SkyLights has revealed its premium in-seat cinematic VR IFE solution, created in partnership with InSeat Solutions and STELIA Aerospace.

The new product, which combines SkyLights’ Allosky headset, STELIA Aerospace’s new Opal business class seat and InSeat Solutions’ interactive massage system, offers an unparalleled 4D experience and simplifies the logistics of SkyLights’ entertainment.

With the Allosky headset, passengers will be transported to a Full HD virtual beach, yacht or private jet, from where they can recline their seat and launch a massage. The massage system is also equipped with an auto-vibration mode that, once activated, delivers content-synchronised vibrations for a next-level immersive experience.

In addition to upgrading the passenger experience, the in-seat solution also reduces the logistical complexity and cost of cinematic VR IFE for airlines. The devices do not need to be loaded and offloaded when the aircraft is at its base and can be cleaned onboard by the same crew that cleans the aircraft. This reduces both the length and cost of the logistics chain. Furthermore, with dedicated storage space on the seat, airlines are no longer faced with the obstacle of storing the devices in the limited galley storage space.

The new in-seat solution is planned as a line-fit product for airlines looking to upgrade and differentiate their business class.

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