As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair

ABC International brands cabin of Corsair A330neo aircraft

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As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair

As part of Corsair’s cabin modernisation project in 2020, ABC International designed and installed branding panels inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair.

This is the first collaboration between French airline and the Italian cabin branding specialist.

Olindo Spatola VP Engineering and HDO at ABC International said: “The airliner logo is shown throughout the whole aircraft cabin, thanks to the specific installation in three different locations. The first logo is installed facing the passengers onto the wall of the Front Row monument (G1A), the second one is installed on the wall of the Galley (G2A), just in front of the entry door, so that the passenger can almost immediately feel the new cabin environment and atmosphere and recognise the French airline brand.”

“The third logo may be clearly seen by the passenger while walking through the cabin and going towards aft direction, as it is installed on the wall of the Galley (G4F),” he adds.

“The main target of our designer was to give importance at a simple design by making it elegant and with a truly linear style,” declared. Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO, ABC international: “After achieving several goals and working with several companies all around the world, the choice of Corsair to partner up with ABC International makes us very proud and satisfied.”

ABC International successfully managed the program in the frame of two different installation scenarios, as well as different stakeholders: G2A was delivered by Safran, whilst the other ones were delivered by Stelia Aerospace.

In both cases, ABC worked closely with the OEMs of the affected monuments, being also responsible for the Service Bulletin release pertaining to the installation onto the G2A galley.

A new passenger emergency oxygen system is promising to bring shorter flight times to passengers by allowing airlines to operate the most direct air routes.

Caeli Nova aims to give airlines boost via new passenger emergency oxygen system

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A new passenger emergency oxygen system is promising to bring shorter flight times to passengers by allowing airlines to operate the most direct air routes.

A new passenger emergency oxygen system is promising to bring shorter flight times to passengers by allowing airlines to operate the most direct air routes.

Cordillera is the first product from UK-based Caeli Nova, and received initial Design Organisation approval from EASA in December 2020 following an intensive eight-month process. With design authority in place, the company will continue development and installation of Cordillera under its own Supplementary Type Certificate (STC).

According to the company, Cordillera can be easily retrofitted into in-service commercial or military passenger fleets with minimal downtime and first installations have been scheduled for the end of 2021.

Tim Wakeford, CEO at Caeli Nova commented: “Current regulations limit airlines’ ability to operate the most direct air routes, such as L888 over the Himalayas. Cordillera, which uses our patented breathing technology, allows an aircraft to safely divert at a higher altitude to a suitable airport following a decompression event. As a result, airlines can operate the most optimal routes. In addition to keeping passengers safe and delivering cost and sustainability benefits, continuing the flight at a higher altitude offers the flight crew a safer operating environment in the demanding post-decompression flight phase.”

Wakeford added: “Cordillera has undergone extensive testing with both medical and regulatory supervision. The results are a clear demonstration that Cordillera will provide the safe, innovative resolution of a long-term operational limitation.”

Thompson Aero's VantageSOLO seat

ACS targeting single-aisle market

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Thompson Aero's VantageSOLO seat

AVIC Cabin Systems (ACS) has introduced a collection of innovative products designed specifically to support the increasing demand in the single-aisle market.

Under development at ACS for some time as part of its long-term product development strategy and vision of the future for commercial aviation, the innovations are the VantageSOLO seat from Thompson Aero Seating, LAV4ALL from FACC, the JT32XE seat from Jiatai, and galley concept from AIM Altitude.

Andy Morris, VP Commercial at AVIC Cabin Systems, said: “The possibilities for single-aisle aircraft are rapidly growing, with longer-range flights being regularly introduced. Whilst the distances are possible, it is vital that airlines also make the journeys comfortable and pleasurable. ACS is working to introduce bespoke products that will align the single-aisle long-range passenger experience with twin-aisle. Our innovations include a fully horizontal flat-bed with direct aisle access from only a 33” seat pitch; and a lavatory, fully accessible to all, that is designed to fit comfortably and efficiently within a single-aisle aircraft. We are also looking at introducing a new economy seat targeted for the Chinese market that is leading the recovery of global aviation; and our new ground-breaking galley concept enables a full onboard catering service, including two meal services, within the same footprint as current galley designs. Every one of these exciting products will truly enhance the single-aisle aircraft experience.”

The new VantageSOLO by Thompson Aero Seating has been developed and designed specifically in response to the rapidly emerging medium- to long-range market now being serviced by single-aisle aircraft. From only a 33” seat pitch, the VantageSOLO offers a fully horizontal flat-bed with direct aisle access for every seat. This can be configured with either an open aisle end, a fixed privacy screen, or a full-function suite door, offering an exclusive business-class seating experience normally only the preserve of a wide-body cabin.

JetBlue, the launch customer for VantageSOLO, has recently been revealed. The Mint 2.0 suite features a fully bespoke version of the VantageSOLO, with all seats having suite doors – a first for a Business Class cabin on an A321.

FACC’s LAV4ALL is a completely barrier-free lavatory for passengers with reduced mobility. With the same external dimensions of a standard A320 lavatory, the tapered geometry offers passengers significantly more space. The arrangement has been devised so that people who use wheelchairs can use the LAV4ALL without any assistance for lifting. A carer can be accommodated, the available space being much larger than in conventional aircraft lavatories.

The LAV4ALL is equipped with many additional features, such as colour-highlighted supports and handles, optimisation of the sink mechanism, surfaces, lighting, etc. The mirror is also adjustable. The LAV4ALL is designed to support passengers with other additional needs, such as hearing-impairment, or parents requiring baby-changing facilities.

Jiatai is developing a new economy-class seat, the JT32XE, designed specifically for extended-range single aisle platforms. Jiatai will also be introducing the JT220B seat for business class.

AIM Altitude’s offering for a new single-aisle galley concept will be launched later this year. The ground-breaking design will offer a reduced footprint, enabling greater cabin density or, alternatively for longer range flights, more space for additional hot meals and snacks within the current galley footprint. Further details will be revealed shortly.

Andy Morris continued: “It is very exciting that four brands under AVIC Cabin Systems are able to come together in this way to make a complete offering for airlines. We are very much looking forward to more collaborations like this, which will benefit airlines in terms of innovation, differentiation, and profit margins.”

Aston Martin and Bombardier are to collaborate on business jet designs

Bombardier and Aston Martin to collaborate

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Aston Martin and Bombardier are to collaborate on business jet designs

Aston Martin and Bombardier have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on custom design services for Bombardier business jets.

“Bombardier’s discerning customers have come to expect our products’ signature smooth ride and the company’s no-compromise approach to design, performance and reliability at every level of our portfolio,” said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, New Aircraft, Bombardier. “We would be proud to add a new facet to this experience that channels Aston Martin’s distinct aesthetic approach.”

“Aston Martin has a highly refined set of automotive design principles, driven by the meticulous application of proportion, craft and technical innovation,” said Aston Martin Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, “Bombardier’s customers share our owners’ desire for unique contemporary design statements. We are truly excited at the prospect of collaborating with Bombardier’s accomplished design team to bring our respective design expertise together. Challenger and Global aircraft will give us an opportunity to take Aston Martin design to new heights.”

Bombardier Learjet

Bombardier signals end of the road for Learjet

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Bombardier Learjet

Bombardier has confirmed it will end production of Learjet aircraft later this year, allowing the Company to focus on its more profitable Challenger and Global aircraft families and accelerate the expansion of its customer services business.

The announcement was made as Bombardier reported its fourth quarter and full year 2020 results, provided guidance for 2021 and outlined a number of actions to drive profitability and productivity as the Company focuses exclusively on “designing, building and servicing the world’s best business jets.”

“With our strategic repositioning now complete, we are very excited to embark on our journey as a pure-play business jet company,” said Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. “Our unmatched product portfolio, world-class customer services network, and incredibly talented employees give us a strong foundation to build upon. We are encouraged by our momentum in the fourth quarter and are confident in the actions we are taking to navigate through the pandemic and better position the Company for a market recovery.”

“With more than 3,000 aircraft delivered since its entry-into-service in 1963, the iconic Learjet aircraft has had a remarkable and lasting impact on business aviation. Passengers all over the world love to fly this exceptional aircraft and count on its unmatched performance and reliability. However, given the increasingly challenging market dynamics, we have made this difficult decision to end Learjet production,” explained Martel.

Bombardier will continue to fully support the Learjet fleet well into the future, and to this end, today launched the Learjet RACER remanufacturing program for Learjet 40 and Learjet 45 aircraft. RACER program includes a bundled set of enhancements, including interior and exterior components, new avionics, high-speed connectivity, engine enhancements, and improved aircraft maintenance costs. The RACER remanufacturing program will be offered exclusively through Bombardier’s service centre in Wichita, Kansas.

Pilatus PC24 Commuter interior

Pilatus delivers PC-24 with 10-seat commuter interior

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Pilatus PC24 Commuter interior

A customer in the western US has taken delivery of the first PC-24 with high-utility 10-seat commuter configuration.

Pilatus now offers a commuter configuration for up to ten passengers – each seat is installed with a quick-release mechanism allowing easy cabin reconfiguration for all transportation requirements.

The cabin features a private lavatory which can be serviced from the exterior and whose lavatory seat is not used as a passenger seat.

Seat pitch in the commuter configuration varies from 34 (86) to 40 inches (102 cm). Each seat features a side storage compartment and cup holder as well as four 115-volt power outlets to enhance in-flight productivity. The PC-24’s entirely flat floor also adds to comfort on long trips.

Ignaz Gretener, VP General Aviation of Pilatus commented: “All of us at Pilatus are pleased to hand over this new PC-24 in the 10-seat commuter configuration. The PC-24 is the only aircraft in its category to offer this level of high-capacity interior for ten passengers. All seats are forward-facing, and internal cargo space of more than 50 cubic feet (1.4 cubic metres) remains accessible in flight. We expect this configuration will prove very popular with both public and private operators requiring a cost-effective solution for frequent transportation of passengers as an alternative to sending them on the airlines.”

Gulf Air 70th anniversary branded A321neoLR

Gulf Air receives new 70th anniversary edition Airbus A321neoLR

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Gulf Air 70th anniversary branded A321neoLR

Gulf Air has taken delivery of its new Airbus A321neoLR, designed with the special 70th anniversary Golden Falcon livery which showcases the airline’s iconic and vintage design from the last century with a revamped look.

The aircraft is the second of the 17 A321neo aircraft order which includes eight equipped with flat-bed seats.

The new aircraft premieres 16 new flat-bed Falcon Gold seats and 150 economy class seats. All seats are equipped with latest in-flight entertainment technology and in-seat comfort features that are practical and user-friendly for every passenger. The new aircraft will also be equipped with Wi-Fi.

Cirrus 8000 Limited Edition SR Series

Cirrus commemorates 8,000th delivery with Limited Edition

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Cirrus 8000 Limited Edition SR Series

Cirrus Aircraft has unveiled a new Limited Edition aircraft to commemorate the delivery of its 8,000th SR Series aircraft later this year – the 8000 Limited Edition SR Series.

“The SR Series has an incredible history of innovation, evolution and invention,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO at Cirrus Aircraft. “Our team took that as inspiration to create a Limited Edition that breaks out of the boundaries of traditional aircraft design to reflect the energy and excitement of where we are going next.

The exterior design is accentuated by an industry-first Volt wing paint scheme. The unmistakable graphics and colours carry through into the interior with Volt stitching on the seats and embroidery on the door, and luxury perforated leather on the seats and throttle.

In addition to the new design, each of the limited run of eight exclusive 8000 Limited Edition aircraft will be delivered along with a curated series of gifts and events for the new owners.

The 8000 Limited Edition SR Series was imagined and designed by the Xi Design Studio – Cirrus Aircraft’s in-house personalisation team. The Limited Edition continues to expand the Xi Design Studio’s ability to incorporate luxury automobile-inspired details, handcrafted finishes and customisation defined and inspired by the owner’s imagination.

Cirrus Aircraft has also revealed a 2019 Special Edition SR22T.

Each buyer who takes delivery of the airplane, dubbed the Arrivée model, will also receive complementary dining for four at a Michelin Starred restaurant and a luxury experience to go with it including VIP transportation to dinner and hotel accommodations in the city where the restaurant is located.

JetBlue's reimagined Mint suite, with Tuft & Needle bedding

JetBlue debuts new Mint Suite on A321neo

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JetBlue's reimagined Mint suite, with Tuft & Needle bedding

JetBlue and official design partner Acumen Design Associates have unveiled its A321neo business class cabin featuring the new Mint Suite and Mint Studio.

The first complete redesign of Mint will take flight on JetBlue’s London flights this summer, and a smaller 16-seat layout will debut on a limited number of flights between New York and Los Angeles later this year.

“Mint was an idea to make premium travel across the US less stuffy and more affordable, and its performance has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations of going beyond New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco,” said Joanna Geraghty, President and Chief Operating Officer, JetBlue. “It’s remarkable how Mint’s thoughtful design has resonated with customers as we successfully grew it to more than 30 routes. We put our heart into this redesign of Mint and were inspired by our original vision of offering customers an exceptional experience at a lower fare – which is what JetBlue is all about.”

Inspired by the popularity of the four private suites in its current Mint configuration, JetBlue’s transatlantic Mint offers more privacy with 24 individual suites, with an inward-facing herringbone layout offering direct aisle access and sliding privacy doors.

Mint Suite features “intelligently” placed charging points for laptops and smartphones, two headphone sockets, a dedicated phone/tablet holder, as well as a wireless charging zone. Acumen redesigned the suites to incorporate multiple large and easy-to-clean flat surfaces, to enable customers to eat, work and relax whilst simultaneously staying connected to their world.

Every available inch of space within the suite was used to provide dedicated stowage options including a laptop drawer, compartment for personal items, shoe and under-ottoman storage, and nightstand with a bottle holder. Acumen and JetBlue also developed customisable mood lighting which can be brightened or dimmed, as well as adjusted between “awake” and “relax” colour schemes, while each suite includes a tilting 17-inch Thales AVANT seatback screen IFE monitor which can be used gate-to-gate.

The inner walls of each Mint Suite feature a distinct, contemporary pattern inspired by JetBlue’s brand language, while the suite doors incorporate a bold, pressure-formed Mint pattern.

Daniel Clucas, Senior Designer at Acumen Design Associates said: “JetBlue has a long-standing reputation for being bold when it comes to innovation and putting its customers at the heart of its brand, which was key in enabling us to reimagine the single-aisle premium experience. By reclaiming the unused space at the front row, Mint Studio offers customers an enhanced flying experience – one which will quickly become the gold standard for narrow-body business class.”

With the new Mint cabin layout, Acumen identified an opportunity to reimagine the front row area, which is often used solely for additional cabin storage, and give this space back to the customer.

Each aircraft will have two Mint Studios in the first row, providing room to work or relax, and feature a 22-inch tilting Thales AVANT seatback screen, an extra side table for added productivity, and a guest seat that can accommodate an additional Mint customer during flight at cruising altitude. When the seat transitions into bed-mode, the sofa seat can also drop – extending the bed surface and giving the customer the largest lie-flat bed of any US carrier.

Mint Studio also features a sliding door for privacy, an integrated personal closet with a vanity mirror, a larger 22-inch pivoting IFE display.

Acumen redesigned the Thompson Aero Solo product and during the process invented the larger front row seats, which became Mint Studio. These modifications and customer enhancements are now a core part of Thompson Aero’s Solo platform seat product.

Engineered for comfort, every Mint seat is layered with Tuft & Needle’s proprietary T&N Adaptive foam and a breathable cover to create a cool and comfortable sleep experience unlike anything in the sky. The seat complements additional sleep amenities developed in partnership with the brand, including a convertible blanket with a built-in foot pocket, a memory foam lined pillow with a pillowcase, and a snooze kit with a matching eye mask and earplugs.

As part of their long-standing partnership, Acumen also worked closely with JetBlue to customise the entire onboard customer journey; from boarding the aircraft into the signature “welcome space” which features LED strip lights and striking graphics, to the new Mint Suites.

JetBlue’s latest version of Mint feature a residential-inspired design and custom-for-JetBlue touches throughout the cabin interior.

Residential textures, such as flannel-covered privacy dividers, concrete lampshades, woodgrain table patterns and soft, vegan leather-covered seats and headrests, make customers feel at home in the air.

Custom-created suite gradient panels bring light into the cabin, while patterned door shrouds with the signature Mint leaf make a bold brand statement in a functional way.

First-of-its-kind mood lighting enhances the in-flight experience, and a welcoming blue floor arc helps direct the customer boarding flow.

Mariya Stoyanova, Director of Product Development at JetBlue commented: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Acumen to completely reimagine the Mint cabin experience. Mint’s thoughtful design has resonated with so many customers over the years, and we are looking forward to bringing this next evolution of our award-winning premium product across the pond later this year.”

JetBlue's new A220-300 features There are six rows of ‘Even More Space’ seating,

JetBlue unveils A220-300 onboard customer experience

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JetBlue's new A220-300 features There are six rows of ‘Even More Space’ seating,

JetBlue has revealed the custom-created cabin design of its new Airbus A220-300, having taken delivery of the first of 70 earlier this month.

“With the A220 we’ve taken a state-of-the-art aircraft and added our award-winning touch to bring to life an experience only JetBlue could dream up,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue. “We look forward to welcoming customers onboard our newest aircraft, with incredible onboard comfort, one-of-a-kind design elements and unparalleled entertainment and connectivity.”

JetBlue’s A220 is outfitted with 140 Collins Meridian seats, offering an expanded width of 18.6 inches, the widest available for a single aisle aircraft and the widest in JetBlue’s fleet. In a first for the airline’s fleet, seating is arranged in a two-by-three configuration.

There are six rows of ‘Even More Space’ seating, each with enhanced cushion comfort and adjustable headrests with premium Ultraleather, a softer, more breathable vegan leather material.

A contoured seatback design at knee level creates additional living space for every customer, whilst the custom designed seatback storage with mesh pockets is perfectly sized for water bottles and loose items.

Additionally, there is easy-to-reach in-seat power, featuring AC, USB-A, and USB-C ports.

The in-flight entertainment system is courtesy of Thales AVANT, which at each seat provides a 10.1 inch, 1080P high-definition screen, offering 30 channels of DIRECTV with DVR-like pause and rewind functionality, full seasons of shows, hundreds of movies, and premium content from HBO & SHOWTIME. Picture-in-picture function and an enhanced, 3D flight map offers multiple ways to track time to destination. Personal handheld device pairing capabilities for use as a remote or gaming controller is also present.

An expanded Fly-Fi connectivity from Viasat provides coverage to nearly the entire JetBlue network.

Other aspects include bigger windows for better views and creating an overall spacious feel; more spacious overhead bins for additional carry-on bag capacity; custom LED mood lighting designed with lighting scenarios that change with time of day or phase of flight; redesigned front galley partitions to enhance customer privacy near crew workspace; lavatories featuring subway tile patterns – a nod to being New York’s Hometown Airline – and gender-neutral signage unique to JetBlue. There are also custom-created front and rear wall panel patterns, which incorporate dots and dashes from Morse code “to spell out something fun”.