Bluebox Aviation Systems will offer existing and new customers of Bluebox’s iPad-based IFE platforms, with a free upgrade of the Bluebox aIFE app for visually impaired passengers.

For all Bluebox iPad devices currently in service, Bluebox will offer to provide the upgrade free of charge, in line with device update cycles. While the combined build platform will also be offered to any new customers of iPad-based IFE deployments at no extra cost.

The combined build enables cabin crew to switch between the standard IFE mode (Bluebox Ai or Bluebox Hybrid) and accessibility mode (Bluebox aIFE) depending on a passenger’s needs.

“Since launching Bluebox aIFE with Virgin Atlantic, we developed a way of combining the standard and accessible versions on the same device,” said Kevin Clark, CEO, Bluebox. “Recognising how simple it is to update Virgin Atlantic’s iPads, we thought we would just extend the same capability to all of our customers. Having worked with a group of visually impaired people in the system’s development and hearing the feedback from Virgin Atlantic passengers about what it means to be able to use the system, we felt it was the right thing to do, and could be our contribution to directly improving the passenger experience of visually impaired passengers around the world.”

The combined offer will enable airlines providing IFE with a two-in-one solution for ensuring IFE is available to all passengers throughout their flight. Crew members can select the accessible version for a passenger who is visually impaired, or the standard IFE mode.

Bluebox will upgrade devices in line with the deployment cycles of existing customers taking up the offer, and will ensure they understand how the new functionality works. For any new customer of Bluebox Ai or Bluebox Hybrid, the combined build with Bluebox aIFE can be included in the initial deployment.

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