COMAC ARJ21 in flight

Chinese first for Expliseat and COMAC

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COMAC ARJ21 in flight

Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has selected French aircraft seat manufacturer Expliseat to develop a family of lightweight economy seats to be installed on its new ARJ21 aircraft.

This is the first contract in China for Expliseat.

The new seat is based on the latest TiSeat E2 seat platform in carbon fiber composite and titanium made by Expliseat and has been adjusted to the ARJ21 dimensions. Fresh innovations include a new recline mechanism that will make the TiSeat E2 40% lighter than the best equivalent competitor’s certified seats.

“It is an honour to be selected by COMAC. They will benefit from all the advantages offered by our cutting-edge technology. It will help ARJ21 customers to maximise profits and revenues leveraging carbon footprint reduction due to fuel bill or maintenance cost drop and increased life cycle. Passengers will also benefit from the most advanced comfort feature in terms of recline and ergonomics. We look forward to a bright future in China with COMAC,” said Benjamin Saada, CEO Expliseat.

MEA A320 taking off

Middle East Airlines’ A320 fleet takes flight with Recaro Aircraft Seating

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MEA A320 taking off

Middle East Airlines (MEA) is equipping its fleet of 11 Airbus aircraft with Recaro’s CL3710 economy and CL5710 business class seats. Delivery began on 11 July 2020.

The CL5710 business class seat features a unique lumbar support system and power controls, and offers more storage space, a leg rest with an integrated foot bar, and an extendable cocktail tray table. With a seat pitch of 50 inches passengers will experience enhanced comfort during their short or medium-haul flight.

The CL3710 long-haul economy class seat includes a six-way adjustable headrest, connectivity and is claimed to be the lightest seat in its class.

Mohamad A. El Hout, Chairman of Middle East Airlines said: “I am more than proud of our new aircraft that beautifully demonstrates our new standards with 28 seats in a 2 x 2 configuration for our new business class on the A321neo. Next to the highly professional and reliable partnership with Recaro who greatly supported making our ‘pioneering’ attitude with a new cabin interior come true.”

WIZZ Air external aircraft

Wizz Air selects ELeather for 32,000 new seat deal

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WIZZ Air external aircraft

ELeather will dress 32,000 Recaro SL3710 economy class seats across 146 new Airbus aircraft, entirely in sustainable, high-performance materials, on behalf of European low-fare carrier, Wizz Air.

The new Recaro lightweight seat with recycled leather upholstery from ELeather will be installed in 2021.

“Wizz Air is one of our longest standing customers. This new deal marks almost 10 years working together. We’ve always been proud to partner with brands that have strong environmental agendas and Wizz Air is a great example of an airline that takes a more holistic approach when selecting sustainable suppliers and their products,” said John Kennedy, CEO, ELeather.

Wizz Air worked alongside ELeather and Recaro to develop the sustainable seat solution for the carrier, in support of the numerous initiatives the airline is already committed to. The seat material is made using recycled leather content and designed to increase performance while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Stelia Aerospace Opera business class seat

STELIA Aerospace launches Opera

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Stelia Aerospace Opera business class seat

STELIA Aerospace has premiered its new premium business class seat, Opera, a reverse herringbone seat designed explicitly for single-aisle aircraft.

The seat has been Stelia’s focus since 2019 and is the company’s response to the launch of the Airbus A321XLR at that year’s Paris Air Show.

The company hopes to make the seat available from early 2021, with the initial technical coordination meeting, ICTM, set for the first quarter. A launch customer has not been confirmed.

According to Stelia, Opera “offers the highest standard wide-body comfort on single-aisle.” The design incorporates feedback from frequent flyers, with one such redesign being the closed amenity side stowage door which has been shortened to prevent disturbing any items placed underneath on the cocktail table.

Thierry Kanengieser, VP Cabin Interior, STELIA Aerospace, said: “With ‘Opera’, airlines operating single-aisles on transcontinental routes can offer their customers the outstanding level of comfort they can find on wide-bodies. Combining design and efficiency, this brand-new seat is a major step forward for our industry, creating an enhanced passenger experience and high added value for airlines.”

The seat has a standard pitch of 38-inches, although 36-inches may also be possible. The bed, ‘the widest full-flat bed available on single-aisle,’ extends out to 78.5 inches (6’5”) and has a seat pan width of 21.5 inches. There is also a 34-inch space at knee level, with ample foot space, allowing even the tallest of passengers an undisturbed sleep even when turning over.

Other features include an extra-large, fixed 20-inch monitor screen with IFE remote control, a large and stable meal table, stowed under the cocktail table, extra stowage capacity: a closed amenity stowage and a laptop stowage zone, and increased privacy with a fully integrated door. Additionally, there are adjustable armrests and ambient light.

Particular attention has been given to the interior trimmings of each seat with soft and warm materials, smooth mechanism and smart ergonomics, for a tailored and interactive passenger experience. Airlines will also be to customise certain elements depending upon preference.

Stelia says the overall approach to Opera, has been a simplified design, for weight and cost optimisation as well as easy installation and wiring of screens.

Recaro Aircraft Seating economy class CL3710 seats

Gulf Air’s new A321neo takes flight with Recaro CL3710 economy class seat

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Recaro Aircraft Seating economy class CL3710 seats

Gulf Air’s new fleet of A321neoLR aircraft will fly with Recaro Aircraft Seating’s CL3710 economy class seat.

The first of 29 aircraft to be equipped with the CL3710 seat has entered into service with further deliveries slated over the next five years.

“Gulf Air is a fantastic customer for Recaro, as we are both concentrating on expanding our footprint in the Middle East,” said Mark Hiller, CEO at Recaro Aircraft Seating.

The seat’s modular design ensures minimal maintenance and its competitive weight contributes to fuel efficiency. Since its introduction to the market in 2013, the CL3710 has equipped aircraft for nearly a dozen airlines.

“We are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year at Gulf Air, and we’ve got both eyes on the future,” said Krešimir Kučko, Gulf Air’s CEO. “Our partnership with Recaro is a sign of dedication to our passengers, as we collaborate to bring them unparalleled levels of comfort and the best service every time they fly with us.”

Recaro economy class seat CL3710

Recaro Aircraft Seating wins design award

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Recaro economy class seat CL3710

Recaro’s CL3710 economy class seat has won a Focus Open Silver Award, from the Baden Württemberg International Design Academy.

This is the fifth Focus Open Award won by Recaro since the competition’s inception in 1991.

“The CL3710 is in a class of its own, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the recognition it has received from such a prestigious competition,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Our customers view this product as an opportunity to set themselves apart from their competitors, and passengers appreciate the support and comfort the seat offers, especially while sleeping.”

The CL3710 is currently flying on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Vistara, Air China, and several other international airlines.

Recaro implemented numerous signature innovations to the CL3710, including the Abrazo headrest, extended seat bottom, and flip cushion for enhanced lumbar support. The modular design reduces maintenance, while still allowing for significant customisation features, including connectivity options and cabin configurations.

The CL3710’s combination of ergonomic comfort, space savings and lightweight design has also earned Recaro an iF Design Award and a Crystal Cabin Award in “Passenger Comfort Hardware.” In addition, the seat has been awarded two Gold German Design Awards, including one for its hygienic seat concept, which coats seat touchpoints with an antibacterial solution. Most recently, the solution has been revamped to also fight viruses.

Recaro Aircraft Seating CL3710 seats

Historic deal for Recaro Aircraft Seating

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Recaro Aircraft Seating CL3710 seats

Recaro Aircraft Seating has secured a deal with Wizz Air for 31,767 passenger seats. The SL3710 economy class seat will be installed on 146 Airbus aircraft starting in 2021. This partnership is a part of a larger deal with the Indigo Partners portfolio of airlines for nearly 100,000 passenger seats, which is the largest order of seats in the history of Recaro.

“This is potentially the swiftest ramp-up of an order we have ever experienced, and I am confident that our teams are well-prepared to handle this,” commented Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

“A lot of work went into selecting a seating provider for this order, but what impressed us most about Recaro was the level of customer orientation,” said Heiko Holm, Chief Operations Officer of Wizz Air. “Not only was their global network of production and customer service sites easily accessible for our individual airlines, but Recaro also customised the SL3710 seat according to our needs.”

The larger deal with the Indigo Partners portfolio of airlines is comprised of 459 shipsets with a total of 96,000 passenger seats of the SL3710.

ABC International rigid life vest in see-through storage box

ABC International unveils Rigid Life-Vest Box

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ABC International rigid life vest in see-through storage box

ABC International has released the final version of the Rigid Life-vest Box.

The new ABC rigid transparent box is already flying with a major air-carrier.

A specific anti-intrusion system prevents unwanted access while special seals avoid and discourage passengers form improperly removing the life-vest or introducing any foreign or dangerous object. The transparent material allows crew to perform a quick visual inspection to ensure the life-vest is underneath any seat.

The design development has been led by customer feedback and requests. The main features include easy accessibility; lowest possible weight; a tailor-made size, and high flexibility to integrate the box in a variety of different seat models. The box has also been designed to be easily installed on the most common seats by means of an adaptable aluminium interface sheet.

The Life Vest Rigid Box has been manufactured using flame retardant and high-strength polycarbonate resin-UV stabilised material through injection molding technology. Resistance to damages and long-life of materials are distinctive elements of the box. The life-vest box has been sized to allow installation of the most common standard single cell passenger life preservers.

ABC International box is an airworthy product and ready to be installed on board. It is fully compliant with the CS/AR 25.853(a) requirements and successfully tested as part of the “seat system” against CS/FAR 25.562.

ABC International can perform, under its Part21J privileges, the box retrofit installation on board of already flying seats while cooperation is possible with seat OEMs to integrate in any cabin environment and configuration and of course on brand-new seats.

Trio combine capabilities to tackle spread of COVID-19

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A new collaboration has been launched to address the long-term concerns that have developed as a result of the global pandemic, with the creation of an economy class passenger seat aimed at minimising the risk of infection from COVID-19 without impacting the commercial model that airlines fly with.

Tapis Corp from Armonk, New York, SIMONA Boltaron from Newcomerstown, Ohio and Molon Labe Seating from Denver, Colorado,  have joined forces on a design that utilises physical distancing, anti-microbial surfaces and respiratory protection, to minimise the spread of COVID-19 on aircraft.

Tapis is supplying the Ultrafabrics-manufactured anti-microbial technology, Promessa to cover the seat back, seat pan, armrests and headrest.

Matthew Nicholls from Tapis Corporation commented: “The Promessa product has anti-microbial silver ion technology built into the topskin of the product. It is inherent in the polymer to ensure maximum efficacy and prevent any leaching throughout the lifetime of the product”.

The Promessa material can also be cleaned with a wide range of EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants and is the reason why they are the market leader in the healthcare industry for surface materials

The headrest features a unique curved design that reduces contact with neighbouring passengers and creates a barrier to the transmission of corona virus particles.

The large, one-sided headrest can act as a physical barrier that be rotated 180 degrees to open up the seats between traveling friends and family, or used to act as a physical barrier between unknown passengers. It also offers a patented headrest vent which would distribute fresh cabin air directly in front of the passengers face rather than from an overhead vent. This fresh air vent would have volume and direction adjustments similar to current overhead cabin air vents.

New Boltaron’s new 9815N FAR-rated material has been specially engineered to withstand frequent cleaning with strong chemicals, in addition to UV-C disinfection and electrostatic fogging. 9815N is also offered as a standard with an anti-microbial treatment and can be customised in an unlimited range of textures and colours.

Molon Labe worked with SIMONA Boltaron’s scm360° prototyping and specialty design team to optimise the engineered design of the unique S2 seat shell design.

In addition to providing the materials, SIMONA Boltaron engineered the 3D tooling data, built the tool and thermoformed the prototype parts for the seat.

The three partners plan to complete the design by early 2021.

IpVenture unveils semi- private-cubicle seating concept

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US-based IpVenture has unveiled its staggered seating concept that provides passengers with semi-private cubicles.

The company says this arrangement significantly increases comfort, privacy, and accessibility, and maintains the overall coach seating capacity, providing individual arm rests and more leg room. The seat incline has been increased to a 45-degree angle.

Rows of seats are set at angles. Seats have their partitions to create individual semi-private cubicles. Attendants can serve passengers, and passengers can access their seats, both without pushing past others, says the company.

IpVenture has designed this staggered seating to fit inside standard-size fuselages.