Silver Air offers unrestricted charter use of Boeing Business Jet

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The Silver Air-managed Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is now available for charter and uniquely without restrictions by the jet’s owner.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, the BBJ has an expansive 18-passenger configuration designed for personal and business travel.

Featuring a custom interior and master bedroom with a large bed, shower with exclusive steam feature, conference room, lounge area, and three lavatories, the BBJ is the first private charter with Gogo 2Ku fully worldwide high-speed internet connectivity. All onboard monitors have Apple TV for streaming and Sling TV for live TV. The galley is equipped with wine chiller, two microwaves, oven and De’Longhi coffee/espresso maker.

“BBJs are unique among private aircraft. Executive Liners, or Bizliners, are luxurious, they provide a next level VVIP experience, and the BBJ being managed by Silver Air is special even within this exclusive category. It’s state-of-the art, and the owner hasn’t put any restrictions on when we can charter it,” said Chuck Stumpf, Silver Air’s President of Business Development. “This BBJ offers flyers the ultimate in-flight experience whether you require space for your family or a working office in the sky. It’s more akin to an executive suite in a high-end hotel than a private jet.”

SD reaches FlightDeck Freedom milestone

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A head-of-state customer has become the 2,000th aircraft to be fitted with Satcom Direct’s (SD), FlightDeck Freedom datalink service

Specifically designed for business and military aviation FlightDeck Freedom features an open architecture design to support every type of avionics and datalink-capable airframe and can be customised to meet each customer and/or aircraft platform’s mission needs. FDF also continues to be the only service that supports flight deck and cabin communications enabling crew to monitor connectivity and troubleshoot issues in real time to better manage passenger expectations.

In addition, FDF enhances operational safety through direct delivery of automated notifications including hazardous weather, route and security alerts, and supports real time aircraft and fleet tracking worldwide, which can be monitored from the ground and in the air. The unique GeoNotification feature details when aircraft are approaching a defined geographic area which may affect connectivity or be defined as sensitive airspace.

Integrated with SD Pro the digital flight operations management system, data shared through FDF synchronises flight crew with ground operations keeping team members informed about aircraft performance in real time to support improved flight operations, budgeting and maintenance scheduling. FDF also supports fleet compliancy with FANS, ADS-C and CPDLC to meet evolving Air Traffic Control safety requirements and the changing landscape of business aviation operations.

“Our focus is to always enable our customers to manage their flights and operations using the services, products and systems that best suit their needs. FDF was one of our first services built using open architecture to allow integration of third-party services. Reaching this milestone demonstrates the market’s hunger for integrated services that streamline the workflow. As the digitisation of aviation continues to evolve ,we will continue adapting and modifying our products to meet the changing requirements of flight crew, ground operations and the business aviation infrastructure,” said President of Satcom Direct Business Aviation, Chris Moore.

MySky and Satcom Direct form strategic alliance

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MySky, an AI-powered spend management platform designed for the private aviation industry, and Satcom Direct (SD), have formed a strategic alliance enabling seamless access to real-time data for private aviation.

Subscribers to MySky and SD will now have access to both operational and financial information in a single source of data, the SD Pro platform.

Through the SD Pro platform, aircraft operators will have direct access to financial and operational information from both MySky and SD, which should help increase longevity of ownership and improve the overall ownership experience. Rote tasks can be automated to increase productivity and reallocate valuable human resources.

“At MySky, our goal is to bring increased transparency and accountability to the private aviation industry by ensuring stakeholders have the necessary tools to better understand and manage the costs of their assets,” said Kirill Kim, co-founder and CEO of MySky. “By combining our industry-leading financial data with SD’s detailed operational information, I’m confident that this alliance will help stakeholders better navigate the long-time obstacles associated with private aviation management.”

Embraer unveils Medevac Phenom 300MED

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Embraer has unveiled the Phenom 300MED, a unique Medevac solution for Phenom 300 series aircraft, which is also available for retrofit.

Designed for both civil and government applications, the Medevac solution has been developed through a partnership with umlaut and Aerolite and will be installed exclusively by Embraer’s Services & Support organisation.

Together, Embraer and umlaut are developing a comprehensive set of configuration alternatives for the Phenom 300MED, which will feature either one or two stretchers, as well as the ability to carry an incubator and additional medical equipment. The aircraft will also feature hospital-grade trim and finishing.

The two companies also are jointly developing and certifying a new supplemental type certificate (STC) utilising Aerolite equipment.

“Designed from the ground up, this new solution will offer a hospital-grade interior with the flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration that simply isn’t available today,” said Tobias Geißinger, Managing Director of umlaut.

The Phenom 300MED integrates Aerolite medical equipment. Ronald Hengartner, CEO of Aerolite, said, “We are honoured that Embraer and umlaut have selected Aerolite’s innovative aeromedical equipment for the new Phenom 300MED. From providing the most modern EMS interior solutions to offering customer-specific support and training, Aerolite is uniquely positioned to help deliver the ultimate Medevac solution.”

Innovative Advantage and intoPIX upgrades from HD to 4K in business jets

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Innovative Advantage has integrated intoPIX’s TICO RDD35 technology in its AVDS – Audio Video Distribution System.

Using TICO Technology, Innovative Advantage is now able to upgrade all aircraft from HD to 4K, and install 4K monitors in their business jets, without reconfiguring the wiring system and recertification.

“intoPIX was the only one to allow perfect quality video in full 4K60 to be carried over the existing AVDS backbone and certified infrastructure with ease of integration” explained Greg Smith, VP Engineering at Innovative Advantage.

“Our TICO technology allows to move from an HD solution to a 4K solution while maintaining 3G SDI with an extremely low complexity, low latency and lossless image quality. We are delighted to have been able to meet these needs” said Catherine Stroobants, Field Application Engineer at intoPIX.

Paramount Business Jets customers to benefit from expedited COVID-19 testing capabilities

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Private jet charter broker Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) has partnered with The COVID Consultants to offer expedited pre-trip COVID-19 testing.

“At the moment, we are able to guarantee a 24-hour turnaround from when the sample arrives at the lab, which is the fastest turnaround in the country,” said infectious disease specialist Dr. Dana Lerman, co-founder of The COVID Consultants.

Under this partnership, clients may arrange testing through the expert charter consultants at Paramount Business Jets at the time of booking their private jet charter experience. The COVID Consultants then sends a home testing kit via next-day shipping, along with detailed instructions for providing a test sample and returning it to the lab.

Negative test results are sent via email along with a copy of the US Federal Drug Administration emergency use authorisation to demonstrate the passenger’s compliance with official requirements.

Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 is contacted by The COVID Consultants to reiterate US Centers for Disease Control recommendations and provide guidance on when to go to the hospital, if necessary.

VistaJet extends onboard medical and safety support

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VistaJet has become the first charter operator to embed the Tempus IC2 device within its entire Global fleet, following collaboration with RDT and MedAire.

Tempus IC2 is a vital signs monitor with integrated telemedicine, designed for use in remote medical emergencies by non-medical experts.

The monitor allows VistaJet crew to measure and transmit vital clinical data and images, alongside real-time voice and video, securely and directly to MedAire’s ground-based medical team 24/7 should they become concerned about their, or a passenger’s, fitness-to-fly for treatment guidance and advice — wherever they are in the world.

Through VistaJet’s secure onboard connection, Tempus IC2 expedites time to care for passengers experiencing medical issues during flight, allowing crew to easily capture important diagnostic information and transmit it to MedAire’s medical advisory service, MedLink, for expert advice and assistance. The direct link to MedAire health experts along with the vital signs data can additionally contribute to the reduction of the personal risks which are often associated with misdiagnosis, avoiding unnecessary and costly medical evacuations or diversions.

“The parameters available when taking a Tempus call are essentially the same as those one would have in most emergency rooms. Tempus IC2 is invaluable when remotely managing a medical situation, because it gives MedAire’s MedLink doctors the clinical-quality data needed to make a better diagnostic impression,” commented Dr Paulo M. Alves, Global Medical Director, MedAire.

NBAA cancels 2020 NBAA-BACE event

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The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has cancelled its 2020 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), which was scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida, 6-8 October.

The Florida Department of Health recently issued an advisory recommending that individuals avoid participation in gatherings of more than 50 people, making it impossible for visitors and companies to participate in the world’s largest business aviation event.

According to NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen, “NBAA has always advised its members to conduct a thorough risk evaluation before every flight to determine whether or not the mission can be safely conducted. We have brought that same discipline to the upcoming NBAA-BACE, and we regret that this year’s event must be grounded. We will immediately begin working with exhibitors and others as we wind down this year’s event and begin preparations for next year’s NBAA-BACE.”

The 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition will take place from 12-14 October in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FAI partners with Atalanta Golden Yachts

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FAI rent-a-jet AG, German leading air charter operator has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Greece-based luxury yacht management company, Atalanta Golden Yachts to provide luxury VIP air charter services.

Effective immediately, FAI will offer Atalanta Golden Yacht charter clients the opportunity to fly privately from an airport of their choice anywhere in the world directly to an airport closest to their chosen embarkation port in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. Clients will be served by FAI’s jet charter fleet which includes Bombardier´s Global Express, Challenger 850, Challenger 604, Learjet 60 (pictured) and the Premier 1A light jet.

As a dedicated air ambulance specialist and special mission operator, FAI rent-a-jet AG, is also in the unique position to offer Atalanta Golden Yachts‘ clients an air ambulance service should the need for urgent medical evacuation arise.

Luxaviation Group implements FlySkills hygiene and safety standards

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Luxaviation Group has begun implementing the hygiene and safety standards recently developed by FlySkills together with Socotec.

The FlySkills Hygiene Certification (FHC) Program is available to all FBOs, aircraft operators and owners enabling them to demonstrate that defined and accredited hygiene standards have been implemented and are both followed and subject to regular compliance auditing.

FlySkills, an independently working Luxaviation Group company, is supervising the adoption of these standards with Luxaviation Group operators and ExecuJet FBOs the launch customers.

The procedures validated by Socotec allow any participating FBO, operator or aircraft owner to be listed in the FlySkills’ certification database. This listing will be made available to charter brokers and dispatch departments and related B2C and B2B platforms, enabling them to choose suppliers at any location that meet the hygiene protocols their customers are demanding. FlySkills accredited organisations are certified to minimise the risk of exposure of their aircraft owners and charter customers to COVID-19 and other such communicable diseases.