Spafax has announced new detailed graphical user interfaces (GUI) insights as part of Spafax IQ, its IFEC data analytics platform.

The new dashboard helps airlines understand how their passengers navigate their GUI, entertainment preferences and how they discover new content and compare across classes (economy, premium and business).

“We’re thrilled to be expanding on Spafax IQ with its added GUI insights,” said Kevin Birchmore, director sales, Technical Products and Solutions at Spafax. “Through Spafax IQ, we can retrieve, clean and integrate data from at least seven different sources including internal APIs, third-party data portals and cloud data service. All of this translates to an enhanced IFEC product that airlines can pass on to their passengers.”

Spafax IQ provides data analytics to airlines that can give them insights into content engagement, giving one view of an airline’s passenger engagement across all IFEC systems, providing cost-per-view data at a granular level including: cabin, route, category, navigation path, language and more.

The company say this level of analysis helps understand passenger trends and drive content strategy, such as extending high-performing content or removing what isn’t as successful to maximise ROI and drive better loyalty.

Andrea Whyte, director of commercial Content Strategy at Spafax said: “For airlines, understanding passenger behaviour is essential, and getting insights from all the IFEC data is key to creating the best content strategy. Spafax IQ enables us to see views, license costs and performance in different categories and languages in one easy to use set of dashboards.”

Spafax suggest that when retrieving data on passenger engagement from various IFE systems, the insights can be siloed and difficult to consolidate, therefore, Spafax IQ pulls the information into a central platform which updates regularly and filters at their lowest level (category, route, cabin).

The company says its solution drives net promoter score and improves ROI through content and category discovery. The tool gives indication into how GUI design can be improved.

Image: Spafax

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