Collins Aerospace introduced its new wireless connectivity solution for aircraft galley inserts at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

The galley inserts automatically transmit data from the aircraft to maintenance operations with capabilities to differentiate between specific unit component issues and aircraft interface issues. By quickly identifying faulty units, the time taken to complete maintenance is reduced as well as the likelihood of misdiagnosing a unit malfunction.

Alison Davidson, Vice President and General Manager of Cabin Products, Collins Aerospace, said: “Collins’s connected galley inserts solution will utilise artificial intelligence and big data to accurately analyse collected information to make informed decisions that best suit their operations without excessive investment or aircraft modification time.

“This unique solution is made possible by combining the expertise, resources and capabilities of our Connected Aviation Solutions business with our interiors cabin products to provide airline customers consistent, reliable and actionable data.”

Image: Collins Aerospace

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