To mark International Women’s Day (8 March) British Airways bought together more than 60 women roles including baggage handlers, pilots and cabin crew, flight managers, loaders and push back teams, security, check in and airport teams as part of the UK’s biggest ever all-female flight, from Heathrow to Glasgow on 5 March.

Passengers travelling on British Airways’ short-haul flights on International Women’s Day have been able to watch a video as part of the in-flight entertainment showing the all-female team in action.

8 March is also the anniversary of the first woman to receive a pilot’s licence. One hundred and eight years after Elise Raymonde Deroche’s milestone achievement, British Airways had three female pilots in the cockpit for its special flight. Cameras in the cockpit offered a bird’s eye view of their take off from Heathrow and landing into Glasgow Airport, and captured their conversations with the three female air traffic controllers who guided them out of Heathrow airspace.

British Airways Captain, Julie Levy, said, “I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of the team on our all-female flight.

“As a mum of two teenage daughters I think it’s crucial that we grab every opportunity we can to inspire the next generation. There wasn’t any visibility of female pilots when I was growing up, so I think events like this are important to help show the range of different careers that are available to women. I’m proud to be part of an organisation doing something about that.”

On board the flight, cabin crew handed out special cupcakes to customers on the flight with the hashtag #ProudtoBAwoman to mark the occasion.

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