Bombadier 5000 aircraft in flight

Bombardier has announced it has introduced a new Advanced Avionics Upgrade (AAU) for its Vision flight deck, powered by Collins Aerospace and available for in-service Global 5000, Global 6000, Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft.

According to Bombardier, the new avionics software and hardware enhancement features the latest technology to enhance situational awareness and offer advanced visualisation features and is designed to take in-service Global aircraft to the next level by providing avionics features that are currently available on in-production Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft. The software enables installing the Combined Vision System which integrates the best features of the Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) in a single view to reduce crew workload and achieve better situational awareness.

Paul Sislian, Executive Vice President, Aftermarket Services & Strategy at Bombardier noted: “The new software upgrade for the Bombardier Vision flight deck is a gamechanger and we are delighted, along with Collins Aerospace, to bring our operators aircraft to new levels of operational excellence.

“The Bombardier Vision flight deck has been an important staple on Bombardier Global aircraft for years, and the addition of the Advanced Avionics Upgrade (AAU) ensures our business aircraft continue to be renowned for their impeccable safety, reliability and performance.”

Marc Ayala, Senior Director of Sales, Business & Regional Avionics, Collins Aerospace commented: “The primary objective of this upgrade, and our long-term collaboration with Bombardier, is to proactively provide information to the flight deck that improves safety and confidence in decision making.”

Other optional enhancements can also be added, such as ADS-B in/Cockpit Display of Traffic Information, Airport Moving map/SVS Taxi mode and state-of-the-art weather radar.

The AAU installations on in-service Global aircraft are available across the complete Bombardier service centre network.

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