VOAR Embraer partnership

Embraer has announced a partnership with VOAR Aviation. The objective of the partnership is to offer unscheduled services to Embraer executive aviation customers at the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo.

Embraer says it is continuing to strengthen its operations of MRO services and support the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to meet the growth of executive aviation in Brazil.

Embraer inaugurated its new hangars at the Sorocaba Service Center in the countryside of São Paulo, doubling its usable area. The unit now has four hangars, three of which are dedicated to MRO and one to FBO.

“This agreement with VOAR is the ideal complement to the expansion of Embraer’s service operations in Brazil. We will be even closer to our customers, establishing our presence in the most important airport in the country for business aviation,” said Frank Stevens, Vice President, Global MRO Centers, Embraer Services & Support.

“Partnering with Embraer makes perfect sense for VOAR, as we have a large fleet of the company’s aircraft using our facilities. The customer, who will be the main beneficiary, wins,” said Alessandra Abrão, CEO of VOAR Aviation.

“The main goal is to offer dedicated support at the Congonhas Airport, further improving our customer’s satisfaction. We aim to bring benefits such as greater agility in service, with local teams supporting the operation, and greater network integration, both owned and authorised,” said Everton Vicente, MRO & FBO Managing Director, Embraer Services & Support.

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