Beijing Yuehang Tianyi Electronic Information Technology, a subsidiary of AirMedia Group, a Chinese operator of out-of-home advertising platforms, has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Qingdao Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, and Yunnan Hongtu Airlines.

The agreements range from the deployment of Wi-Fi systems on-board airplanes, operational management of air-to-ground satellite communications, development and management of air-to-ground internet platforms, operational management of in-flight multimedia entertainment and other emerging value-added in-flight internet services.

Herman Man Guo, chairman and CEO of AirMedia, commented, “The consummation of these strategic collaborations with three airlines signals a new chapter in our history, as we have realigned the Company’s focus to empowering airlines to exceed the expectations of their customers. These collaborations with the airlines consolidate our efforts in shaping our strategies to meet the advent of a new era of in-flight connectivity, an area where our early planning identified strategic importance.

“As part of our early planning, we established the first regional satellite network in China enabling commercial satellite communications over China, the rest of Asia-Pacific, and North America, and developed a comprehensive solution based on the Gilat dual-band antenna tailored to growing commercial applications of the first Ka satellite launched by China Satellite Communication. In a number of tests completed recently, our solution impressed participating airlines with a swift delivery of quality multimedia entertainment on different models of airplanes. Presently, we are reaching out to additional airlines of various sizes to discuss business opportunities.”

AirMedia is currently pursuing airworthiness certificate in China, the US and Europe

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