Guestlogix has introduced new platform features aiming to help airlines and travel brands streamline their products and services to serve the ‘connected traveller’ throughout the journey and in-flight.

With a Traveller and Crew Experience app and backend tools for retail, personalisation and campaign management, Guestlogix said the enhanced platform will provide airlines with the tools to “captivate today’s connected traveller and deliver better journeys.”

“The connected traveller wants a seamless, end-to-end experience regardless of what airline they fly, what airport they use or what hotel they stay at,” said Robin Hopper, president of Guestlogix. “Our platform delivers this experience to travellers and helps airlines more effectively manage revenue, loyalty and customer relationships in today’s highly fragmented travel environment.”

Built around the Traveller and Crew Experience, Guestlogix said the new features are an industry-first and include Traveller and Crew Experience app for inflight sales, and in-flight and travel retail solutions for sales and fulfillment in air and on the ground.

The platform also includes travel analytics to help airlines get to know the person behind the booking, as well as personalisation and campaign management tools for customised offers and smarter campaigns.

“The connected traveller is the future not only for our product roadmap but for the travel industry as a whole,” said Hopper. “We can help airlines get to where they need to be as retailers throughout the travel journey, while making their customers happier with personalisation and experience curation.”

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