Stratasys has been awarded a contract extension for production of 3D printed polymer cabin interior components.

Stratasys extends Airbus contract

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Stratasys has been awarded a contract extension for production of 3D printed polymer cabin interior components.

Stratasys has been awarded a contract extension for production of 3D printed polymer cabin interior components.

While the initial contract with Stratasys was focused on production parts for the A350, this contract extension expands the range of parts printed for Airbus to include replacement and spare parts for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) as well as parts for aircraft platforms (such as A300, A330, A340 and A320) in addition to the A350.

AKKA and Avianor have secured an EASA STC for A330 cargo conversions

AKKA and Avianor obtain first-ever EASA STC for A330 conversion

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AKKA and Avianor have secured an EASA STC for A330 cargo conversions

AKKA Technologies and Avianor, an affiliate of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, have obtained an EASA STC for the cargo conversion of the A330.

The new EASA STC 10075624, available in three weeks’ time, will offer operators the opportunity to be fully compliant with new EASA specifications allowing operators to fly on cargo modification until the end of the year.

“Working in partnership with AKKA over the course of several months to successfully obtain the first ever EASA STC certification of this kind allows us to meet the needs of operators across the world. Temporary passenger-to-freight solutions continue to be carried out, and this turnkey EASA-certified solution makes it easier to implement for operators and substantially extend its duration, making the business case compelling. This fits well with the wide range of options that Avianor can provide with TCCA, FAA and EASA operators,” said Matthieu Duhaime, President and COO, Avianor.

“This achievement results from AKKA’s and Avianor’s combined expertise and demonstrates our common will and capability to support the aviation industry by bringing the pragmatic solution expected by the market. This first success paves the way for further fruitful collaboration creating value for our customers,” added PierreYves Lazies, Vice President of Aviation at AKKA France.

Finnair is to dismantle and recycle an A319 at Helsinki Airport

Finnair to dismantle and recycle an A319 aircraft

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Finnair is to dismantle and recycle an A319 at Helsinki Airport

Finnair is to dismantle and recycle an Airbus A319 aircraft, following 21 years of service.

“This is the first time that a Finnair aircraft is dismantled and recycled in Finland. We made the decision to take the plane apart at our home hub to optimise sustainability and economics”, said Juha Ojala, Vice President of Finnair’s Technical Operations. “This project allows us to improve the cost efficiency of maintenance operations and employ our mechanics during the pandemic when their normal workload has decreased.”

This is the first time that a commercial aircraft will be dismantled in Finland.

The dismantling will begin at Helsinki Airport, where Finnair’s mechanics will remove parts that can be used elsewhere in Finnair’s fleet. These include the engine, seats, landing gear and avionics components.

“Many parts of the plane that will be dismantled – like landing gear, engines, the auxiliary power unit and avionics – can be utilised in Finnair’s maintenance operations, which supports both sustainability as well as cost efficiency,” Juha Ojala explained. “The parts that will be reused will be carefully inspected and overhauled. Smaller elements, like seat covers or cabin curtains, can also be reused.”

“It’s going to be done in three parts,” said Timo Rossi, Project Manager for Finnair Technical Operations. “Finnair is going to remove bigger components such as the wings, engines, landing gears, auxiliary power unit (APU). Then a couple of hundred other parts will be taken off for eventual use in our active flying fleet.”

Once the component removals have been done by Finnair staff at Helsinki Airport, the remaining parts of the aircraft will be transported to an external partner for further dismantling.

“We’ve calculated the component removals will take roughly eight weeks,” said Rossi. “At Helsinki Airport it will take around a day to cut off the wings and the tail to get the aircraft transported to the final recycling location. The current plan is to start in the middle of February, with the work of our partner finishing in late March or early April.”

Duncan Aviation's Provo facility now offers interior SWAT services. Small things that can be fixed or improved while the aircraft is down for other work can mean a lot for the longevity and appearance of interior items. Here, Completions Spec I Alex Upah works on aircraft step tread

Duncan Aviation extends SWAT services

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Duncan Aviation's Provo facility now offers interior SWAT services. Small things that can be fixed or improved while the aircraft is down for other work can mean a lot for the longevity and appearance of interior items. Here, Completions Spec I Alex Upah works on aircraft step tread

Three of Duncan Aviation’s three full-service facilities located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Provo, Utah, now offer SWAT services.

SWAT stands for:

S—Survey aircraft interiors
W—Write prompt quotes
A—Artistically clean, touch-up, dye, correct
T—Transform appearance and functionality

The goal of the Duncan Aviation SWAT teams is to go through the aircraft and take care of the small items that are not part of the scheduled service, such as touching up paint, spot dying leather seats, and resewing curtain glides.

“We are excited to add the SWAT capabilities as part of this phase of our growth in Provo,” says Modification Manager Jeff Schipper. “We’ll continue to bolster our Modifications capabilities as our teams grow to meet the ever-increasing demand for modification services.”

According to Duncan Aviation, it developed these services years ago because SWAT is synonymous with preventative maintenance, helping an aircraft hold its value.

Although Duncan Aviation has had a presence at the Provo Municipal Airport since 2010, the company recently expanded its facilities to include multiple, state-of-the-art buildings and hangars to provide its West Coast customers with the same range of services available at the other full-service facilities, including paint, interior completions, avionics installations, engine overhaul and repair, and more.


CTT wins latest VIP Inflight Humidification order

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CTT SYSTEMS is to supply an Inflight Humidification VIP system to AMAC Aerospace for installation on an Airbus ACJ319neo aircraft. This completion will feature increased humidity in the entire aircraft cabin, which requires support from two humidifiers, with Anti-Fuselage-Condensation protection.

Without an efficient humidification system, the cabin air in the VIP aircraft or large, cabin business jet is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth – below 5% Relative Humidity (RH). With this humidifier the ACJ319neo will see its humidity increase to approximately 20% RH.

The system, CTT Systems’ 96th Inflight Humidification VIP order for Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ aircraft, will be delivered to AMAC in Q2 2021.

“Once again, AMAC Aerospace look forward to a VIP completion project that includes CTT’s humidification system. Cabin humidification is a common request from our VIP clients that value good health, wellbeing and feeling at ease during and after flight,” commented Tracey Hawthorne-Kurz, Director Logistics & Purchasing at AMAC Aerospace Switzerland.

Boeing 787 in lfight

SR Technics delivers refreshed Boeing 787 VIP cabin interior

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Boeing 787 in lfight

SR Technics VIP Consultancy Services Team has delivered a Boeing 787 VIP aircraft from a renowned VIP completion centre.

The extensive 787 interior completion project included the project concept and tender, interior design oversight, daily program management together with cost management and scope of work compliance supervision as well as change management, monument inspections, and aircraft redelivery support and acceptance.

“The customer leveraged our experience as part of the completion centre,” stated Urs Kunzelmann, SR Technics Vice President for Special Projects & Consultancy Services. “Definition was the key from the beginning and a great focus throughout the whole project. This kept us far from any misunderstanding and on track with tight cost control.”

Dassault Falcon MRO

Dassault unifies European MRO sales network

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Dassault Aviation has unified the sales activities of its European factory owned maintenance repair and overhaul operations, creating a single point of contact and offering a wider choice of MRO solutions, locations and schedules for customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia/Pacific.

The new sales organisation, headed by Thierry Salaün, brings together the MRO sales operations of Dassault’s wholly owned Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) affiliate with those of TAG Maintenance Services (TMS) and the Falcon segment of Execujet MRO Services, each acquired last year. This provides operators better access to the full capabilities of its expanded MRO service network.

“We are leveraging the combined strengths of our various MRO businesses, creating greater efficiencies and synergies across the group,” said Jean Kayanakis, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service and Service Center Network. “This means customers will no longer be wedded to any particular service location, but can access any center capable of accommodating the work scope, resource and scheduling requirements of the job at hand.”

Among other benefits, the consolidated setup will provide more information on the availability of modifications and cabin, avionics and other upgrade solutions across the product support network. The new organisation will also have responsibility for coordinating non-Falcon aircraft MRO sales throughout the TMS network.

Aeropeople secures Virgin Atlantic cabin interior maintenance contract

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Virgin Atlantic Airways has awarded Aeropeople Engineering Services, part of Aeropeople Ltd, a three-year multi-million-pound contract to manage cabin interior maintenance, repair and refurbishment across its entire global fleet.

As part of the contract, the largest in Aeropeople’s history, an 80-person team will be established at Heathrow where they will work in partnership with interiors service provider Cabinair to provide an end-to-end service for the airline across its Boeing 787 and Airbus A330/A350 aircraft.

Aeropeople Managing Director Ian Peart explained: “We have been providing recruitment services to Virgin for around 15 years and now look forward to extending that partnership in what is genuinely a ground-breaking deal that enables us to provide our customer with a turnkey solution that will minimise aircraft downtime whilst driving efficiency and value across all elements of the supply chain.

Aeropeople will set up a Line Maintenance operation at Heathrow to support front line cabin interior maintenance as well as establishing a deeper scheduled maintenance and refurbishment operation in the Virgin hangar at the airport.

Following a recruitment and training drive, work on the first aircraft was expected to commence the week of 11 January 2021.

Liebherr Aerospace’s integrated air management system takes to the skies

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Liebherr-Aerospace’s new integrated air management system has entered into service with ASL Airlines Ireland (on its new freighter aircraft ATR 72-600).

The newly enhanced system improves on-board comfort for passengers and crew while substantially reducing operational costs.

“In today’s competitive aviation landscape, it is imperative to constantly evaluate best-in-class partners, and Liebherr was able to deliver not only cost-effectiveness, but, most importantly, performance enhancements,” said David Brigante, ATR Senior Vice President Programmes and Customer Services. “Liebherr’s footprint in our ATR family has now been expanded from pressurisation and anti-ice components to bleed and air management systems as well as ground cooling systems,” he continued.

Under the ATR Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA) Liebherr-Aerospace will also be the exclusive product support provider for the new air management system worldwide. The 10-year agreement will be carried out by Liebherr-Aerospace’s service stations in Toulouse (France), Singapore and Saline, Michigan (US). Developments are well under way to provide ATR with cutting edge technology that includes predictive maintenance services.

Sichuan Airlines inks historical deal with Honeywell

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Sichuan Airlines has selected Honeywell’s 131-9A auxiliary power units (APUs) for its A320 fleet of aircraft to help reduce flight delays and cancellations and create a more pleasant flying experience for passengers.

As part of the five-year agreement, Honeywell will provide the 131-9A APU for the Chinese carrier’s 93 new A320 aircraft that will enter service by 2025. The agreement also includes retrofitting the airline’s 141 existing A320 aircraft with the same Honeywell APU, making this the largest APU retrofit deal in Honeywell’s history.

Providing electrical power and air conditioning while a plane is on the ground, an APU is a critical piece of aircraft equipment. It helps ensure passenger comfort and supplies the air source before a pilot is ready to start the main engines.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Honeywell,” said Li Yue, Executive Vice President of Sichuan Airlines. “With the aviation industry being significantly impacted by COVID-19, reliable and innovative products and solutions are highly demanded for airlines’ recovery and future development,” Yue added.

Having first taken to the skies in 1950, Honeywell has built more than 100,000 APUs since then. More than 36,000 are currently in service across both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and in 2009 the Honeywell 131-9A APU on an Airbus A320 played a critical role in the emergency landing of US airways Flight 1549 in New York’s Hudson River.

Commenting on the collaboration with Sichuan Airlines, Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific President, Steven Lien said: “We see a strong recovery and large potential for China’s aviation industry, as well as local airlines’ growing competitiveness worldwide. Honeywell is committed to supporting this market, providing customers with exceptional solutions and equipping local support teams to help them create value and improve efficiency.”