More than 350,000 pounds of retired textiles have been donated and diverted from landfills through Delta’s partnership with Looptworks, following the introduction of new employee uniforms.

Delta’s new collection of upcycled goods, now available for purchase via Looptworks, includes backpacks, travel kits, passport covers, other bags and accessories.

“Our partnership with Looptworks gives new life to retired uniforms and seat covers that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, supports Delta’s commitment to serving local communities and provides one-of-a-kind goods that are perfect for gifting, all while being made in the US,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, director — uniforms.

To add durability and design interest, leather from retired aircraft seats has also been upcycled and woven into select products.

“The leather Delta uses is very durable and begins its life as a waste product from other leather manufacturing,” said Marcus Griffin, program manager — cabin maintenance. “It’s exciting to see a material we originally selected for its durability and environmental benefits continue to be upcycled and yet again given new life.”

Retired uniform pieces in good condition are being put to work as clothing donations for those in need. Items that were unable to be upcycled or donated have been disassembled and downcycled for use in home insulation, pillows, pet bed stuffing and more.

Delta’s move to recycle retired uniforms is part of its sustainability strategy to drive significant reductions in waste and emissions over time.

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