Seats on Aeromexico’s aircraft will be reupholstered with ELeather’s ‘luxurious’, environmentally-friendly engineered leather.

Made from recycled leather, ELeather takes unused traditional leather trimmings diverted from landfill and reconstitutes it with a high-performance textile core to create engineered leather. According to the company, the material not only provides customers with a more comfortable flying experience but is also five times more durable and 50% lighter than normal leather – reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions on take-off.

Through its partnership with ELeather, the airline has reupholstered seating on 64 aircraft and has plans to roll this out across its entire fleet in the coming years.

ELeather flies high with Aeromexico partnership – full from ELeather on Vimeo.

Antonio Fernandez, SVP onboard product at Aeromexico said: “We’re focused on providing the best possible experience for all of our passengers. To achieve this, we pay careful attention to every detail to continually improve the comfort and care of our passengers. We approached ELeather for that very reason – to enhance the customer in-flight experience. Alongside this, our partnership with ELeather is helping us to achieve our sustainability goals. Using ELeather on passenger seats significantly reduces the weight of each aircraft, helping to reduce overall emissions and decrease our carbon footprint.”

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