Air Tanzania has signed a five-year contract with Inflight Dublin to significantly improve its passenger experience by offering IFE.

In addition to providing additional audio services such as pre-recorded announcements and boarding music, Inflight Dublin will offer the latest Hollywood movies, international and local titles, classic TV shows, a broad audio selection and a range of broadcast shows. All content will be streamed via embedded Panasonic EX3 systems.

“This new content services agreement represents exciting inflight entertainment growth opportunities for Air Tanzania and a commitment to provide the best travel experience for our passengers,” said Ladislaus Matindi, Air Tanzania’s CEO and managing director. “We are delighted to launch these new services in our fleet, which is now poised to provide the very latest movies, television and audio programming on regional and international flights.”

“This new content services agreement represents exciting in-flight entertainment growth opportunities for Air Tanzania” John White, Infight’s Dublin CEO says. “Our cooperation with Air Tanzania improves how its passengers enjoy the airline’s in-flight service. As the flag carrier of Tanzania, the airline is committed to driving the nation’s aviation industry by adhering to the latest IFE trends. We are pleased to be part of their long-term plan.”

This new IFE offering will be available on-board Air Tanzania’s fleet from June 2018.

In early March, Inflight Dublin announced a strategic, multiyear content service agreement with Air Greenland, under which it is providing a suite of core IFE content services, including movies, TV and broadcasts on the in-cabin Cloud Lounge seatback system aboard the A330 fleet.

IFE content is provided in several languages including English and Danish.

Nina Tuxen, Air Greenland’s Inflight Service Manager commented, “Air Greenland is dedicated to providing a great in-flight passenger experience, and our collaborative partnership with Inflight Dublin will help to ensure our IFE content is relevant, enjoyable and a true differentiator our airline can count on for years to come.”

“We are delighted to partner with Air Greenland on their first inclusion of IFE,” said White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO. “Air Greenland is greatly enhancing its overall passenger experience by tapping Inflight Dublin’s unsurpassed IFE content in the sky. We look forward to launching these new services across the Air Greenland fleet.”

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