Aircom Pacific, a subsidiary of in-flight broadband entertainment and connectivity solution provider Aerkomm, has entered into a firm agreement with Airbus for the development by Airbus of a complete solution to install Aircom’s AERKOMM K++ In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) system.

Once the AERKOMM K++ system has been certified with Airbus design organisation approval and obtained the relevant certifications from aviation regulators, the system will become available for installation on Airbus Corporate Jets single aisle aircraft as well as Airbus’ airline commercial aircraft equivalents for post-delivery modification.

“This agreement is a milestone for our company,” commented Jeffrey Wun, CEO of Aerkomm. “Having this firm agreement with Airbus in place, we now have a time frame for the regulatory approval and commercialisation of our IFEC AERKOMM K++ system. As important, this agreement with Airbus reflects an affirmation of our technology by aviation industry leaders such as Airbus. Further, now that our IFEC system will have an approved retrofit solution by Airbus, we expect that the aviation industries in countries such as China will be more likely to accept our IFEC products for their registered aircraft. We look forward to the ongoing development of this collaboration with Airbus.”

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