Emirates Safran contracts Copyright Emirates

Emirates has awarded a series of contracts to Safran worth over US$1.2bn, including a US $1bn deal for the latest generation Safran Seats for Emirates’ new Airbus A350 fleet, its upcoming Boeing 777X-9 fleet and the carrier’s existing Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “Safran is a key partner for Emirates and we’re working closely to reimagine and elevate our future cabins with smart design and the latest technologies. These have been decisive factors in our selection of seat types which will be customised for Emirates.

“Today’s announcement is significant not only because it cements the partnership between Emirates and Safran, but also because it supports aviation manufacturing and the wider value chain in France and across Europe.”

Business, Premium Economy and Economy class seats for the Emirates Airbus A350 are included in the deal, as well as Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class seats for the Boeing 777X-9.

“Safran is very proud of our longstanding strategic alliance with Emirates,” said Safran CEO Olivier Andriès. “The continuation of our 30-year partnership underscores Safran’s commitment to innovative solutions for aircraft interiors, critical aircraft equipment and services to ensure the best possible passenger experience. Today’s agreements set the stage for Safran’s continued growth along with our customer, a leader in the global market. More than ever, we are looking ahead to the future.”

Safran Cabin will also provide Emirates’ A350 fleet with galley shipsets in line with the airline’s high standards. The Galleys, both for Emirates’ A350 and B777-9 fleet will be equipped with GEMini and the new high-end type NUVO galley inserts with advanced features, efficiency, and technology.

As part of the deal, Safran Passenger Innovations will be providing its RAVE AeroConnect Ka solution to the UAE airline, with Safran saying the solution will be disrupting the in-flight connectivity status quo by offering Emirates unrivaled flexibility in entertainment and provider choice.

Safran says the company is also working closely with Emirates on its current retrofit programme, which includes providing new seats for the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380.

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