China Southern Airlines has launched a new ‘multiple-seat’ economy class service, allowing passengers in economy to buy an additional adjacent empty seat at a discounted price.

The airline announced the new service via a post on its WeChat page, explaining the product provides passengers with more choice, and is cheaper compared to paying for an upgrade.

The multiple-seats service has been launched on the airline’s international non-stop flights originating in Guangzhou and will be extended to Beijing, Shanghai and in the future.

Currently only available to passengers in economy class, passengers can enquire about an extra seat at the airport check-in counter and if an adjacent seat or row is available, the passenger can purchase it at a discounted price. Passengers won’t receive extra hand luggage allowance or meals, however.

The airline said the product will make full use of vacant space on the flight and will also meet the needs of those who want “more spacious, quiet and comfortable” journeys, such as passengers flying with babies.

China Southern Airlines posted on it’s Twitter page: “Do you want to have more space during international long haul flights?Now we provide a new service for one passenger to buy multiple seats. It has been put into operation on all international non-stop flights starting from Guangzhou. In the future, the service will be implemented on more international flights.”

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