JETMS Completions

FAA approves JETMS Completions to modify and maintain Phenom 300 seats

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JETMS Completions

Aircraft interior, exterior, and completions company JETMS Completions has received the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for the Embraer 505 Phenom 300 maintenance and modification.

JETMS Completions says it now holds capabilities for all three supplement type certificates (STC) from FAA, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the UK Civil Aviation Agency (CAA). The newly approved seat modifications for Phenom 300 include headrest, backrest, seat base foam and cover replacements, arm cap renewals and refurbishments and seat base panel refurbishments, as well as painted surfaces refurbishments.

“After 18 months of hard work and application submissions to EASA, CAA and FAA, we have finally achieved and received the FAA STC validation for the Phenom 300 type light business jet seat modifications,” said Kevin Hann CEng FRAeS, Head of Design at JETMS Completions. “This is a very big step for us and we are extremely happy to be able to proceed with interior completions for the Phenom 300 jets.”


SAUDIA and SAEI join Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance

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The Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA) is welcoming Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) and Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) to the alliance.

The companies bring additional high-profile Middle East and North Africa voices to the diverse group of stakeholders advocating for modifications completed via Supplemental Type Certifications (STC).

“We are extremely pleased to welcome SAUDIA and SAEI to our growing community,” said Nina Schulz, IAMA’s Managing Director. “With each new member, the alliance grows stronger as we take on board their distinctive operational challenges and utilise them to help perfect the IAMA Rulebook. Our sincere ambition is to represent the needs and strengths of the global aviation modification market, so we are striving to attract stakeholders from every corner of the world.”

As a subscriber, SAUDIA gains access to the alliance’s burgeoning resource library and the IAMA Rulebook, which cover an extensive range of topics, including asset preservation, de-modification, right to use and the complexities around STCs.

Syed Masroor Hasan, SAUDIA’s Assistant Vice President, Aircraft Engineering, commented: “To build our service capacity, we are growing our fleet of aircraft and are focused on offering an enjoyable passenger experience—which includes operating seamless schedules. Our decision to become an IAMA subscriber is motivated by this expansion. We are delighted to join a growing number of airlines recognising IAMA’s valuable contributions to the aviation modification market.”

SAEI is the technical arm of SAUDIA and the prime consultancy and fulfillment organisation for SAUDIA’s modification campaigns. It serves regional and global clients from a network of more than 50 locations worldwide and is expanding into its state-of-the-art MRO operation at King Abdul-Aziz Airport.

“As part of our airworthiness transformation initiative, we are expanding our capabilities by implementing a design office,” said Ahmed S. Aseeri, SAEI’s owner of airworthiness engineering programme initiatives.

Lufthansa Technik Aviatar

Lufthansa Technik’s AVIATAR reaches carbon-neutral operations

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Lufthansa Technik Aviatar

Lufthansa Technik has announced its digital operations suite AVIATAR is now operating as carbon-neutral. Philip Mende, Vice President Digital Fleet Services at Lufthansa Technik said: “Of course, we are proud to be the pioneer among digital tech ops platforms in launching a carbon-neutral product. But this is just the start for us. On the one hand, we will continue to drive forward the real reduction of emissions in our production in a targeted manner and firmly anchor the topic of sustainability in our product development.

“On the other hand, we intend to conduct further studies in the near future in order to precisely quantify the emission savings that AVIATAR enables for our customers, for example by avoiding technical diversions or by optimising aircraft performance and flight operations. Here, we expect even more impressive figures.”

Lufthansa Technik says CO2 neutrality of its digital product segment is only the first step, and continuous reduction of emissions is a high priority for its four other business segments too. Although neutrality in the rather “classic” industrial segments is much more difficult to achieve than with digital products, Lufthansa Technik says it has set itself ambitious milestones. The CO2 footprint of the entire company is to be reduced by 25% by 2025 and the share of renewable energies is to increase to 50%.

The company has also set other milestones such as increasing recycling rate (to 75%), improving resource efficiency (by 25%), and reducing the chemical footprint (by 25%).

Lufthansa Technik also supports airlines around the world in achieving their sustainability goals, with its sustainability products such as the company’s Cyclean engine wash system and surface technology AeroSHARK.

A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

Vallair and UUDS announce Airbus A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

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A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

Vallair has unveiled the first ever E Class widebody freighter conversion capability at its brand new state-of-the-art mega hangar in Châteauroux, France.

The solution, which is designed to bridge the gap while operators currently wait five years or more for full freighter conversion slots, is the result of a joint investment between France-based companies Vallair and UUDS, which is Part 21 certified.

Grégoire Lebigot, Founder, President & CEO of Vallair highlighted the importance of the programme: “Innovation is and has always been integral to Vallair’s DNA. Turning the Airbus A330-300 upper deck into a cargo area without installing the large cargo door means that the conversion cost will be just a quarter of the cost compared to a conversion with one.

“Turnaround time will be just around one month instead of six – so the benefits are clear to see. Also, it is the very first “made in France” cargo conversion programme for a widebody aircraft, and Vallair is proud to spearhead this efficient, industry-leading process as part of its re-industrialisation of aviation in the region.”

Vallair says its E Class solution means that loading is not done on pallets or containers but uses a conveyor that fits inside the cargo hold to efficiently load and distribute individual parcels instead. This proven concept expedites the process and reduces turnaround times considerably.

“This solution addresses current market needs and increases the value of the asset because it is completely reversible should the market change,” Lebigot says.  “The aircraft can easily be converted back to PAX configuration, or transformed into a freighter with a large cargo door in future.  It is a complementary alternative solution to the traditional freighter conversion, not a replacement.”

Vallair says EASA approval using a Supplemental Type Certificate is expected within the next two months.

Gilles Negre, Founder & CEO of UUDS comments: “Flexibility in aircraft cabin and cargo configuration has always been key factor for successful aviation operations and revenue optimisation. Our quick change and reversible solution brings this versatility to operators and gives them additional revenue generating options. It also offers lessors alternative solutions to boost their aircraft utilisation and life expectancy. Return-on-investment is improved and asset value is increased.”

Vallair says its new hangar in Châteauroux is an important catalyst for the Airbus A330-300 E Class conversion. The hangar can accommodate two Airbus A330 aircraft, or one Airbus A330 and up to three Airbus A321s at any one time, resulting in Vallair being able to perform both wide and narrowbody maintenance, and offer a ‘Swiss-knife’ approach with tailored solutions using all of its capabilities on site including maintenance, paint, engine shop, aerostructure repairs, conversion, teardown and component support.

Bii spares

Bii acquires Boeing 747-8 and 767/777 modern spares inventory

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Bii spares

Commercial aviation aircraft parts and services provider Bii has acquired a significant portion of Aircraft Finance Germany’s (AFG) inventory of enhanced Boeing spares many of which are interchangeable between Boeing 747-8, 767 and 777 aircraft types.

Francis Cradock, CEO of Bii commented: “We’re focused on providing customers with the right component support that helps to deliver their operational efficiency. Many airlines are re-evaluating how best to manage their MRO requirements so we’ve been working with a number of partners to strategically locate consignment stock and supplement that with repair management expertise.

“Airlines can then concentrate on rebuilding their route networks and outsource the on-going maintenance and repair of all spare parts to us. Alongside this we need to constantly enrich our stock with high quality modern parts for both Boeing and Airbus platforms so that we can also meet the ad hoc customer needs of those looking to buy or exchange parts. The material from AFG fits our purchasing criteria perfectly.”

Christian Nuehlen , Chief Executive Officer of AFG commented: “This deal is indicative of Bii’s further commitment to AFG and supplements the flexible support programmes they already provide for us across rotable and consumable materials, as well as repair management services for our aircraft in check, coming off lease, or in transition.”

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6E-67XP engine

Pratt & Whitney Canada launches new PT6E-67XP engine videos

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Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6E-67XP engine

Pratt & Whitney Canada has launched a new video series about its PT6E-67XP engine technology to help customers fully benefit from the engine experience. The engine powers the Pilatus PC-12 NGX aircraft which entered service in 2020.

“This video series will help customers new to the PT6E-67XP engine take fully advantage of its state-of-the-art technology,” said Nicholas Kanellias, Vice President, General Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

“Along with the Data Collection Transmission Unit app, that is now available for download on the Apple iOS App Store, these videos are examples of our commitment to meeting customers’ needs with innovative customer service solutions that help optimise management of their engine assets.”

Pratt & Whitney Canada says the three videos showcase different aspects of the PT6E-67XP engine user experience enjoyed by Pilatus PC-12 NGX pilot-owners, directors of maintenance and technicians. The engine features a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system which Pratt & Whitney Canada says is the first of its kind in the general aviation turboprop market.

You can view the video on the flying experience here.

Menzies Aviation has acquired a controlling stake in Agunsa Aviation Services in Chile

Menzies Aviation and Agunsa announce partnership in Chile

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Menzies Aviation has acquired a controlling stake in Agunsa Aviation Services in Chile

Menzies Aviation has acquired a controlling stake in Agunsa Aviation Services, a company which provides full ground and air cargo handling services in Santiago, Chile.

Agunsa Aviation Services provides full ground handling and air cargo handling services to several major international airlines at Santiago de Chile Airport (SCL) and operates a 110,000 sq ft on-airport cargo warehouse with the unique ability at SCL to handle a combination of import cargo, export cargo and courier products.

Philipp Joeinig, CEO, Menzies Aviation, said: “I am excited to enter our sixth country in Latin America and strengthen relationships with some of our largest global airline partners. We have found a unique partner in Agencias Universales SA, which has a long and successful history as a leader in logistics in the region, and we are looking forward to expanding our business and footprint with our new partner.”

Fernando Rodriguez, CEO, Agencias Universales SA, said: “We are very pleased to enter this new partnership with Menzies Aviation and work with their team to build a market leading business across Chile and beyond. This deal will help accelerate the growth ambitions of both businesses.”

Fokker Services

Fokker Services announces Boeing 737NG nose-to-tail programme

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Fokker Services

Independent aerospace service provider Fokker Services has launched a nose-to-tail component maintenance programme for Boeing 737NG aircraft.

The company has facilities in the US and the Netherlands, and says that more than 50% of the component MRO capabilities are completed in-house for this programme.

Fokker Services says it maintains exceptionally high control over turnaround times, costs, and reliability, which allows customers to simplify their operations.

Dirk Hanenberg, Managing Director Component Material Services at Fokker Services, said: “Our Boeing 737NG component MRO expertise covers critical parts such as IDGs, engine accessories, hydraulic actuators, cockpit controls and instruments. We saw a clear and logical fit in combining our vast in-house repair knowledge with our 30 years of nose-to-tail program experience. With OEM and alternative solutions available, as well as different contract options, we offer fully flexible packages to meet the unique needs of any Boeing 737NG operator.”

Fokker Services launched its component maintenance programme in 1992, which supports CRJ, Dash 8 and Fokker aircraft, with Boeing 737NG becoming the latest addition.

Satair And Eaton Extend Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement.

Satair and Eaton extend global distribution agreement

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Satair And Eaton Extend Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement.

Airbus Services company Satair and Eaton have signed a contract to renew their exclusive global distribution agreement for a multi-year period.

According to Satair, it will distribute Eaton’s fuel and motion control products from Eaton’s Grand Rapids, Euclid and Titchfield-based facilities to the commercial transport segment.

Eaton delivers a range of reliable and fuel-efficient systems for today’s commercial aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing platforms. The company’s aerospace portfolio includes engine fuel pumps, fuel distribution and vent systems and motion control solutions, all designed to optimise safety, reliability and weight savings while helping customers lower lifecycle costs and reduce emissions.

Satair says the companies entered into an agreement in 2010 which marked a change in the dynamics of the support structure for Eaton’s fuel and motion control products, going from direct support of commercial aftermarket customers to support through Satair’s global distribution network.

“We are pleased to renew this agreement and enhance our close relationship with Eaton. We look forward to continuing to deliver world-class products to our customers across the world,“ said Bart Reijnen, CEO of Satair.

Mark Schmidt, Vice President, Aftermarket for Eaton’s Aerospace Group commented: “The extension of this agreement will ensure a solid foundation for further enhancement of the customer-focused service and support already provided to our mutual customers.”

FACC has established itself as a high-performing and reliable partner in the repair, maintenance and modernization of aircraft for airlines worldwide.

FACC announces partnership with Leki Aviation

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FACC has established itself as a high-performing and reliable partner in the repair, maintenance and modernization of aircraft for airlines worldwide.

Aircraft modernisation, repair and maintenance company FACC has announced its partnership with international parts distributor and service provider Leki Aviation.

FACC’s services range from high-tech lightweight components for space to service and repair offerings for airlines and aircraft operators. Growth opportunities are very high according to the company particularly in the aftermarket services segment.

“The market for maintenance, repair and overhaul in civil aviation is making a noticeable recovery. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we have been able to establish an excellent position in this field in recent years, and are thus ideally equipped for the future,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.

The number of passenger aircraft worldwide, currently around 23,000, is expected to double to around 46,000 in the next 20 years, the company says, with demand for service and repair services growing rapidly. By 2030, the global market volume is set to exceed $180 billion, compared with approximately $70 billion at present. According to FACC, the Chinese growth market is particularly attractive.

Leki Aviation operates two branches in China and, thanks to its proximity to major Chinese airlines, occupies an outstanding position in the largest and most important growth market in the aircraft industry. Whenever airlines need a spare part for one of their aircraft, they will in future rely on components produced by FACC.

Leki Aviation has a total of nine locations worldwide, including four distribution centres and two repair stations.