ASIP Tech has announced the addition of ChatGPT to its fflya free messaging app for airlines. The new ChatGPT feature will join the existing capabilities for SMS, Email and WhatsApp on the fflya platform.

ASIP Tech’s fflya provides a seamless source for messaging while on board by using an Iridium Bluetooth messaging platform with a single satellite router, using dual certified aircraft window antennas. The fflya app, which cuts data costs by up to 95%, is currently being used on Wizz Air flights.

Ron Chapman, President, ASIP Tech, said: “Adding fflyaGPT to our app creates a whole new level of information, fun and entertainment. Passengers can ask fflyaGPT any question and, using AI, fflya will deliver an informative and intelligent reply. fflyaGPT will enhance the passenger’s journey. They can ask questions about their destination, create an itinerary, learn about the history of a country, its customs or find our about free annual events.”

He added: “fflyaGPT will tell you what you need to know without the heavily sponsored and biased approach of today’s search engines. It’s an information revolution. ChatGPT is the world’s fastest growing application with reportedly 100 million apps downloaded since January 2023. We are excited to add this capability to our free fflya platform.”

Image: fflya, ASIP Tech

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