Austrian crew member wearing a mask

Lufthansa Group permits passengers with health conditions to fly mask free

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Austrian crew member wearing a mask

From 1 September, the Lufthansa Group airlines (Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, SWISS)  is allowing those with health conditions to fly mask-free upon presentation of a medical certificate. Passengers will be able to download the document from the retrospective airlines’ websites. In addition, passengers must also present a negative COVID-19 test, taken no longer than 48 hours prior to departure. This ensures maximum safety for the passengers travelling with them.

Children under the age of six continue to be exempt from the wearing a face mask.

Lufthansa Group’s General Conditions of Carriage (GTC) will in future stipulate that anyone with a known or positive COVID-19 infection are not permitted to board the aircraft.

“We have always emphasised that safety is our top priority, especially in the age of COVID-19, and a mask is the simplest and most effective protection against transmission,” commented Austrian Airlines COO Jens Ritter. “The majority of our passengers comply with the rules in an exemplary manner. With the current change, we are taking an additional step towards greater health protection on the aircraft.”

Eurowings tailfin

Eurowings moves flight planning to the Cloud

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Eurowings tailfin

Eurowings has migrated to Lufthansa Systems’ cloud delivery platform Global Aviation Cloud as it continues to drive the digitalisation of its flight operations.

A longstanding Lido Flight 4D customer, Eurowings becomes the first airline within the Lufthansa Group to use the new technology, which will enable it to optimise routes in a more flexible and reliable way.

“We are very pleased with the enormous increase in processing speed the migration has brought. At the same time, operations have always remained stable and reliable,” said Timo Rapp, Head of Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) at Eurowings. “Even in these extremely difficult times due to the current pandemic, pushing this migration with high priority was worth the effort.”

In addition to the Lido product suite for flight planning and navigation, Lufthansa Systems has integrated its solutions for ground operations (NetLine), in-flight entertainment (BoardConnect) and finance management (SIRAX) into the Global Aviation Cloud. More than 16 products and applications from Lufthansa Systems are cloud-ready and over 50 customer environments have already been set up.

“The Global Aviation Cloud increases the flexibility, scalability and security of our applications,” said Dr. Thomas Wittmann, CEO of Lufthansa Systems. “We work hand in glove with our customers from implementation to management, ensuring that we are continuously innovating and paving the way for a more digital and smarter future of airline operations.”

There are more than 7,500 commercial aircraft worldwide operating with Lido Flight 4D. After the preparations for the Global Aviation Cloud were concluded by the end of 2019, five Lido Flight 4D customers upgraded to the cloud service. Despite the challenging situation caused by the pandemic, Lufthansa Systems plans to implement the majority of service transitions by the end of the year.

Passengers enjoying entertainment on a laptop

Lufthansa Group offers Deutsche Telekom customers free in-flight Wi-Fi access

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Passengers enjoying entertainment on a laptop

Residential customers of Deutsche Telekom are receiving free in-flight broadband on all domestic, short and medium haul flights operated by Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Eurowings and Austrian Airlines).

Introduced towards the end of April 2020 the offer has now been extended until the end of 2021.

“According to a Bitkom survey, every other German would like to surf the Internet free-of-charge onboard an airplane,” says Hagen Rickmann, Board Member Business Customers at Deutsche Telekom. “We are now responding to this request and expanding our Wi-Fi offering on the plane. From now on, private customers can also surf free of charge on European flights of the Lufthansa Group.”

Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom are working together to enable advanced roaming services, allowing subscribers of mobile network operators and Wi-Fi service providers to automatically access the in-flight Wi-Fi service.

“The simplicity of a plug-and play experience is the key reason why 40% of mobile subscribers in Europe actively use cellular roaming services when abroad. We now have the technology to fully emulate that cellular roaming experience on a flight. Merely turn on your smartphone and start using the inflight Wi-Fi services,” explains Asbjorn Christoffersen, Inmarsat Aviation’s Vice President of Retail Revenue Management.

“Starting with mobile app-based roaming – using the WISPr technology – we’ll expect to rapidly transition to fully automated cellular style roaming using Passpoint technology.”

Passengers are billed via their regular mobile network subscription.

As part of the campaign, Deutsche Telekom customers with a Magenta Mobil M tariff or higher can book the ‘Inflight Europa Flat’ Wi-Fi free of charge. For business customers, the flat rate is now also available free of charge from the Business Mobil M rate onwards. The tariff option is simply booked before the journey starts. The offer also applies to business customers of Magyar Telekom, Hrvatski Telekom, Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czech Republic, who use the One App instead of Deutsche Telekom’s Connect App.

The offer of free GX Aviation inflight broadband will be communicated via onboard announcements. Passengers can either login onto the connectivity service manually (via the portal of the respective airline) or through Deutsche Telekom’s Connect App. GX Aviation is available as soon as cruising altitude is reached. The app then automatically displays the available Wi-Fi and asks whether a connection should be established.

Eurowings aicraft

Eurowings commits to “Take Care of You”

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Eurowings aicraft

To complement its increased June schedule, Eurowings has released a specially produced film showcasing the protective health and safety measures put in place for its customers.

The video titled “We’ll Take Care of You” has been designed for Eurowings to showcase the protective measures it has introduced to dispel travellers anxiety and instill confidence.

The airline is asking its passengers to bring a mouth and nose protection to all flights and to wear it both at the airport and on board. Eurowings flight attendants will also wear face coverings. As a result, the airline is no longer applying keeping the neighbouring seat free but will allocate seats as far as possible spread over a large area of the cabin.

Before and during the flight as well as on the ground during transit times, contact between crew members and ground staff will be minimised.

For instance, communication between cockpit and ground staff will be carried out in most as much as possible via headsets, while the crew will use the interphone as the main communication channel. The entire crew will make sure their hands are disinfected regularly, with both on-board sales and on-board service are reduced to avoid hand contact as far as possible. Payment on board will be cashless.

Each aircraft is disinfected when it stops at its home base. In the cabin, this includes the luggage compartments, armrests, seat belts and buckles as well as tables. In the washrooms, the toilet bowl and seat, washbasin, fittings, mirror and door handle are cleaned thoroughly. All work surfaces and sinks in the aircraft galley are also disinfected.

Eurowings is asking its customers and business partners via social media channels, which services they would like the airline to provide during and after the Corona crisis

Eurowings want customers to help shape the future of flying

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Eurowings is asking its customers and business partners via social media channels, which services they would like the airline to provide during and after the Corona crisis

Eurowings is asking its customers and business partners via social media channels, which services they would like the airline to provide during and after the Corona crisis. All proposed service or product ideas must bring concrete added value for passengers.

“As challenging as the current phase is, we are using the de facto travel ban to make Eurowings even more customer-friendly for the period after the Corona crisis and to position the airline as a strong and popular brand. The innovation challenge is only one of many measures on this path,” said new Eurowings CEO Jens Bischof.

Customers and interested parties can submit their ideas and suggestions via the website until 13 May 2020 inclusive. The winning suggestion of the competition will be implemented by Eurowings as soon as possible, after which other winning ideas will be put into practice. The airline will draw prizes from all participants and will choose the winner of the “ideas get wings” competition in September 2020.