STG Aerospace’s Airbus liTeMood solution has become FAA certified for the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321.

In August, the system received EASA certification.

Dr Sean O’Kell, director of innovation for STG Aerospace, commented, “Airbus liTeMood is an easily retrofitted lighting system that can truly transform the experience of all passengers on-board an A320-family aircraft. Winning both EASA and now FAA certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the STG Aerospace team.”

Airbus liTeMood is a dynamic and configurable full colour, plug-and-play, programmable retrofit lighting system that provides a choice of over 16 million colours and can be used to create bespoke scenes in minutes using a patented infrared wand.

Designed to work with both classic and enhanced CIDS, the system can be installed in under six hours with no changes required to the aircraft’s wiring or control panels. Airbus liTeMood also delivers a range of operational benefits, including an MTBF in excess of 55,000 operating hours, a weight saving of up to 20 kg on an A320, and a reduction in power usage of 55% compared to incumbent systems.

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