Safran Passenger Innovations has unveiled the latest version of RAVE, with 4K Ultra High Definition displays, a slim light weight design and integrated Bluetooth audio connecting every passenger in the aircraft with their own personal wireless headsets.

RAVE ULTRA comes in various sizes: 13.3, 15.6, 17.3, 24, 27, and 32 inches.

The smaller borders and thin profile of RAVE ULTRA helps seat vendors embed the screen within the seat frame which increases passenger space whilst offering an immersive entertainment experience and helping airlines produce elegant and seamless cabin designs.

Complementing the RAVE ULTRA display line is a software platform engineered for the future, allowing airlines to run multiple 3rd party applications, including HTML, Android, and QT. Included is a flexible graphical user interface (GUI) that can be configured to meet unique airline branding requirements and offers features of a modern personal entertainment device such as intuitive interface design, multi-window and multi-touch capabilities. In addition, by utilising the latest video compression and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies, Safran Passenger Innovations makes bringing 4K content to in-flight a reality, all without the need for costly aircraft backbone upgrades.

RAVE ULTRA brings Bluetooth audio to every seat in the entire aircraft. All passengers onboard can now enjoy Bluetooth audio without limitations, including using their own headsets.

Safran Passenger Innovations is the first to market with 4K displays and Bluetooth audio for the entire aircraft with committed orders delivering in 2019 and in operation by 2020.

Safran Passenger Innovations CEO, Matt Smith stated: “Our team vigorously seeks ways to improve the passenger experience in the seat. Passengers desire a seamless transition on board as they experience at home. RAVE ULTRA displays with edge to edge viewing, attractive design and integrated Bluetooth audio creates an enhanced, home entertainment experience during flight.”

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