked roll served with a zesty lemon sponge;
  • Classic egg and sweet tomato in a freshly baked roll served with a rich chocolate sponge, suitable for vegetarians;
  • Creamy and spicy coronation chickpea in a freshly baked roll served with a rich chocolate, also suitable for vegetarians;
  • Chunky chicken salsa in a freshly baked roll served with a zesty lemon sponge.

The company is also introducing Monty’s Croque Monsieur, a twist on the popular classic dish re-designed by the Monty’s Bakehouse chefs.

Monty’s Croque Monsieur consists of layers of fresh ham, tangy mustard and a mature cheddar bechamel sauce topped with Gruyere cheese placed on top of a crispy white bread with chunky, doughy sides. The Monty’s Bakehouse chefs use a unique baking process where the filling is baked into the bread to prevent the cheese oozing out or the ham separating from the sandwich for a delectable clean eat. The doughy sides also prevent greasy fingers.

Also available is vegetarian and halal alternative, the Garlic Mushroom Croque, made with layers of sliced mushrooms, mustard, and a mature cheddar bechamel sauce topped with Gruyere cheese.

The Monty’s Bakehouse team have removed the traditional plastic flow wrap used in the industry, instead serving the Monty’s Croque Monsieur in its signature Barricade Eco packaging which is bio-degradable, compostable paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Telstar Heavenly Cookies from UK-bakery nibnibs

nibnibs extends choice of nibbles

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Telstar Heavenly Cookies from UK-bakery nibnibs

Family-owned Yorkshire bakery nibnibs has launched a new cookie, Telstar, which it hopes will be available on flights soon.

The bakery currently has savoury products on all flights out of Europe for two US carriers.

The Telstar Heavenly Cookies are available in two versions – Caramelised with 88 calories per mini pack or 90 calories for the Chocolate variety.

nibnibs has reduced the sugar content by 30% with no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and the product is palm oil free. Both versions are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Fully recyclable packaging options are available.