Swedish-based AVTECH is to make its proFLIGHT iPad app free of charge for a limited time on AppStore.

The tool visualises flight related weather information like turbulence, winds, temperature, ice and more, tailored to a single flight’s trajectory and time.

As Niklaes Persson, head of R&D at AVTECH and a commercial airline pilot himself, explained: “To download the flight plan to proFLIGHT, a pilot that is registered in our system only needs to choose the flight number from a list in the app, which then automatically downloads all the needed data for that flight”, Persson says.

“But it is much more than just another weather app. Having unique access to Met Office’s 10 km resolution weather data, which our backend servers extract individually for every flight, proFLIGHT significantly improves the accuracy of the weather. This in turn improves the situation awareness in the cockpit dramatically compared with other weather services available.”

The app combines AVTECH’s premium weather services, Aventus Sigma and Aventus Nowcast.

“The data is always up-to-date when the aircraft takes off and can also be updated during the flight if the aircraft has an internet connection”, Persson said. “In addition, SIGMETs are also digitally visualised in the app instead of just as a plain text including a list of coordinates from the aircraft’s printer.”

proFLIGHT is available for all commercial airline pilots, even if the airline company is not a customer to AVTECH. Pilots from 25 airline companies around the globe are testing the service at the moment and AVTECH use their feedback to improve the app constantly.

“In the future there will be a free version available based on the normal weather services, but to the paid version we are adding even more weather layers and new services”, said Persson. “For the moment it is available for iOS, but we are also working on a Windows version.”

One major advantage of proFLIGHT is that all weather material needed for a flight can be digitalised and accessed with only one interface required.

The company has recently started the EASA approval process for the app, which it hopes will take about six months to obtain.

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