Jamco AR

Jamco introduces AR technology for improved m..

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Jamco AR

Jamco America and Object Theory, an early pioneer in mixed reality, have partnered to create a new training tool for efficient maintenance service to support customer needs.

Current product maintenance training relies on video tutorials, face-to-face demonstrations, and written training guides with supporting component maintenance manuals. With the introduction of augmented reality, Jamco hopes to provide a more seamless and repeatable product maintenance training service for its customers.

Jamco America’s vision is to ensure that the airlines’ operational efficiency is maximised. With the implementation of the HoloLens, trainee mechanics can work on their product hands-free, in real time, and without the need to refer to a separate manual. This system audibly communicates step-by-step instructions to the user as computer-generated images create a guiding overlay on the product. At the same time, the user has complete control over the pace of their work by selecting when they are ready to proceed to the next step.

In addition, documents like the component maintenance manual will be easily accessible within the AR device. This combination of visual guidance and textual information provides a field ready, efficient, and comprehensive maintenance tool to solve problems as they arise.

The AR system will provide the ability for mechanics in the field to access whatever assistance is required, no matter where in the world a problem arises.

AR will also allow Jamco America Product Support representatives to communicate in real time with mechanics via remote assist. In those cases, both individuals will be able to see the same product and work together – through AR – to resolve the customer’s concern.


Dr Joe Leader

APEX/IFSA call for financial support for enti..

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Dr Joe Leader

APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) has reiterated its call for financial support of the global airline industry.

It is backing a proposal from A4A for US$50 billion in US airline support alongside the $150 billion proposed by IATA and proposing that four out of every five dollars of global government support should go directly to airlines with the remaining one dollar held for airline suppliers. For the US alone, an additional $12.5 billion will be required by airline suppliers to successfully weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Both the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) are encouraging members to contact their US senators and US representatives directly, preferably by phone, to push the case for relief for airline suppliers and vendors.

In a letter to the US Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, APEX and IFSA CEO Dr. Joe Leader wrote:

“As you continue efforts to assist the airline industry, we respectfully request that relief also be provided specifically for airline suppliers and vendors which are a fully integrated part of the airline industry. These include airline caterers, food suppliers, systems manufacturers and installers, connectivity companies, and content distributors, to name a few. These companies and their thousands of employees already are bearing a severe financial burden due to the government- and business-imposed restrictions to air travel, and that burden grows daily…. The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated.”

AVIC Bower

AVIC remodels UK leadership

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AVIC Bower

AVIC International has announced a series of UK executive leadership changes.

Andres Budo has been appointed Senior Vice President, Aftersales and Services, for AVIC Cabin Systems, having previously been CEO of Thompson Aero Seating.

All operational aspects of both AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating will be managed by newly created positions of Vice President & General Manager responsible for Supply Chain, Quality, Operations, Programme Management & Engineering in each business. Wayne Ball has been appointed as VP & General Manager for AIM Altitude and Neil Taggart has been appointed VP & General Manager for Thompson Aero Seating, both having previously served as COO for their respective companies.


Richard Bower (main picture), CEO of AIM Altitude, has become Chief Commercial Officer for AVIC Cabin Systems.


Bower said: “I am delighted to have been appointed Chief Commercial Officer for AVIC Cabin Systems. The companies under the AVIC Cabin Systems alliance have been working closely together for some time, integrating skills and strengthening our position in the market. In my new position, I will be able to continue to enhance this working relationship and deliver value to our customers. Wayne Ball is an excellent choice for Vice President & General Manager of AIM Altitude and I have great confidence that his will prove to be an extremely successful appointment.”

OneWeb launch 3

OneWeb completes second launch of 2020

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OneWeb launch 3

OneWeb has successfully launched a further 34 satellites from the historic Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

This is the second of its 34 satellite launches in six weeks, bringing the total number of satellites in the constellation to 74.

Over the past year, the company has deployed and tested satellites, installed ground stations globally, secured valuable spectrum and has a range of user terminals in development to meet customer needs.

Molon Labe PRM seat

New seat design aims to give greater independ..

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Molon Labe PRM seat

A collaboration led by Molon Labe Seating, has unveiled a prototype of a new airline seat that will allow Passengers of Restricted Mobility (PRMs) to fly on airlines in their own wheelchairs.

Based on Molon Labe’s Side-Slip Seat design, the prototype is modified from a standard economy-class triple seat to a very wide economy-class double seat.

During normal operations it is a normal economy-class seat, but when required, the aisle seat is slid over the top of the window seat and locked into place for normal use. The space opened by sliding the aisle seat over the top of the window seat offers 36” wide space to secure a manual or powered wheelchair in place. A Q-Straint wheelchair docking system; already widely used on buses and trains, is used to secure the wheelchair to the aircraft cabin floor.

One advantage of this design is that airlines do not lose any revenue or real estate, which has been an issue with previous designs attempting to address this problem.

Molon Labe has launched a GoFundMe campaign to expedite the design, engineering, analysis and certification of this seat.

“It costs millions to design and certify an airline seat. We are a small start-up with limited resources and our recently certified S1 economy-class seat is our main focus right now. So, we chose to crowdfund this project so we can get it certified and in the air as soon as possible. We want to be flying within 18 months but we need the public’s help,” said  Hank Scott, CEO, Molon Labe Seating.

The GoFundMe campaign is here: gofundme.com/f/flyingwheelchairs

Follow here – #flyingwheelchairs

Molon has partnered with several accessibility & aircraft-interiors partners to expedite the project.

Primus Aerospace: Manufacturing.
National Institute of Aviation Research: Analysis & Testing.
JPA Designs: Conceptual Design
Q’Straint: Wheelchair Docking System.
Quantum Rehab: Wheelchair Manufacturer.
Allwheelsup.org: Accessibility Advocates US
Flyingdisabled.org: Accessibility Advocates UK/EU

AMAC Aerospace BBJ

AMAC to upgrade BBJ 747-8 cabin interior

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AMAC Aerospace BBJ

AMAC Aerospace is to undertake a cabin re-configuration and interior upgrade on a Boeing BBJ 747-8.

During a 72-month check, the cabin will be equipped with a Ka-kand connectivity system with an already existing STC and will upgrade the in-flight entertainment.

“We are very proud to have been awarded with this big project on the Boeing BBJ 747-8. We appreciate the trust of our customers for our expertise in wide-body aircraft. Our engineering skills empower us to install and upgrade the latest technology to customers’ fullest satisfaction,” said Eric Hoegen, Director Completion Sales & Key Account Management, at AMAC Aerospace.

Luxaviation CEO Hansen

Luxaviation launches solidarity initiative fo..

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Luxaviation CEO Hansen

The European Business Aviation Solidarity Initiative (EBASI), a solidarity endeavour which puts the administrative, financial and procurement resources of Luxaviation Group at the service of smaller and operators and fellow contenders during the crisis, has been launched.

During the next three months and starting with immediate, Luxaviation Group will support the European aviation industry by sharing some of its expertise in procurement, purchasing power and finance resources to operators for free, helping smaller or fellow business aviation companies to concentrate on their core business.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group said: “As a major group we have to take our responsibility towards our clients, partners and the industry in general. We build our business on resources that smaller operators are lacking during lockdown. This initiative allows them to focus their limited resources on keeping their clients and assets safe, which is paramount to keep the industry as healthy as possible.”

The EBASI initiative shall allow any participating jet operator, to enjoy where possible the same pricing that Luxaviation Group gets from suppliers as well as to take advantage of the Luxaviation Group’s payment terms. It also provides operators with the possibility to get access to all documents required to be sent to authorities and other agencies alike to reduce costs.

“We also invite EBAA to join the EBASI initiative”, said Hansen, “With the financial support of EBAA a ‘guarantee fund’ could be set up and CAA, Eurocontrol and various European Institutions could make sure that the rescue funds are flowing. In case EBAA was ready and on-board the initiative, we would be very much inclined to put EBASI under their supervision or coordination.”

Luxaviation Group also invites suppliers and larger operators that might not have been contacted to join the solidarity initiative. The Group’s initiative focuses currently on Europe but might be extended to other parts of the world.

Operators interested in the initiative get in touch with Chief Operations Officer, Joao Casimiro or Group President of Wholesale, Christophe Lapierre at ebasi@luxaviation.com

Immfly and IAG

Immfly extends relationship with IAG

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Immfly and IAG

Immfly has secured a long-term partnership with International Airlines Group.

Immfly’s specialist onboard software services will support the development and maintenance of IAG’s universal platform (.air). The platform has already deployed the most advanced connectivity service across a large part of the Group’s fleet to deliver a consistent digital customer experience, with built in flexibility to tailor the offering to each airline’s brand and customer proposition.

The announcement follows a long standing pioneering wireless IFE between Immfly and the Group’s airline Iberia Express. IAG now intends to enhance the .air platform with new features, products, services and retail opportunities designed to progressively unlock new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction.

“The partnership with Immfly will enable IAG to deliver new personalised services and expand the product range offered to our customers across entertainment, retail and loyalty” said Andrea Burchett, Group Head, IAG Connect at International Airlines Group. We are excited to work together to develop services that innovate and disrupt the market by leveraging our combined knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our customers and airlines.”


Self care in the air

FLYWELL encourages self-care in the air

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Self care in the air

FLYWELL has added a new comprehensive library of onboard exercises, mindfulness techniques, and healthy travel tips, provided via video, audio and ebook formats.

According to Charlotte Dodson, ‘Self-care in the Air’ health ambassador and instructor, the goal is to help airline passengers to help themselves, on all physiological levels. “There are no ‘cures’ offered through this easy-to-navigate IFE interactive platform – rather, it provides a diverse menu of basic-yet-powerful tools (across mental, emotional, and the physical spectrum of wellness) that puts a sense of control and self-empowerment back in the hands of individuals who may otherwise be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by current events”

The IFE library of ‘Self-care in the Air’ has a variety of content built around ensuring that an individual’s immunity levels, respiratory system and lung capacity are all operating at full strength. This content provides specific breathing techniques, gentle stretch suggestions and guided meditations which can work together in order to lower those stress hormones (such as cortisol) that compromise the immune system, while simultaneously bringing oxygen-rich blood to various organs that can become overburdened during long travel times.

Dodson adds that, “performing relaxation exercises and listening to soothing music can both reduce cortisol levels; whatever helps an individual in managing their stress will prove beneficial to their overall health.”

This series of immunological and respiratory-linked content also reminds viewers (through a series of prompts, video tips and written advice) that ‘we are what we eat’ – colds and flu can result from poor digestion or an energy imbalance originating in the digestive tract. Self-care in the Air’s onboard wellness guide provides passengers with ideas about how they can use their meal times to enhance their immunity: eat slowly and chew well in order to avoid bloating (and its negative effect on respiratory health) whilst encouraging your food to properly digest. Eating an antioxidant-rich diet is one of the best ways to optimise the immune system.

Wamos Air A330 b/c

AIRE refreshes business class seats for Wamos..

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Wamos Air A330 b/c

AIRE (Aircraft Interior Refurbishment España), has completed the modification and refurbishment of business class seats for Wamos Air upcoming A330 aircraft.

The project included modifying the seat plinth and centre front row monument (FRM) to accommodate the seat’s 44-inch pitch. The entire structure modification was undertaken under the instruction provided by Stelia Aerospace, seat OEM and Part21J in charge of seat structure change approval.

The seats feature a fully leather seat cover with diamond geometry to uniform the design of operator fleet.

With the support of Airline Services Interiors, AIRE also replaced the existing Panasonic IFE system with a new Safran RAVE IFE.

“This project is a step ahead to solidify even more the successful relation between the companies which have been sharing a long way together through last years”, stated Javier Camara, Production Director for AIRE. “Furthermore, this project gave us the opportunity to put in place all our capabilities as a Design, Production and Maintenance organisation for cabin interiors requirements” concluded Camara.

All the project milestones have been endorsed in an STC carried out by Airbus Interiors Services team to certify the final configuration required by the Airline.