Tibet Airlines selects Recaro to outfit new A319neo aircraft

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Recaro has announced its BL3710 seat was selected by Tibet Airlines to equip the carrier’s new A319neo.

The carrier has ordered 26 shipsets and first delivery is planned for September 2022.

Tibet Airlines also selected the CL4710 to outfit the aircraft’s business class cabin.

Recaro says its bestselling BL3710 has been recognised for its ergonomic performance since entering the market in 2019.

Weighing less than 10 kilograms, the lightweight seat was developed to enhance comfort for passengers and minimise the total cost of ownership for airlines.

Mirus kestrel seat

Mirus Aircraft Seating launches fixed back economy seat

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Mirus kestrel seat

Mirus Aircraft Seating has launched a new fixed back economy seat.

Mirus says the new seat, named Kestrel, blends unequalled levels of passenger living space and comfort in an ultra-lightweight fixed back seat.

It weighs just 7.5 kg and is designed specifically for short to medium range fleets – and to withstand the rigorous and diverging demands from ultra-low cost to premium carriers.

The 28-inch seat pitch delivers class-leading passenger living space and solves the problem of how airlines can achieve maximum economy cabin densification without compromising passenger comfort and space.

Kestrel has a wide range of custom trim and finish options and is highly configurable with additional features such as USB ports, PED holders and multiple literature pocket options.

CEO of Mirus Aircraft Seating, Ben McGuire, said: “We have adopted a zero-compromise mentality with the design of Kestrel to offer maximum living space, privacy and comfort whilst delivering an elegant, modern aesthetic.

“Whilst initially intended for the shorter-range market, the exceptional comfort and living space Kestrel offers means we are seeing strong interest from airlines flying much longer routes as they seek maximum cabin densification without compromising passenger comfort. We are working with a group of airlines in strategic markets and expect to announce our initial launch customers later this year.

“Currently available for Airbus A320 and B737 aircraft types, Kestrel is a game-changer in enhancing cabin appearance, reducing weight, reducing cost of ownership and extending seat life compared to previous generation economy seats, and probably all of the seats being offered in the market today.”

sun express

SunExpress chooses Safran’s Z200 economy seat

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sun express

SunExpress has selected Safran Seats’ Economy short-and medium-haul range seat Z200 to be fitted on its 33 line-fit Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

The Z200 will be customised in the airline’s colours and has a large tray table for comfortable dining and a literature pocket for reading materials. Passengers can also recline the seat for greater comfort.

“The comfort of our guests and a sustainable long-term strategy are clearly our focus,” says Nicole Haginger, Product and Customer Journey Senior Manager at SunExpress. “With these new seats, which will be in use as of 2023, we are combining both. I am sure that customers will feel even more comfortable on board with us in the future. At the same time, being so light, the seats will make a noticeable contribution to reducing emissions.”

Vincent Mascré, CEO of Safran Seats, commented: “We are delighted to be fitting SunExpress’ new Boeing 737-8 cabins with the Z200, our new-generation of Economy seat with a performance that benefits passengers, operators and the environment alike. It is also an opportunity for us to pursue our close to ten-year relationship with this valued, long-standing partner. On behalf of Safran Seats, we wish SunExpress and its passengers every success and a pleasant journey.”

Recaro at aix 2022

Recaro announces deal with KLM, Transavia Airlines and Transavia France

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Recaro at aix 2022

Recaro Aircraft Seating has announced it will be outfitting KLM, Transavia France and Transavia Airlines’ Airbus aircraft with economy class seats.

Deliveries of the seats, BL3710 and SL3710 on the 100 A320 and A321 aircraft, begins in summer 2023.

According to Recaro, the KLM aircraft will be configured in a hybrid layout, with the BL3710 being installed at the front of the cabin and followed by the SL3710. Transavia Airlines and Transavia France will be equipped with SL3710 seats.

The seats will be customised with additional features, including a BYOD holder for KLM, and a high-power USB-C outlet into the backrest. Redesigned backrests on both the SL3710 and BL3710 will further enhance passenger comfort and reduce weight.

“Our flexible and dynamic customer team, in tandem with our aligned goals on sustainability, has resulted in a strong partnership with KLM, Transavia Airlines and Transavia France,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro Holding. “I am confident that our seats will serve their passengers well for many years to come.”

fly your wheels

Collins Aerospace and NIAR reveal concept for power wheelchair travellers

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fly your wheels

Collins Aerospace has teamed up with researchers and students at the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University in the US to develop the Fly Your Wheels Suite concept, a certifiable design allowing passengers to travel on board an aircraft using their own power wheelchairs without eliminating existing seats.

The Fly Your Wheels Suite design re-engineers the left closet near the front door of a single aisle aircraft into a safe and functional suite for a passenger travelling on a wheelchair. Requiring a one-time modification, the suite enables both forward and rear-facing orientations, depending on the occupant’s preference. If unused, the suite can easily transition back into a functional closet or even an area where crew can relax.

“Helping enable air travel for passengers of all mobilities is an imperative for the entire air travel industry and one we are eager to continue collaborating on with our partners,” said Luis Gomez, virtual engineering manager for NIAR. “That we might be able to provide a safe, interactive and spacious solution for wheelchair users, allowing them to board, deplane and travel as any other passenger is an incredible opportunity.”

Fly Your Wheels Suite minimally impacts existing seating arrangements and cabin cargo space, effectively adding an extra passenger to an aircraft’s load. While in use, the cabin cargo volume taken by the added passenger in a Fly Your Wheels Suite is given back by two forward upper monument stowage spaces, known as bustles, providing an equivalent amount of storage as an unmodified closet.

“The addition of another passenger combined with the suite’s inherent flexibility is an incredible innovation and key differentiator of the Fly Your Wheels Suite project,” said Glenn Johnson, technical fellow of industrial design at Collins Aerospace. “This project really underscores the world of possibilities available when combining the considerable body of knowledge from NIAR with the industry expertise of Collins.

Luis Gomez added: “The Fly Your Wheels Suite concept solves two problems at once. First and foremost, it provides passengers with reduced mobility the opportunity to travel comfortably and safely in their own wheelchair while allowing them to board and deplane the aircraft independently, as in other public transit systems. Secondly, it provides airlines with an additional passenger on board when in use and a rest space for crew members when unoccupied.

“Helping passengers fly on their own wheelchair has been in the back on my mind since I met Michele Erwin from All Wheels Up several years ago. Based on several studies, it is known that one of the major fears for passengers with reduced mobility is to lose, or have their wheelchair damaged, during travel. The core focus of the Fly Your Wheels Suite project is to solve this problem, providing passengers assurance they will be able to reach their destination safely and comfortably while sitting on their own wheelchair and therefore eliminating part of their concern.”


Unum to showcase business class seat at AIX

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Unum Aircraft Seating is to showcase the company’s new Unum One business class seat at the Aircraft Interiors Expo alongside a virtual reality cabin.

The company says visitors will be able to physically sit in the outward facing herringbone layout with full lie flat bed and witness the infinitely adjustable seat positions on offer. A virtual reality headset will enable guests to experience Unum One in widebody and single aisle aircraft, move around the cabin, interact with the seat, privacy door, and adjustable monitor.

Chris Brady, Executive Chairman and CEO, Unum, commented: “Over the last few months our team has been dedicated to developing a seat that people can experience and interact with during AIX. Unum One has been developed to deliver a consistent product across both widebody and narrowbody aircraft, so we wanted to show our prospective customers the seat in both settings and with the latest VR technology we have created a truly amazing representation that does exactly that!

“Unum One has so many features that we wanted to demonstrate, from the Zero Gravity seating position to the available space around the seat and the footwell area. We are looking forward to showcasing our hard work during the show and will have our newly appointed Chief Technical Officer, Mark Hacker at our stand, who will play a key role in the continued development of Unum One.”

Conference attendees can experience the Unum One in person at Stand 6E56 in Hall B6 at AIX.

KLM Premium Comfort class

KLM unveils new Premium Comfort cabin class

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KLM Premium Comfort class

KLM has unveiled its new Premium Comfort Class offering. The Dutch carrier says its intermediate cabin offers more space, luxury, service options, comfort and privacy than Economy Class at lower prices than World Business Class.

The new class allows KLM to meet the evolving needs and wishes of leisure and business travellers. According to the airline, Premium Comfort is an entirely new in-flight class with its own cabin, offering new type of a seat in addition to distinctive service and catering concepts. The seats were designed by Collins Aerospace together with specialists at KLM Customer Experience and are lighter than previous designs.

KLM’s Premium Comfort Class will vary from 21 to 28 seats depending on the aircraft type and will have wider than standard seats, more legroom, a larger screen and a footrest. The seats in the Premium Comfort class can also recline further than Economy Class seats. The reconfiguration work of the cabins will be carried out by KLM Engineering & Maintenance at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Boet Kreiken, Executive Vice President of KLM Customer Experience said: “We have great expectations for this new Premium Comfort Class, based on extensive market research. The new class will meet the wishes of business passengers as well as leisure travellers, strengthening KLM’s standing as a global network carrier offering an appealing and varied range: World Business Class, Premium Comfort and Economy Class. It also reaffirms our partnership with Delta Air Lines, Air France and Virgin Atlantic on North Atlantic routes, where we can now combine all products on all routes.”

KLM’s Premium Comfort catering concept includes one or two hot meals depending on the duration of the flight on intercontinental services, and there will always be a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Passengers will also be offered coffee, tea, liqueur and ice cream and a variety of snacks and cocktails will be served between meals.

Etihad CL3710 EIS2

Recaro CL3710 seat takes flight on Etihad’s new A350

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Etihad CL3710 EIS2

Recaro Aircraft Seating has announced its CL3710 seat entered into service on 31 March on board Etihad Airways’ new A350-1000 aircraft.

The seat, which won a 2019 Crystal Cabin Award for its extensive comfort enhancements, features a 13.3-inch high-definition screen with integrated USB charging ports and a personal electronic device (PED) holder. Etihad’s signature fixed-wing headrest has been incorporated into the economy class seat, which adapts to passengers of different heights and statures while maintaining optimal neck support.

Terry Daly, Executive Director Guest Experience, Brand and Marketing at Etihad Airways, said: “Choosing Recaro as a supplier for the economy class of our A350 aircraft reiterates our desire to deliver the best possible comfort for our guests. At the same time, the Recaro seats are a reliable product with minimal maintenance costs which is important in helping us to deliver a consistently exceptional travel experience for our guests.”

Dr Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating, said: “We are delighted to revitalise our partnership with Etihad Airways and it’s an honour for our seats to be flying on Etihad’s A350-1000. In the past, Etihad Airways and Recaro have successfully worked together and I look forward to this new long-term collaboration.”

Etihad Airways will be using its new A350-1000 fleet initially on short- to medium-haul routes before expanding to serve long-haul routes by the summer.

airBaltic A220 seats

airBaltic increases seat count to 149 in its Airbus A220-300

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airBaltic A220 seats

Latvian airline airBaltic has revealed its Airbus A220-300 fleet is undergoing a gradual change in cabin configuration to 149 seats, unblocking additional seating that couldn’t previously be used.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic, said: “In late February we received our first airBaltic Airbus A220-300 aircraft, which is certified to operate up to 149 seats. Until now we could use 145 seats on the aircraft. However, going forward also, our existing fleet will be adjusted to use the additional capacity, which will further drive efficiency of our operations.”

As of 5 April, the carrier has changed the cabin configuration for the first five of airBaltic’s 33 Airbus A220-300 aircraft and plans to unblock the additional seats on its entire fleet by summer 2023.

The first 20 aircraft will have 148 seats and the next 12 will have 149. All aircraft to be delivered between 2022 and early 2024 are planned to have 148 seats.

airBaltic has been operating all its flights with a single aircraft type, the Airbus A220-300, since May 2020. The carrier says this minimises complexity and provides additional efficiency and its Airbus A220-300 has performed beyond the company’s expectations, delivering better overall performance, fuel efficiency and convenience for both passengers and staff.

The A220-300 has an air filtering system equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that provides the best level of filtration currently available for recirculated cabin air.

The new aircraft is also considerably quieter, with a four times smaller noise footprint and, according to airBaltic, is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world and the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20% and 50% respectively.

Unum One seat

Unum unveils Unum One business class seat

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Unum One seat

Unum Aircraft Seating has unveiled its first business class seat, Unum One. The company says the seat delivers exceptional comfort with class-leading dimensions and a consistent passenger experience across single- and twin-aisle aircraft.

Unum One offers an outward-facing herringbone layout with full lie-flat bed and direct aisle access. The seat can be used by airlines to provide a consistent business class passenger experience across all aircraft fleets and deployed at a wide range of pitches to maximise efficiency in the cabin layout.

Chris Brady, Unum’s Executive Chairman and CEO, said: “The remarkable thing about this seat is how it has surprised me. Early on in the development process it looked great on paper, then the first cardboard space models were exciting, but now the real thing has blown me away. I’m really proud of the team and the seat they’ve created – from the Zero Gravity position to the space, the table and the privacy door, it all just works.”

The seat offers an infinitely adjustable range of seat positions, including the heightened comfort of the well-supported Zero Gravity position. Every inch of available space has been utilised, in particular the often overlooked and constrained footwell area.

Airlines also have the option of a DOT-compliant privacy door at every pitch and generous side furniture with well thought out storage options.

According to Unum, the seat delivers a consistent experience across both single and twin aisle airframes with a 21″ seat width and, for single aisles, an 80″ bed length (78″ for widebodies).

Unum has been working on the seat with Acumen, one of the world’s most highly regarded industrial designers with more than 50 airline seat designs under its belt.

“We set out to be reliably comfortable and sustainably made, which has driven the design of our entire business,” said Brady. “For example, we see designing in maintainability as part of this promise. The seat needs to work like new every day, so we’ve made the replacement of all the moving parts and the high wear areas straightforward and quick for on-wing replacement.

“Similarly, our commitment to on-time delivery is more than just a promise to try hard. It’s about a fundamental alignment of our design choices and material selections with a short local supply chain. We are close to our suppliers in every sense, which gives us control and is part of our commitment to control our Scope 3 emissions.”

The Unum One seat will be available to experience in person at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg from 14-16 June (stand 6E56).